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Video: Teena Marie Speaks On Cash Money Records In Last Interview x More

Wed, Dec 29, 2010 by

Above, you can watch Teena Marie‘s last interview were she speaks on her relationship with Cash Money Records and also says she is a fan of Lil Wayne and Drake. If you didn’t know, Teena Marie (an R&B singer-songwriter) passed away on Boxing Day 🙁 R.I.P. Lady T.

In other news, Weezy will be appearing in a couple of pre-taped New Year’s Eve Specials that will air on TV this Friday (December 31). One special will be a performance with Nicki Minaj and Cory Gunz on Carson Daly, and the other special will be on BET’s 106 & Park with the whole Young Money fam.

Also, we can be looking out for a Diddy remix to his “Somebody To Love Me” track featuring Wayne and Mary J. Blige, which I hear is coming any day now. Chris Brown will be dropping his single featuring Tunechi and Busta Rhymes called “Look At Me Now” first thing on New Years Day as well.

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  • wurasik

    free weezee =]]

  • wurasik

    1st! 🙂


    R.I.P. LADY T!!!


    Weezy dat nigga…!

  • kronnick

    R.I.P. T! one love, always.

  • Jay

    Her daughter is sexy

  • kronnick

    fuck outta here with all this ignorant shit… a legend has passed and all you bitches can do is shout-out wayne, and talk about her daughter. god damn people. show some fuckin respect.

    R.I.P. T! one love, always.

  • youknoitspoppinhomeboy

    @ Danny M
    I have a little advice for you:
    We all know you do a great job and that you are posting evrything as fast as you can.
    Maybe its better to post it like on that post were you are puttin 3 or 4 news in one post but we are hungry Weezy fans and since he got aout of jail we get definately less news than the days he was in.
    Maybe its better for us fans if you posting these news more separately and we are getting more satisfied.


  • JOE

    I cant wait for the chris brown sounds like its gunna be sick

  • yall know that look at me now shit will suck let me give yall wayne verse sample:

    nigga look at me now….later
    my pockets more obese….fatter
    i’m all around your bitch….matter
    dont call me bitch imma go….getter
    im higher than HD brighter than PhD
    I’m an ABC rapper who wants some Ds
    that is ABCD alphabet slaughter
    I find a wireless route…router

  • vocker

    ignore that fake ass about me, anyway we all know that waynes verses are the smartest verses ever!!!!
    cant wait for the remix and for the chris brown vid!!!!!

  • vocker

    RIP lady T, its nice to hear her say lil wayne is really talented :), all legends know that wayne is the best even eminem thinks so, so fuck haters, its better to listen to real experienced ppl than to listen to ppl who have no lifes, even if tupac was still live he would be doing a collob album with him 😀

  • weezy

    @Danny M
    and word on dedication 4?

  • @Danny M
    are these songs gunna be post or pre prison? (chris brown etc.)

    • @Jack – Pretty sure they are all recorded after Tune came home from prison.

  • Rob

    R.I.P Miss Marie

  • God Bless and God Rest Miss Marie!! This made me applaud her as well as bringing tears to my eyes over her passing. I know her voice, I remember it well. I hope Mr Jackson and Miss Marie get those angles singing in the right key. Rest in Paradise to Miss Marie. I cannot express how many time I have heard her sweet voice, it is so beautiful and the fact that she was able to make her probally most fulfilling album through Cash Money records and mentioned Lil Wayne by name for one of her faves speaks so highly of that label and all the family that are involved. Kudos for YMCMB! I hope to see a 3 disk set of The Best of Miss Teena Marie. I know it would make me happy. R.I.P. Lady T

  • brooklynwoo

    to tha HATER up top go KILL YOURSELF! i bet your either @ym is shit or @sqeakyd come out of the closet fagget! STOP TRYNA research weezy’s lyrics..

  • R.I.P. T. Marie 🙁

  • Lil Wang

    LOL Shes a fan of NWA and KRS-One then outta no where likes Wayne and Drake WTF that doesn’t work lol… Shes faking liking Lil Wayne and Drake to get on the label… KRS-One’s a top 10 rapper.. Waynes maybe top 850

  • Ghostrida25

    Fuck Lil Wayne and tha mothefucka’s who are on his label!!!! Who the fuck ever saud wyane is the haredest rapper in the world must be smoking crack!!! All people do is listen to the beat not the words and half of the time the shit that the artist are talking about is not necessarily what you think!!! Open Your mind. I can’t relate to any of that bullshit and yall prolly can’t neither. who the fuck has a lamboghini, Aston Martin, Rang Rover or a million dollar or billion dollar house? None of you dick riders LMAO Great artist’s were 2pac, Biggie, Krs One, Nas and do on. Wayne is not lyrical at all they work for the government and they have damn near all young dumb mothrfuckers hypnotized by thiis bullshit. Who the fuck sells there soul for riches? people need to hear some real shit like about the struggle! everyone except the rich motherfuckers barely know how the fuck there going to feed ther family.

  • Ghostrida25

    Who gives a fuck if wayne’s a top 1O rapper!!! The only artist ever to receive the five golden mic award’s are Nas, and Bun B! Just because a artist is top ten don’t make them real or the best!!!! At least back then music wasn’t bullshit!! Artist kept it real from R&b to Hip Hop everything was rea and original LOL I can’ say thta for wayne. Motherfuckers need to check record sells NOBODY is barely sellinf records. Open your mind where the hell do you guys think the money comes from? It sure as hell isn’t from record sells Dummies!! Most of you assholes need to your studying on the HISTORY of our GOVERNMENT then holla at me

  • Ghostrida25

    If you listen to his music he isn’t showing no love to yall bitch ass supporters!!!! He really is saying how he has everybody following and wanting to be like him!! DICK RIDERS!!!! When mothrfuckers get real then holla back for those who are already up on game fuck with me!!!!