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Behind The Scenes Of DJ Khaled’s “Welcome To My Hood” Video Shoot

Fri, Jan 21, 2011 by

Yesterday, DJ Khaled shot a music video for his “Welcome To My Hood” single featuring Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Rick Ross, and Plies. A bunch of other music artists make cameos, and a few of the YMCMB family will make cameos too. The video will be directed by Gil Green, and you can buy this single from iTunes here! Also, in this behind the scenes footage you can see T-Pain wearing a YMCMB hat, so its looking more and more like he will be the next Young Money member.

Hit the jump for a few pics from this video shoot, and Derick G will be posting some more behind the scenes photos and footage soon!

Behind The Scenes Of DJ Khaleds Welcome To My Hood Video Shoot

Behind The Scenes Of DJ Khaleds Welcome To My Hood Video Shoot

Behind The Scenes Of DJ Khaleds Welcome To My Hood Video Shoot

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  • Wayyyyyne


  • Carter

    T-Pain does seem like he is a funny guy, great addition to YM if you ask me 🙂



  • nana

    OHHH YEA……..and i adore him

  • #1 Tune

    I say fuck the… Police 😆

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeea

  • brrrrrr, stutter

    cant wait to see the final product.

    it looks like it is going to be great.

  • YMB

    Derick g always comes thru with dope footage and pics 🙂

  • bozzo

    The funny thing is khaled don’t even got a verse…and he gets full credit 4 the song..

  • @WeezysSon

    I hope we get a hit

  • @WeezysSon

    I hope this becomes a great hit like most of DJ Khalid’s videos

  • D&I

    Damn T-Pain is faatttt

  • love the background that has weezy’s back!!!!!!!, this looks real dope!!!
    cant wait for the video!
    anyone have any idea when the vid will come out?


    Hell yea :X I love this song :X

  • Wayneandlink


  • rapaddict

    wayne can make shitty track sounds awesome thats the example

  • ricardo laguna

    weezy and t pain wuao soo exelent this crew weezy the best from venezuela

  • Don_Prince

    Anybody knows what kind of hat weezy is wearing in the last pic?

  • this going to be epic! i see plies rocking the stage with wayne mabey a collabo????

  • Y.M.C.M.B

    dammit khaled is annoying. how old is that we the best shit. shut up!

  • Sandzz

    Weezy fly as always. Cant wait for the final video.

  • steph

    I love weezy!! The hottest under the sun!!!!!

    And T-Pain is so funny :p


  • damn i love it.

  • youngtunechi05

    if that nigga tpain get in ymcm then ymcm going to look like a joke!

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Haha T-pain is so funny in my opinion. Damn this is going to be a great music video like it always will be 🙂

  • YungNizzy14

    Thts wassup, YMCMB wont ever fuckin stop they make great music and man im just proud to be witnessing this shit real talk good job Khaled, Pain and Weezy YMCMB 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scoob
  • credo

    Can’t. Waite. Behold. Diz. Shit. Ah!!! YMCMB. Still. @. D. Top!!!

  • Saa

    That ain’t no nino brown shit u ass!

  • Cedric

    What hat is wayne wearing in da last pic i want dat shit

  • raj

    YMCMB is taking over the rap game and they aint gonna stop anytime soon much love keep on doing your thing

  • NagUK101

    Young Mulla Baby!

  • Anna