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Video: Game Says Lil Wayne Is “Too Good”

Tue, May 11, 2010 by

In an interview with, Game says that Lil Wayne‘s No Ceilings mixtape was too good and he killed everybody with it! Game also speaks about how he got Weezy and Birdman on his mixtape for this record.

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  • martiandesigns


  • Weezy


  • richii

    Respect to the bruh Game

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  • S

    Haha I read this as like in a video game someone praised Weezy.

  • sashaj

    Game is right with me…..his birdman imitation was so good haha

  • joe

    lil waynes single ‘I’m single’ is now on iTunes go buy to support Wayne !!
    Free Weezy !!

  • lovalle

    @Weezy, fail.

    Anyway, Game always has waynes back..if you saw 100 greatest hip hop songs on vh1 he says waynes the best..

  • bweezy

    Free weezy best rapper alive nobody can touch him

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @DANNY M do u know anything bout wayne getting caught?

  • yep lil wayne is too good. the game is right, about that. and free weezy 🙂

  • Mr.Wavez


  • kyle mario caetano

    i lov and respect weezy. i am a mane who loves rocknroll and rap, but i dislike numetal. i really hate the rebirth tho, musically. i love weezy baby for doing it, especially prom queen, but weezy just couldnt pull it for an album really badd. kid rock’s “devil without a cause” is by far the greatest rock/rap cd ever. to anyone who enjoys rebirth, check out devil without a cause by kid rock. FREEEE TUNECHI!!! ITZ GUCCII

  • yeedee

    oh yeah i remember that garbage auto tune song

  • gary

    All game and weezy collabo’s are amazin

  • frega bao

    Yes Game yo right that’s exactly right,a hope people remember what u guys did in the track ” My Life” damn!that was cul when r u going to have another good collabo lyk dat?much respect to all who appreciate Wayne’s work big up 2 u Game

  • robbo

    the game is correct

  • SANKiso

    birdman imitation loool

  • Void

    I don’t think he needs to explain it really.. The Mixtape was on Datpiff Front page for over 4+ months with I think over a million the first day it came out. And it had like 5 fake DJs trying to copy it with the same songs. Then there are the probably hundreds of Chopped and Screwed..It was on many top Mixtape sites for a long time. And The Tracks “Single” “Wasted” “No Ceilings” and “Ice Cream” was not even on it when I got it and over a million people downloaded, payed, torrented, drove, looked on Amazon. It was the 3 top search on Yahoo for a bit. So yeah. NO ceilings was like a mixtape version of the Carter 3, With less leaks.

  • Matheo

    Game talk bullshit that’s the truth when he was in G-Unit he said that 50 is the best now he changed his mind . The R.E.D. Album gonna be disappointed !

  • iRoNiik

    Man weezy why did ya have to get caught ):

  • idontknow

    lil wayne sucks

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