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Video: Lil Wayne Performs “6 Foot, 7 Foot” At Pre-Grammy Party x More

Fri, Feb 18, 2011 by

“Oh Drizzzyyy! Take that motherfucking suit off and come fuck with a real nigga, nigga!”
“I see you Mack… Mack getting that twap!”

In the video above, you can see Tunechi having some fun and performing his “6 Foot, 7 Foot” single with Cory Gunz at Cash Money Records’ Annual Pre-GRAMMY party on February 12, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Shanell, Lil Twist, Marley G, Lil Za, Troy Bless, CeeCee, and Boo are all on stage with Tune, and you can also see Derick G getting some footage at the side haha. If you missed Weezy performing his “Welcome To My Hood” verse with DJ Khaled and his “Hustle Hard Remix” verse with Mack Maine at this party, then you can watch that here!

After the jump, you can watch two videos of Wayne performing “Every Girl” and Rick Ross’ “9 Piece” record at Club Playhouse for the 2011 Grammys after-party with Tyga, Lil Twist, Mack Maine, DJ Khaled, and Teairra Mari.

Also, a couple of photos from the Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes “Look At Me Now” video shoot were posted on the internet yesterday. I am waiting until we get some official or more photos before I make a post on here, because I know lots of people have been asking why I haven’t posted them up yet.

Lil Wayne performs Rick Ross’ “9 Piece”:

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine perform “Every Girl”:

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  • MissCarter

    Lil Wayne <3

  • pedrooo

    First mf ymcmb

  • yea nigga

    thank you for not sayin first like a fucking retard

  • Busta

    Hahaha Drake got told!

  • simon

    yeh danny the pics are not good quality anyway



  • love

    twist be doing my head in tryna dougie in every single one of these videos

  • Domo

    Watch He Goin Remix 9 Piece

  • Ooohhh

    He called birdman Five, that must be who wayne is talking to in the Look at Me Now song

    “Whats poppin slime? nothing 5, and if they tripping fuck em 5”

  • militia

    lol…..every one next to wayne turned and pointed to cory when his verse came on

  • Soo Woo If Ya Bangin

    God Damn He Was Flirting With Teairra Mari In The Video 😮 She Shoulda Got Her Clit Out On Stage For Him

  • yea nigga

    @Ooohhh good observaion nigga

  • WeezyFreshlyBizar

    wiz khalifa should be next YM nigga

  • WeezyFreshlyBizar

    5-Five Star General aka Birdman,brrrr brrrrr brrrr

  • paddy

    He called birdman 5 because he’s the 5 star stunna , everybody knows that…

    Ohh. Yeahh. And. 15th. 🙂

  • why wait

    That was some gay shit to say to Drake. Real Gay. Unneccesarily homo. Weezy f. Baby and the f is for fa get about it…..smh

  • paddy

    @Bawse-cop. Stop hatin on Ross , so what if he was a cop, I would rather be arrested by Rick Ross than a racist asshole agist prick cop,, because you know if Ross finds you with weed , he’d smoke the blunt with yeh :),, you should be happy and apreciate the fact that a great rapper, a member of the Hip-Hop culture, was in fact a cop. Hip-Hop should take over the justice system , so justin bieber, 50 cent and soulja boi can be executed.. 😀

  • i am the leather jacket black glasses all american bad boy

    i wanted Wayne to rap Cory’s whole part … it sounds waaaaaay better when Wayne raps that way.

  • Keeepit10000

    anybody peep the background what’s up wit it????

  • jessica

    @why wait it’s only gay when you are. only faggs like you take it that way. *no pointr intended* lmao

  • bill613

    he said “take that suit TOP OFF” MEANING HIS COAT..@WHY WAIT..U DUMBASS

  • m.o.b.

    i bet wayne fucked her or he’s goona soon. haha

  • $$$

    tyga and mack looked bored as fuck in that 2nd video..smh i woulda been hype as fuck

  • no4lyfe

    @why wait go eat a dick w/ the skin pulled back. ..weezy seems to be enjoying life ALOT MORE. that’s good and he was tellin jas (jasprince) stop saving that hoe. hahahaha

  • paddy

    Why Is Wayne the shit like fly food???? Please txt back. This question is urgent!!!!

  • steph

    hottest under the sun, best rapper alive!

    love u tunechi!!!!!!!!


  • Rell

    notice how once wayne started wearin polo v-necks almost everyone in young money started rockin them??

  • hahah that was sick. and it was pretty cool. to. can’t wait for the photos of chris brown look at me music video 🙂

  • ricardo laguna r

    this is great I cant wait c4 the best album in the history XD.. from venezuela weezy is great

  • ricardo laguna r

    levanten todos sus malditas manos sean negras o blancas x la ymcmb

  • josh lee
  • dumbass

    @Ooohhh lol i can tell all u kids on here are white.

    5 is bloods, 6 is crips. so waynes gonna call any of his bloods 5..

    u know.. marley g, mackmaine, t streetz, trell, fee, ceecee, lil boo, lil snack, capo, fukus, lucci lou.. all them niggas..

  • stopit5

    turk was released from jail today… the hot boys reunion begins now

  • daknite

    yeah yeah this partying is all great and all but where is the fuck 6’7 video.

  • old waynes back?

    am i the only one thats noticed wayne is kinda going back to his old ways? when that nigga was on the syrup it started fucking with his music, then he made the rock shit and the autotune and all that.

    then he got off the syrup in 09 and ever since then it seems like hes going back to the OLD wayne the real wayne.. his dreads braided up like how they were in 04-05 and he acting like how he used to and talking like he used to…he stopped wearing the camo cargos for a while now he’s wearing them again like he used to around 05ish..

    does this mean carter 4 will be more like carter 2 and 1?

    has anyone else noticed this?

  • Gettnmunny11

    WTF is twap?

  • paddy

    @ gettinmoney11. Twap means pussy.

    @dumbass. I never heard of that shit before, then again I live in Ireland so I wouldn’t :P:D… I could of sworn it meant 5 * Stunna…. Who is “SLIME” then, I think it’s directed to SLIM and Wayne just put a E at the end because he a crazy mutherfucker

  • The F is for Frappacino

    Weezy and drake got beef or something. Definitely some negative vibes ive seen

  • The F is for Frappacino

    ^^ Yes I believe the old Wayne is back. He aint baked out of his mind and high on cough syrup to thank for that lol

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @paddy lil wayne is the shit like fly food because he shits on other rappers. and his fans always stick to him.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Gettnmunny11 twap is pussy

  • that nigga drunk fuck what they talkin bout he cant drink

  • paddy

    @Luiseezy F Crazy.

    Ha LOL. True sooo true