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Pictures: Lil Wayne Performs In Pennsylvania x Videos From “I Am Still Music” Tour

Fri, Jul 29, 2011 by

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing In Pennsylvania

Check out these dope photos of Lil Wayne performing live in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the GIANT Center on July 27th for the “I Am Still Music” tour. Tonight, Weezy will be performing in Camden, New Jersey at the Susquehanna Bank Center. You can view the rest of the pics after the jump!

Also after the jump, you can view some dope footage of Tune performing live on some of his recent tour stops.

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing In Pennsylvania

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing In Pennsylvania

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing In Pennsylvania

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing In Pennsylvania

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing In Pennsylvania

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing In Pennsylvania

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Performing In Pennsylvania

Lil Wayne performs “Motivation” with Shanell (but it’s all about the sexy dancers) in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on July 22nd.

Lil Wayne thanks the artists on his tour in Darien, New York on July 24th.

Dope intro for Lil Wayne’s entrance and performing “I’m Goin’ In” in Darien, New York on July 24th.

Lil Wayne pays homage to Nate Dogg, Pimp C, Amy Whinehouse and Michael Jackson in Holmdel, New Jersey on July 26th. Someone also throws a water bottle at Weezy but misses, and Tune tells the crowd: “Y’all make some noise for the motherfucker that threw that, cause if they do it again they gon’ be dead!”

Lil Wayne performs “Got Money” with Mack Maine in Holmdel, New Jersey on July 26th.

Lil Wayne performs “How To Love” in Holmdel, New Jersey on July 26th.

Lil Wayne performs “6 Foot, 7 Foot” with Cory Gunz (it’s funny when Weezy screams during Cory’s verse) in Holmdel, New Jersey on July 26th.

Lil Wayne performs “Nightmares Of The Bottom” acapella in Holmdel, New Jersey on July 26th.

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  • Jessica Battaglia

    <3 <3 <3

  • weezycartertunechiwayne

    1 st, love tune, best rapper alive, weezy f baby !!!!!!

  • frank




  • Yanna


  • Nak Nak

    he looks lile lil jon for a sec haha

  • Chris

    “yall make some noise for the mother fucker that threw that cuz if he does it again hill be dead”

    Omg yes. Weezy’s so quick on his feet with how to react to that. That was perfect hahahahahaha so dope.

  • Kuzz

    Ha to the idiot that got owned up for throwing that bottle of water!

  • LilWeezyFBaby

    Who is that lady by 6 Foot 7 Foot 2:15 till 2:26

  • dazee.

    What short weezy is wearing?

  • Real_G

    Quick on his feet? That shit just natural to any human.. yaw gay on here…….. Dude in Tha crowd did get hoed tho

  • ogeezy210


  • Arieldubon

    Not really what about Justin beiber hahahaha he got hit

  • Jay Palm

    i <3 wayne he inspires me to become a rapper, check out my remix on the song taylor gang on you tube, search taylor gang – jay palm

  • 9thWD NarDy

    dat female wayNe pullD iNtu da spotlight was L’z, a lil spitta from hiz block out da 17th…dey gotta olD soNg callD “secret weapon”

  • AGA

    simple amazing!! I know 1 day i will be on his concert & nicki’s too…and shame on that 1 who did what should’t do!! Love ya weezy

  • LJ

    hahahah that’s so funny! I love how he responded to that! & I wanna beat that person’s ass! lol

  • Its CeeJ!

    hahah i wish they would hit him while he was sittin on that stool singing that gay htl song cuz he’s a sitting target and prolly woulda got hit. c4 is so wack now cuz of that song

  • Its CeeJ!

    and i guess he doesnt know about the internet yet cuz he acts like everybody is supposed to think he’s freestyling that nightmares of the bottom song… what kind of rapper begs a crowd to be quite so they can talk?

  • trell

    @it’s cee j go eat a fat aids dick you faggot mothafucka… you a hoe. i bet you’d never threw it at him u punk bitch

  • JOSH_99

    @it’s ceeGAY dude you have no life you come on here all day everdy post to talk shit when i remember you being the biggest wayne head on here at one point . smh dude you a lame

  • jessika

    ceej stfu it’s his show dumbass he controlls the crowd when he wants ! you dumb as fuck for that comment.


    lol my nigga weezy!! he came back with a witty response quick as fuck played well into what he was already saying. hahaha

  • Gecko is still Sething

    why hate on CeeJ? he makes valid arguments from time to time. And the fact that all you can do is call him names (rather unimaginative, I might add) proves that he hit it right on the head. You wayne fans are so easy to get butthurt, yall might wonder if yall got hemorrhoid at 12 years old already



  • ricardo laguna

    open who was the bloody idiot who threw that bottle of water against weezy is it stupid? hopefully and they were riddled with gunfire by stupid: $ haha .. XD encantn me photos photo nro 4 is very good and want to buy c4 weezy and Venezuela see my god I’m your idol since I always love to see you in Venezuela or somewhere near the country haha you’re the best no matter what will always be my idol $ FROM VENEZUELA:$

  • j.c.

