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Birdman – I Get Money (Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Mack Maine) [Music Video]

Tue, Apr 19, 2011 by

Here is the official music video for Birdman‘s “I Get Money” single featuring Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Mack Maine.

YMCMB artists Jae Millz, Lil Twist, Ace Hood, DJ Khaled, and Busta Rhymes all makes cameos in this video, and we can even see Pain‘s huge new Young Money chain!

View some behind the scenes footage here and pictures here from on set of the “I Get Money” video shoot!

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  • dope

  • Tight

  • Rebecca Black


  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    love the newspaper at 0:02

  • Akaash


  • your turd lol

  • go!

    fucking green screen smh


    LMFAO see mack jump on waynes back when he started his verse

  • Rebecca Black

    so is Carter 4 pushed back or what? this gotta be some stupid rumor but shit gets pushed back all the time no homo

  • The World

    Wayne’s hand tattoo >>>

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    @Rebecca Black yes c4 pushed back official

    but i’m sure that d4 or no ceilings 2 will come soon

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    cant wait to her the single with weezy and nicki!

  • best producer alive

    gotta loveeee dat, errbody goin hardddd

  • Tune

    I uploaded this ish on youtube 4 everybody who wants to download it. its the same good quality as yimeo.
    Have fun!


  • weezy wee

    suuuper weak video !! thats the worst video I’ve ever seen !!

  • hater lol

  • youngweezy

    weezy the best 🙂

  • Waynehead504

    Hahah , Video was the shit .
    Wayne was straight goofin’ , dancing & shit . <3
    Carter 4 gone be sick as fuckk , Cant wait nigggaaa !

  • ymcmbbbbbb

    YMCMB!!!!!!!! from Belgium

  • okiBum

    never been so early to a post aha..
    weezy forever!!
    C IV!

  • Seth Gecko cant be banned nigga!!!

    It would be so fucking funny if Carter 4 gets pushed behind Birdman’s album. That would just show who is the slave in their relationship. also birdman needs to die. All that money – he deserves none of it, he worked for none of it, all his career is straight leeching, and this faggot has the guts to brag to me about it in his wack ass video? fuck him

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    tight video ymcmb c4 may 16 d4 legggo!!!

  • yeah this video was wack as fuh.weezys verse was nice tho

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  • J

    Seth Gecko, fuck you, bitch nigga. Baby’s career is anything BUT straight up leeching, nahmean. He talented as fuck, especially at running his business. Next you’ll be saying Slim aint worth shit. If you think this, dont be on a fucking Weezy site because Cash Money is in that niggas blood. Hating ass bitch.

  • Yanna

    DOPE! <3

  • thank you J theres so many people hating on this video but yet they beg for more weezy just so they can hate haha people are stupid i tell you

  • yung_money

    carter 4 still dropping on may 16th until u hear it from wayne himself don’t believe da bullshit

  • T-pain offically young money now???

  • YunqEffinBreezy

    Carter IV tracklist is officially LEAKED!!!!

  • YunqEffinBreezy where


    i dont like birdman now he got all the money weezy owe. wayne sells his villa he need to pay producer needlz 20mil … birdman nothin do anymore.. WAYNE BEST.

  • SEAN

    @setgecko shut yo dick suckin ass up.

  • joe

    @setgecko without stunna and slim wouldnt be weezy. so shut yo dumb ass up

  • philly illy

    this clown ass bitch–>@setgecko said baby “worked for none ofit” nigga stunna made the hot boys ,he came from nothing to something in the hood.

  • Yung Mney

    MAnnnnn disss video go hard den alll his video ymcmb ilikes thts cant wait to get that Baby Bigga than life ablum………….. lilwyabe is my husband yall cee mee n yung mney pretty sooon so getv read for mekamenaz bitch…… yung mney saluteee holllaaaa in lil wayne voice……..YM$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • josh56

    any IDIOT that say baby didnt work for his or deserve talking out thier stank asshole. he came from the hood w/ nothing and hustled he outlasted deathrow,sosodef,nolimit,ect… YMCMB nigga

  • rika

    setgecko is a dick sucking computer nerd, that thirst for attention. just say fuck him. YOUNGMONEY ALL DAY..fuck haters they the main team doing it in music.

