Exclusive: LilWayneHQ Interviews Detail; Talks Tha Carter IV & More

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LilWayneHQ Interviews Detail

Below, is an exclusive interview held with producer/music artist Detail, who has been working closely with Lil Wayne and the YMCMB crew recently. In the interview, Detail speaks on music, the first time he met Weezy, Tune‘s upcoming Tha Carter IV album, and more.

LWHQ: Tell us about yourself Detail? How long have you been a music artist and creating beats for? What made you get into this career?
Detail: I love Music! I’ve been doing this music and creating beats since I was 16, and I am now 26. What made me get into this game is the fact that I was told I couldn’t get in.

LWHQ: Do you have more fun spending time as a producer or as an actual artist?
Detail: I have more fun working people than working myself.

LWHQ: What other music artists have you never worked with, but you would love to one day?
Detail: John Mayor, and I would like to work with myself a lil’ more.

LWHQ: How did you meet Lil Wayne, and what’s the experience like in the studio with Wayne?
Detail: I did the single for Akon called “I’m So Paid” and I met Wayne on the video set of that… shout out my nigga Jeezy, he was on that song. The experience with Wayne in the studio is random, like you don’t know what to expect, but your gonna get there.

LWHQ: Have you been working with any artists from Young Money Entertainment or Cash Money Records?
Detail: Absolutely, yeah they all family

LWHQ: Tell us about Tha Carter IV; what can we expect? Carter 2 style? Rebirth style? lots of auto-tune? features?
Detail: First and foremost, there is no auto-tune on “How To Love”. I’ll give any producer or engineer 10k if they find any vocal sign of auto-tune on there. With features, I don’t want to spill the beans.

LWHQ: How many songs have you done for C4, and will Weezy or anyone from YMCMB be on any of your upcoming projects?
Detail: I’ve done a bunch songs with Wayne… he has a good ear, whatever he chooses he can have. Anybody else, of course any smashes they want to do lets get it, it’s family.

LWHQ: Do you feel that Tha Carter IV can live up to the hype, and do you feel it has the same potential and power as Tha Carter III did?
Detail: You got to think of it like this, when you got an icon that gets it like Lil Wayne, they get it. When LeBron left Cleveland and went to Miami, did he live up to the hype?… simple mathematics.

LWHQ: Any last words, websites or shouts outs you would like to leave the readers with?
Detail: Find me and see me at, and find me and see me exclusively at! Don’t follow me on twitter unless I follow you first hahaha… @DetaiL.

LWHQ: Thanks for your time Detail, we appreciate you giving us this interview. Everybody at and would like to wish you the best of luck in the future.
Detail: YMCMB Luv.

Shout out to Andy for setting up the interview, and don’t forget to like Detail on Facebook!

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  • Kai

    First Weezy is tha best

  • C4 !!!


  • #Reply

    Fuck all ya’ll ^^^^^

  • DAMU

    WAYNE THAT NIGGA . . . .


  • C4 legooo!

  • invader zim


  • Tommy

    detail = cool
    lil wayne is my boyyyyyyy, greetz from the netherlands


  • daknite

    @Danny M

    Did Lil Wayne Have singing lessons like drake did or did detail do a little tweek like

    use a picth correction without the crazy tpain settings?

    And did you guys at lil wayne hq meet lil wayne and are there other people that

    helped you with this site. i didnt know you guys where that famous? Also does

    wanye check this site? Just asking. Thanks.

  • Detail must be a great producer for making weezy sing without autotune. I mean we all know weezy ain’t got an amazing voice like in how to love, he must have worked too hard to work that out

  • N3RD

    Daaaaaaaaaam So Weezie Can Realy Sing..I Cant Believe He Didnt Use Outotune I Thot The Song Was 100% Strate Up Outotune

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    why didn’t he told us abot the c4 style???

    man it was clear that it will be c2 style and now i hope it wont be rebirth style cause of details answer :((((

  • Man i realy do believ that wayne can sing
    cant wait till C4
    skinny pans and few vans

  • We stil dnt knw how c4 gon be like. C2? C3? rebirth?

  • Dude


  • This interview was a bit too general, looks like it was mailed-in or something like that

  • b2

    Dos any1 knw y weezy aint wearin tha YMCMB shit?

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    the man of tha picture aint weezy
    its detail

  • Maddison

    It is not gonna be like c2, c3, or rebirth. It’s gonna be like c4. He is ever evolving which he proved with all his albums and now with how to love. C4 is gonna sound like c4 so calm down we just have a few weeks.

