Videos: MTV’s Sway Interviews Lil Wayne

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Above, is part one of the interview that Sway from MTV held with Lil Wayne during the shooting of the “6 Foot 7 Footmusic video. Weezy and Sway discuss his first day out of prison, “6 Foot 7 Foot“, his collaboration album with Drake, the I Am Still Music tour, behind behind bars and the fan mail he got, The Nino Brown Story Part 3, Tha Carter IV, and much more. You can view the rest of the interview (there are 14 parts total) after the jump and leave your thoughts on the interview in the comments box.

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  • i just finished it its real as fuck

  • WaynePod

    i need a drought 4 thats what i wanna hear a 2 disk drought three part 2

  • ricardo laguna

    first from venezuela first

  • Real Talk

  • stopit5

    cool azz interview.

  • I feel big not in the sence of waigt I’m like colossal I heard u was lookin for me!

  • how did i get late @ least 7th cn do

  • Steven Porter

    damn.. Wayne is set to kill these fools

  • killa b

    Perfect interview


  • cx

    LOL stooopid sway in the last video, called Right above it, all of the above LOL


    Yea I Fuck With This Post!!!! ITS ALMOST TIME PPL

    THA CARTER IV……. EPIC!!!!!!! CLASSIC!!!!

  • YungNizzy14

    Great interview Weezy YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aletta Michele

    Amazing interview! Can’t wait to see him live in Miami w/ Nicki on the I Am Music Tour! One Love!

  • WTF

    someone?? is there somewhere else i can watch all these.? videos crash on me?

  • C4

    great interviews


    GREAT Interview. Loved it. One of the best imo.

  • Jose Bautista

    yeah fuckin videos crash for fuck sake

  • blessed [wayne-head]

    that was a great interview . C4 <—- Cant Fuckin Wait!!!

  • Fly Dungas

    i wish mannie fresh did a song on C4 they made magic

  • Jose Bautista

    Great interview. Weezy a smart and down to earth dude. I know C4 is gonna be somethin else 🙂

  • wow i am about to like break down… i mean do u guys remember waynes old classics…. wow the mixtapes he did. he was amazing he is the best im his fan for life

  • sunap

    cool man wayne is cool than anyone out there but he is a beast though we love u and do what u doin

  • why wait

    Where else on the net can I watch all of these vidoes? Or the whole interview?

  • Greaat Interview !
    i Swear Weezy is Going To Kill Dem !
    –Twitter: @NyshaLovesWayne
    Follow Me & i’ll Follow Back (:

  • i am the leather jacket black glasses all american bad boy

    I always laugh when I hear Lil Wayne talk and then listen to him rap … it doesn’t even sound like the same person lol.

    and its been this way for like 7-8 years now.

  • weezy forever

    great interview <3 love u weezy <3 btw we want that fuckin C4 😀

  • effuhaterz

    weezy is different since hes been releaseed hes more poetic but i hope he can still say some important things with a sick crazy raw flow…like the way he said things back in tha day like he was talkin bout in the interview is diff than anyone else so i hope he dont lose that cause thats what made him wayne ya digg

  • Ooohhh

    Wow, Wayne is that guy!

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  • YM Salute

    Wayne said that he has trouble and is amazed at the old stuff he’s done, most likely C2 era-ish. I really wish that doesn’t mean he will never do songs similar to that ever again 🙁

  • gr8 interview mayne….bt sway left out sumtin important he didnt even ask about d4 or n e mixtape 🙁

  • This interview was so inspirational.

    And shouts to Artille for the post.

  • @Dann M u gatt any idea of any mixtapes at all from lil wayne?

    • @Preppii ‘azz Byrd – I don’t.


    sooooo the last video basically means NO NINO BROWN 3 DVD..fuck! 🙁

  • Awesome Thanks guys!!! C4 Mr Carters home!

  • TT


  • playa

    videos crash?!!!!!!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    this is amazing men this interview WAS INSPIRATIONAL I LOVE LIL WAYNE WITH ALL MY HEART PAUSE!!!

  • TJ

    C4 goes platinum 1st day ppl dnt 4ft dat ya digg?!

  • tre

    if i could have a spokesperson, it would be this guy !

  • Chris

    Amazing interview. very real

  • LiltunCHI

    Its effing sad that there is a thread in the forum calling lil wayne fuckin weak horrible not dedicated jus trying to ruin him lik he JUS GOT FROM JAIL

  • Suat.

    cant wait on c4 !
    best album in this year(every album of weezy is the best of the year xD)

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne is like interesting to listen to he should be a preacher or something lol but cant wait for that c4 and d4 wayne will kill it he hasnt disapointed me yet!

  • YMCMB_Youngin

    Shit Waynes back. Hard as a Motherfucka

  • TunechiLee

    Great Interview!
    Did anyone else notice the heart on Waynes’ face !!?
    AWW! <3, when did he get it ?.!

  • Jay-z mad bkuz young money cash money is better than rockafella I feel its the best record lable of all time suWoop!!!!

  • The best lil Wayne cD of mine is lights out but all his albums is classic even rebirth fuck haters Y.M.C.M.B ON BOUNTY HUNNAS BHLOOD LIL WAYNE GO HARD THE REASON HIP HOP IS STILL ALIVE

  • Youngearli

    I really like that interview, i felt everything he was talking about and he is a real insperation . Lil wayne you`re RIGHT ABOVE IT!!

  • nice i love it 🙂 great interview 🙂

  • ymcmb

    Danny, where can we get the YMCMB sweatshirts like the one Wayne is wearing?

  • K-Freshz

    he needs to go in on dat H.A.M. beat and kill da shit out of jay and ye’s version!!!!! i could see that happenin real soon….



    Hes had the heart tattoo since November of 2010
    ……your little late

  • Weezys that dude c4 needs to drop I’m still listenin to old shit tho wish he’d release that hit em with the flex remix that I hurd on the carter documentary. Go ahead throw em the crown king of rap oh yeahhh I hope he does another track wit wiz nd it go harder than a muthafucka.

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Weezy should write a book, on his perspective of life, what it means to work hard and how to be successful, because, a work ethic is a transferable quality that anyone can benefit and relate too.

    I would buy it lol

  • peanut

    theres a lot of videos…. why not put em together?

  • dlizzie2007

    Mane weezy qon kill em!! enuf of the waitinq…weezy lessssqqqqoooo!!!!

  • ian < free weezy music

  • chris birdman

    you been the world champion all know))))))))))))

  • jasmine

    my baby brother 16, looks up to you, he does the wrong things hangs out with the wrong crowd, i hope this reaches you…please act a little bit more resposible cause im scared for him, i know nothing is as it seems and you’re not like that in real life, but he can’t tell the difference. jasmine. South Africa.