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    young money. cash money. welcome 2 wonderland

  • RELL

    how many labels you know started out in the 90’s and still here going strong?? CMB NIGGA!! NOT badboy, roc-a-fella (before “rocnation”) , deathrow, nolimit, sosodef,slip n slide….that speaks volumes fool

  • rob_99


  • *bobbyray*

    lmao @ rob99 yeah so does weezy… lol she’s sexy as fuck

  • Tune This

    Owwww Just seen the tracklist for C4 finna be the album of the year !

  • ymcmb#1

    i wonder if wayne be talking to skylar threw direct message now, since niggaz like big sean,chris brown, john wall and EVERY OTHER NIGGA ON TWITTER COCK BLOCKING. smh! i think she like wayne though she fine too

  • fucksetgecko

    @tunethis that’s NOT OFFICIAL , see that’s the reason they pushing c4 back niggaz keep tryna leak his shit. and yeah yall right skylar is the shit

  • travis

    mannnnnnnnn why skylar made her twitter private? maybe it was that fake ass naked pic.and people tryna bash the girl so she got pissed. now i gotta wait forever for her to confirm my request to follow

  • YABOY!!


  • whodat

    @yaboy!! hell yeah now other niggaz thirsting behind her and shit cock blocking weezy. wayne is a real sports fanatic im sure he been watching her. these other people just desprate

  • jazmine

    @ymcmb#1 i know i was thinking the same thang..

  • fanweezy

    This video does not exist.

  • aaron

    skylar was happy as fuck weezy wore her jersey on she tweeted it.i think she like homie

  • LilWayneIsTheBest

    i cant see the video ):


    damnit tha video does not exist…on ma birthday!? really?

  • tracy_love

    skylar diggins was a trending topic within minutes!!after wayne metioned her and followerd her.ahaha no one man should have all that power -kanyevoice

  • FlyDungas

    I’ll wait for C4 for the rest of my life if its good. Want a mixtape to hold me over though they’re always fucking fire no ceilings was dope as hell but its been too long!

  • greeenny

    The video doesn’t working!

  • imma pretty bitch
  • paddy

    i cant see this video because its on vimeo and i live in ireland (european viewers cant access viewers ), could your please put it up on dailymotion or youtube or anything else?

  • desmund

    Lil Wayne – Tha Carter IV Tracklist

    1. Tune This
    2. Team Player (ft. Birdman)
    3. Fore Play
    4. They Love Me (ft. Nicki Minaj x Drake)
    5. John (If I Die Today) (ft. Rick Ross)
    6. No Competition
    7. Holy Grail (History) (ft. Kanye West)
    8. Carter Cash (ft. Jay-Z)
    9. 6’7″ (ft. Corey Gunz)
    10. Play My Game (ft. Tech N9ne)
    11. Anne (ft. Swizz Beatz)
    12. Street Life
    13. Hard Talk (ft. Game x Bon Iver)
    14. Fall From Grace (ft. Eminem)
    15. Brain Dead (ft. Gucci Mane)
    16. No Trust
    17. Maybe She Will (ft. Rick Ross x Drake)
    18. My Legacy

  • paddy


  • paddy

    @Danny M or @Luieesy F Crazy,, is this track list real??

  • domo

    Lil Wayne Is On Fabolous Upcoming Mixtape.Its A Song Called “Thats Not Love”

  • harikasinizz

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    im tired of this same fucking videos!!!!!! birdman stfu!!!!

  • F is for

    I think this is garbage … everything is a fuckin cartoon nowadays.

    Compare this stupid shit to “6’7” or Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life, Lil Twists video etc. …

    Birdman’s videos are boring.

  • ya dig

    Wayne doing the Cat Daddy and other dances is the only thing that saved this video from being a complete waste of time lol…

  • Nawy

    It’s Tunechi baby \m/

  • Waynefan

    I’m sorry but this is one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen. The song itself is HORRIBLE. T-Pain’s hook sucks balls and Birdman is once again rapping about money. NOTHING EVER CHANGES!