  • CANT BAN Seth Gecko

    the dude just said that Carter 4 is gonna suck.

  • frega bao

    it fils gud 2b so Waynetic am hpy coz am the best Wayne fan in the dunia hahaa 5 important letaz YMCMB haters

  • lol@frega bao me 2 bro

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)
  • Real_G

    Whats Crazy Is:

    Its 20 days Until Tha Due Date And there Is No
    Tracklist, Nor Has Any Leaks Came Out, Nor Has There Been Any TV Promo
    Even With 5 Weeks Left For Tha Carter III There Was A TV Promo But Tha Album Was Damn Near Leaked Already….

    This Just Is Toooooooo Good To Be True. I Had Planned Not To Listen To Any Leaks Only Singles So When I Buy It Everything Would Be Fresh. Adds a lil more excitement for me

    Either this is too good to be true, we gne get hit wit leaks at a rapid pace, or tha album will be pushed back…..


  • no auto tune i told yall his voice was just edited a lil bit and stunna said like e months ago no more auto tune on albums

  • Nak Nak

    @Real_G, ya that’s crazy for sure…. I heard that all electrical forms of communication weren’t being used when and if C4 material was bring exchanged to prevent a leak… Like no e mails and stuff… But ya where is the fuckin tracklist?

  • derek

    I think there’s no tracklist so that if a song is leaked the people dont know whether it’s a c4 song or just a random song. this way they can just leave the song off if they want too.

    Yea the no promo part is kinda weird, though wayne doesnt really need promo. Man i just wanna hear that album + the surprise he says is on there

  • frankieb

    @Tune(Man on the Moon), you clearly didn’t look at that website because it said for release in Europe and the price was in Euro’s. That’s why the date is in July.

  • joe

    this is the dumbest/shortest interview ever!! –_–



  • KELLY_13

    yeah this interview was dumb he didnt even answer the MOST INPORTANT FUCKIN QUESTION…”WHAT DOES C4 SOUND LIKE?” SMFH FUCKING RAPIST

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    fuck i am from germany and so i get c4 in july???????????????

  • antuonchris

    There’s no auto-tune on the song, but there’ definitely some pitch-correcting. You can hear it. Either way, it sounds great.

    As for this detail dude? Wtf. He’s wearing godddamn ten dollar glasses in the pic.

  • Ecko

    With all the respect, but I don’t want producers like Detail. I wan’t beats from Khalil, Alchemist, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League or Just Blaze. Come on Wayne, you can do better than this.

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    best producer for wayne and c4 are boi 1da, t-minus, develop, banglashed, just blaze and david banner

  • Real_G

    Yea just being realistic and how things are today…… with this much time left everybody album would be Damn near leaked and u could put Tha album together with downloads from a variety of websites. That’s how I got mmg self made like 2 weeks before it came out…… and tracklists usually come out like 6-7 weeks before Tha date……….. just a Lil anxious. Hope Tha date sticks

  • Smfh

    Yea idk WTF is going on at cash money this album has little to no promotion the singles they are picking aren’t matching the seasons a milli came out at the perfect time late spring early summer 6 7 should e came out around this time lollipop was like winter how to love has more of a early spring vibe John shouldve came out later to me it has that summer vibe they not going with the right singles and with the carter 3 u heard about it everywhere they even was rocking shirts saying Carter 3 in stores I don’t see none of that Wayne be on tv but don’t see any c4 promotion and DJ khaled album gonna be a huge flop coming out like a week after Wayne and that has no promotion and isn’t birdman bigger than life dropping in June to damn samething happened with tyga album had no promotion and it came out the same days as c3 and flopped cash money slacking

  • Smfh

    Between 07-08 Wayne was on damn near every rappers song droppin dope verses he was everywhere doing mixtapes and everything when the original carter 3 leaked he turned that into another mixtape and it was dope now these days he’s on the wrong peoples songs doing the wrong thing to me he’s don’t one too many songs with Rick Ross he got a whole label that got a fan base of million all doing they own thing he need to do dope songs with them for a mixtape for radio play he should use them to promote the Carter 4 he shouldve released a mixtape before c4 of some crazy tracks then release some even better songs as the singles off of the album people would’ve been like this mixtape is nice but this album sound crazy I’m buying it drake should help promote the album nicki is doing that tour with brittney she should promote it and have Wayne come out for a few shows tyga on tour with diddy that’s more promo and jay Sean could swing some overseas sales twist should be all over the Internet upstream twitter Facebook telling everyone to buy it shit they should hire me

  • Carter IV Take Over!! This is one thing i dont want to leak, but if it does just go C3 Pathway

  • tunepurp

    detail is fucking wack wtff was he doin with that punching himself wtff fucking wack

  • justin

    Im super excited about his career. Its been my only concern. He’s young and energized. Especially when there are alot of older amateurs 50 years old and still don’t understand prioritize. Weezy has been the icon of my life he gives me what I need and ‘m taking off the first chance I get.