    @gecko of course you’d THINK that , you’re a dick eating hater like him i know you

  • Los_

    aye yall look @gecko the OTHER wayne fa is here to help up for his internet lover @ceej ..lmao

  • wtf

    LMAO @LOS_ they butt pirates man…

  • -__-

    @gecko is @it’sceej too you guys . smh

  • robb27

    i think you’re right @-___- clown ass nigga…anyway yeah wayne came back at whoeva that was fast as fuck hahaha

  • young -dro


  • ayoo

    @YOUNG -DRO GREAT POINT!! my thing is why pay allll that money to throw something at someone? lol dumbasses

  • whatupdoe?


  • DAZE

    lmao i swear wayne is the funniest nigga ..PICK UP THE CARTER 4

  • your mind

    the carter 4 aug. 29 …lets goooo support wayne you guys

  • LJ

    @ Its CeeJ! @Gecko why the fuck! do you guys go on this fan site? u always got some dumb shit to say. & you guys make yourself look stupid as hell, cuz u supposedly don’t like Wayne, right? so GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! & FYI we aint getting butt hurt, we’re stating facts that you have to life to come on here & hate. I bet you both will be the first to buy Carter 4 just to hate! but guess what bitches! you’ll be spending your money on Wayne & helping him get paid!!! hahahaha

  • LJ

    *no life


    who the fuck goes to a lil wayne concert to throw a fucking water bottle at him.

  • your mind

    @dr.heimlich a dumbass that wanted to put money in wayne pocket obviously …hahaha and exactly @Lj

  • junie

    why yall care about what other people say in they comments its a fansite not fb let them hate all they want who cares dont feed into it


    niceee concert, he should get a least a title for best HipHop Entertainer!

    luv c4 legoo

  • BodieBagz

    August 29th

  • DrEaD rasta nigga

    he literally freaks out at live but he has some dope swagger and song selections

  • DrEaD rasta nigga

    he’s literally a spazz live.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    what a fuckin spazz. . .

  • mikedel16

    Lil wayne first waved at me then he gave me his shoe at the pnc concert it made my life its so fricken awsome having waynes wore shoe in my room right now!

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    Haters, to bad im not getting waterbottles thrown at me like he is, @dreadhead spaz is definitely the right word

  • AllieRaeTunechi

    ILOVEHIM! omg i wanna go to one of his concertss<33 hes amazingg(: his music is amazing<3 keep it up. tha carter 4 ausugt 29th yyyaaaaahhhh biittccchhhh

  • @ceeJ seriously go run into a knife or something please just do die. I really don’t understand why Danny doesn’t just find a way to never let you get on this site at your home unless it’s your parents that you still live with because they proably aren’t some weird creepo 40 year old like you that sits on lil waynes fan pages and argues with lil Wayne fans cause you have definitely nothing to do and after reading your arguments definitely not a job and no source of income except mommy and daddy. go kill yourself faggot fuck

  • Birdman III

    Everybody vote for 6 Foot 7 Foot, Look At Me Now, or Super Bass. Or all 3! YMCMB

  • Loyalty

    C A R T E R IV 🙂

  • Stephanie

    The show was amazing, he was exceptional in every level he showed Philly some brotherly love<3

  • Its CeeJ!

    im trying to cop a hat like that but i dont know where to get one, i swear he has the most ridiculous shit but its all so dope
    anybody know when the 4th single is set to release? and danny have u heard anything about the htl music video?

  • Its CeeJ!

    yall aint got shit else to say. fuck tune.

  • com madre esos consietos,lastima que yo no pueda ir a uno..jajaja

  • LJ

    @Its CeeJ! oh don’t worry I got a whole lot more to say, but to sum it up… go jump off of a building ^__^

  • Damm….Weezy F Babyy Thee Muthafuckin Carter These Bitches On Myy Stick But My Namee Aint Harry Potter…Hahaha…Lil-wayne I think You Go SO HARD..I Lovee All Your Music It Goes Hard 2…Stay Upp Sexyy