Exclusive: LilWayneHQ Interviews Detail; Talks Tha Carter IV & More

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LilWayneHQ Interviews Detail

Below, is an exclusive interview held with producer/music artist Detail, who has been working closely with Lil Wayne and the YMCMB crew recently. In the interview, Detail speaks on music, the first time he met Weezy, Tune‘s upcoming Tha Carter IV album, and more.

LWHQ: Tell us about yourself Detail? How long have you been a music artist and creating beats for? What made you get into this career?
Detail: I love Music! I’ve been doing this music and creating beats since I was 16, and I am now 26. What made me get into this game is the fact that I was told I couldn’t get in.

LWHQ: Do you have more fun spending time as a producer or as an actual artist?
Detail: I have more fun working people than working myself.

LWHQ: What other music artists have you never worked with, but you would love to one day?
Detail: John Mayor, and I would like to work with myself a lil’ more.

LWHQ: How did you meet Lil Wayne, and what’s the experience like in the studio with Wayne?
Detail: I did the single for Akon called “I’m So Paid” and I met Wayne on the video set of that… shout out my nigga Jeezy, he was on that song. The experience with Wayne in the studio is random, like you don’t know what to expect, but your gonna get there.

LWHQ: Have you been working with any artists from Young Money Entertainment or Cash Money Records?
Detail: Absolutely, yeah they all family

LWHQ: Tell us about Tha Carter IV; what can we expect? Carter 2 style? Rebirth style? lots of auto-tune? features?
Detail: First and foremost, there is no auto-tune on “How To Love”. I’ll give any producer or engineer 10k if they find any vocal sign of auto-tune on there. With features, I don’t want to spill the beans.

LWHQ: How many songs have you done for C4, and will Weezy or anyone from YMCMB be on any of your upcoming projects?
Detail: I’ve done a bunch songs with Wayne… he has a good ear, whatever he chooses he can have. Anybody else, of course any smashes they want to do lets get it, it’s family.

LWHQ: Do you feel that Tha Carter IV can live up to the hype, and do you feel it has the same potential and power as Tha Carter III did?
Detail: You got to think of it like this, when you got an icon that gets it like Lil Wayne, they get it. When LeBron left Cleveland and went to Miami, did he live up to the hype?… simple mathematics.

LWHQ: Any last words, websites or shouts outs you would like to leave the readers with?
Detail: Find me and see me at, and find me and see me exclusively at! Don’t follow me on twitter unless I follow you first hahaha… @DetaiL.

LWHQ: Thanks for your time Detail, we appreciate you giving us this interview. Everybody at and would like to wish you the best of luck in the future.
Detail: YMCMB Luv.

Shout out to Andy for setting up the interview, and don’t forget to like Detail on Facebook!

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