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    did you forget that we will get a unplugged from wayne on june 12???

    i think that could be enough hype and then we will get a how to love music video so c4 is ready 🙂

  • Real_G

    Unplugged isn’t enuff promotion… its legendary for his career but not enuff promo for C IV….. C III had very Lil promotion but at least when 6 weeks before it dropped they gave it a Lil promo… Tha carter IV has Lil to no promo only singles.. they not even wearing carter IV t-shirts and it seems that only Lil Wayne fans knows his album is comin out on Tha 21st….

  • @real g, did u see the charts lately? the “How To Love” single is number 5 and in the hip hop chart it is number 1, and weezy didnt really promo that shit too much. i even saw a post there that said a dude used to hate weezy and now he will buy the album for all his family lol :P. and just heard that detail said something about the video being crazy, so i guess thats coming soon too 😀

  • Not a wayne fan anymore

    Fuck this guy. His production is weak as shit

  • JimmyStewart

    Didn’t see anyone mention but there’s a typo. It’s John Mayer not John Mayor. And I’m really curious about their being no autotune on How to Love, it sure sounds like there’s a decent amount to me. Great interview, it was a blast to read! Can’t wait for C4.

  • samusukix

    nice work danny for doing the interview.
    i bet detail gonna tell wayne about this website and you and maybe give u an interview in the future


    @frega and @man on the moon GO FUCK EACHOTHER UP THE ASS BITCHES

  • rico

    @NOTAWAYNEFANANYMORE pussy ass bitch if thats how you feel (yo name ) then why the fuck you still checking this site it’s a fucking FAN SITE! smfh fuck you and anyone else that’s turning on weezy g.t.f.o.h

  • paul

    yeah i feel you on that @rico niggaz and bitches wanna come on here w/ negative shit to say and call themeselves fans…smh **real fans** ride or die w/ thier fav artist/ player/ team.ect.. not run and switch sides when shit get scary

  • jessi


  • invader zim

    C4! 2mill first week leggooo!

  • Real_G

    It is? That’s Wats up.

  • Real_G

    Ummm do u mean itunes cuz I just checked and Wen thru 1-50 and its wasn’t nowhere on there…….. not gne comment on this tho cuz I want it to reach #1

  • Smfh

    How to love being on the billboard charts still doesn’t promote the album it only promotes the single as big of a star as Wayne is his album still needs to be promoted a lot. People still don’t know when tha Carter IV is coming out I remember on one of these posts about a weeks ago somebody said the album was pushed back to June and it’s gonna have a song with jada y’all was like u stupid stfu I don’t know what u talking about but that person was right I was trying to say that but my comment wasn’t posting singles on the billboards doesn’t promote the album only that single ym/cmr/umg is slacking when it comes to album promo even lady gaga has to promotes her weirdo albums

  • Smfh

    If Wayne sells 2milli first weeks then his labels buying his albums if lady gaga can’t push 2milli if eminem can’t do it Wayne ain’t doing it both of them are way bigger than him lady gaga is bigger than both of them combined but Wayne need to use his label use twist to promote on ustream Facebook and twitter use drake from promo those ymcmb shirts should have tha Carter IV On the in store June 21st nicki on tour with brittney spears Wayne should stop by at a few shows and promoted cory be doing interviews there’s more promo use jay Sean for overseas promo I seen justin beaver wearing ymcmb sweaters a couple times should’ve had the album on them Wayne should be doing radio interviews 106 n park should do the view again Leno conan Lopez an Monique skip Wendy this album lack promotion

  • thomas

    does anyone know where i can get the louis vuitton head band hes wearing

  • that’s whats up 🙂

  • charlie sheen

    looks like detail is trying a little too hard with all that jewelry..





  • hey

  • lil wayne go beast on she will

  • Lil wayne is the best rapper alive,no nigger can write the way he write ang his flow is so sick like he can die in his all verses