  • Nawy

    if i aint getting money, than i’m getting p-ssy
    i don’t play with you p-ssies get a silver bullet
    i know you looking so how i look
    i don’t f-ck with n-ggas, call me george bush
    it’s tunechi baby, the money man
    the money talks, now i understand
    that chopper make a n-gga do the running man
    i would take a girl and turn her p-ssy to a punching bag
    i’mma stunt my ass off, bitch thats word to stunna man
    school these bitch ass n-ggas, you are undergrad
    the world is in my hand, smack the shit out you with my other hand
    young money, cash money, welcome to wonderland

  • 512&727

    Waynes Verse is the only good part about this song,
    Beat sounds like shit.

  • Rebecca Black

    i just want everyone to know that birdman has money and gets money alot of the time. in case you didnt know?

  • Rebecca Black

    why dont you sorry ass rappers rap about something real like whats going on in the world today istead of money all the time this shit is getting boring

  • jc

    lol people on here r gettin defensive over birdman lol he is garbage as you can tell by every verse he has and kinda agree with rebecca can we get some substance?

  • Tunechi

    is that the real track list ?

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Don McNeal

    How can you blame birdman lol he keepin it real… want rappers to keep it real thats what he doin… BITCH HE GETTING MONEY!!!!! uptown play boi.. i do this shit errday.. ya digg and its just like that… doin this shit round the clock. Nigga is just rich all day lmao! its funny boring? yeahh but its true BITCH HE GETTING MONEYY

  • The world is about sex, money, and drugs…if you can’t see that…then why are u listening to music?

  • Don McNeal

    @Reezy aint that the truth

  • Dope Video! Lil Wayne Be Crazy! Lmao!

  • LMAO

    after reading Reezy’s comment ive decided that I will never read comments on this site again …

    Danny M you are doing an amazing job but some of the kids that post on this site are borderline retarded.

    did this idiot really say that the world is just about “Money, sex and drugs” ? and some other idiot agreed with him ?

  • Don McNeal

    @LMAO youre funny but i dont take these post serious and niether should you… we just here to get info about the best rapper alive and god forbid we get some laughs while we are at it.. its just us clowning but u cant tell sarcasm through reading comments lol

  • Shizzle97

    Follow on twitter: Shizzle97

    Sick video


    i just finish taking a FECES and water splash all over my white TESTICLES!ooh myyy godddd like totally!!!!

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Damn no words to discribe this music video but this is better than I expected 🙂

  • Andy
    –Twitter: @NyshaLovesWayne

  • Rell

    -___- <—–that was my face for the whole video

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    hope birdman was wrong and mack maine won’t be on c4

  • ya dig



  • idk about that tracklist…. if you guys actually pay attention to lil wayne article or magazines he said he was trying to get “bruno mars” on a hook for him on C4.. another thing is im pretty sure he will have Fabo on there as well

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    @ya dig

    at first i don’t believe your shit but now i love your post^^

  • sick video 🙂 i love it 🙂

  • mo

    dont think they shudda made a vid for this song, dont really like it :/ and the vid is bad too

  • Don McNeal


    September 27, 1982 is Wayne’s birthday… Wayne would be 4 years old in May of 1987. Hint (graduation cap) Carter IV=Wayne is 4 yr old cover art …. I just noticed that but the man is GENIUS!!!

    I LOVE IT.

    Carter IV ablum of the new DECADE!..

  • YungNizzy14

    Damn Mack and Weezy killed it YMCMB!!!!!!!!!! throwed video bad bitches

  • ricardo laguna

    birdman videos and bored since I was in b and g with Mannie Fresh Tymers from Cash Money Millionaires-Project Chick’s always the same money in hand and money falls and videos birdman bored bored always money money money talk money with diamonds and idiocies of money all the time you know you have too much money bryan YMCMB hahahahaha calm down but is an excellent rapper and is the CEO of Cash Money Records is a good rapper but all the same to his songs on behalf of their songs are hahahah money from Venezuela

  • Its CeeJ motherfucker

    even though this song is shitty i’m glad they shot a video for it

  • GLUE
  • Prince

    its awesome

  • Prince

    tpain is magic and weezy extraordinary,birdman and mack maine are almays good this song is very very awesome

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  • Lil wayne and birdman are my mentol,i love listening to their still waiting to meet them one on one.either they come to my contry nigeria for show or me travel down to united state………………leather just so soft baby………………

  • Cok güzel tenk…


    y.u. mad all black people bitches i will kill all in state nigga come my hood gangsta blood