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Lil Wayne & YMCMB Perform At 2011 MTV2 “Sucker Free Awards” [Video & Photos]

Sat, Nov 12, 2011 by

Last night, Lil Wayne and the YMCMB crew attended the first annual MTV2 “Sucker Free Awards” at LIV Fountainbleau in Miami. Above, you can watch DJ Khaled talking Drake‘s Take Care album, Lil Twist performing “Turnt Up“, Tyga performing “Rack City“, and then Birdman and Tune performing “Y.U. Mad” with Mack Maine onstage. Weezy was nominated for “Artist Of The Year” and “Album Of The Year” with Tha Carter IV. The show will air December 4th on MTV2 at 11PM.

Hit the jump to view some photos of Tunechi at the show and you can also view some pics of the YMCMB artists over on YoungMoneyHQ here!

Lil Wayne Performs At Sucker Free Awards

Lil Wayne Performs At Sucker Free Awards

Lil Wayne Performs At Sucker Free Awards

Lil Wayne Performs At Sucker Free Awards

Lil Wayne Performs At Sucker Free Awards

Lil Wayne Performs At Sucker Free Awards

Lil Wayne Performs At Sucker Free Awards

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  • tune974

    Dope pic


    the hat is dope forreal

  • Late122

    Dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3rd

  • youngweezy

    omg. what does he wear? pls change your clothes style weezy. but very good performance 🙂

  • ton38
  • WEEZYS swag is dope I dress like that too that fur hat is real hard YMCMB we winning!!!

  • Damn wats with that hat Wayne. (But only a real nigga can pull that off) and I see you making those pants famous now. Love the performance, Danny M. Any word on if Wayne won anything?

  • hugo

    I want to sing with tyga my number is 0603367348 and I live in Creil in France pleas tyga call me

  • Neezy

    foreal lil twist kill this shiiiit

  • lilwayne_fan
  • lilwayne_fan

    danny post this one also lil wayne nd drake

  • Red hook

    The biggest dickrifers on this site @dillon @fuckeminem(especially) and @myles white

  • Jays

    If i had wanted to buy the ugliest clothes from a store, i would have ended up looking like this


    @Red hook gay-z dickrider

  • yup

    fanny pack? gay ass hat? what the fuck???

  • Real





  • YOLO

    Yall givin head foreal that hat look ugly ass fuck foreal

  • Red hook

    @fuckeminem wtf are u talkin about where do u see jay z in my comment u a fuckin dickridin ass groupie


    @Red hook u continue with insulting dude.i ignore homos like u now!

  • Manny

    Yo wassup with this dude why does he have a fanny pack on and a dumass stuffed animal on his head im really startin to not like this dude hes already gettin wack as a rapper

  • Red hook

    You just responded to me so how the fuck are u ignorin me u dumb fuck

  • blackhero

    I wish y’all would quit starting stuff on here damn grow up. Im tired of see people argue over B.S

  • weezy f baby fan

    why are they going to show it so late


    i think who like jay-z is supporting the devil.

  • Me a dick rider bitch plz, your fuckin mother is the one riding my dick. I’m a dick rider because I support a musician well then I guess all the jay fans are dick riders (which they are) all the lady gaga fans are dick riders to ryt? Nah u stupid fuck! We just real supporters. So shut the fuck up before God realises what a big mistake he made for creating your stupid ugly looking mother fucker!!! (God plz forgive me) to @red hook


    red hook is a fagg who support the devil pathetic homo

  • Cop Em’


  • @manny nd Red hooks… nobody cares about ur hatin shit comments,Wayne’s out there counting money, nd probably fucking all ur mothers. He ain’t got time 4 irrelevant idiots like u guys or better still GAYZ.

  • Yoh Danny M. I think you should Add a “like” section by the comments.

  • Josh

    weezy dress like this cuz hes trying to have that shock value like nicki minaj cuz it gets people talking saying things like ”what was wayne wearing?,why is he dressed like that?…it gains attention and people pay attention…sorta like what lady gaga does how she wears weird shit to gain attention and have that shock valaue

  • no name

    It used to be about the music, now it’s about how retarded can I dress

  • ….

    I don’t know who this guy is anymore … wow…

    what I did I just watch ?

  • Jaime

    im starting to hate Lil Wayne.

  • AntiHate

    @Jaime .. Why you mad? lmao

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne need to chill with the dressing shyt lol hes that nigga thoee.

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  • Ms Weezyyy

    #KingTune!!!! That hat though!

  • 9thWD NarDy

    Hahahaa dat nigga doN came oUtt witta fanny pack! lmao ..iN da FRONt!!!
    ibet mack & Taz bet wayNE bout 2milli datt if he did datt.. withiN 2weekz therr b niggaz comiN outt da woodworkx witt dem bit**ez oN holla “SWAGG!” !!! hahaaa

    dem niggaz wiLD haaa!

  • yung_money

    lmfao a fanny pack, karate pants, a gay ass teletubbie hat and red boots i swear i seen j-lo wearing and yall still screaming swag smfh he more like the first million dollar bum and why da fuck yall keep mentioning jay-z this nigga ain’t got shit on jay all niggaz say is he old but guess wut how the fuck a 42 year old man gotta badda bitch then wayne, a 42 year old man way doper then wayne lyrically, a 42 year old man got way more money then wayne and most of all a 42 year old man got more swag then wayne he dam near a billionaire with dope boy swag roc jeans, snapback and timberlands not that werdio shit wayne on sharing closets with nicki and shit stop it man this nigga gonna have yall dickriders wearing male purses next lmfao this so called GROWN ASS BLOOD look like a GROWN ASS CLOWN where they do dat at??? anybody got real niggaz in they hood or real bloods in they hood on the shit he on???? anybody??? lol this nigga so garbage now

  • wtfizzy

    Lmaoooo!!! This dude said teletubbie hat *dead*

  • Lol

    Wow, do not try and defend Lil Wayne for what he is wearing. It is a terrible outfit plain and simple. Young Money ran a train on that awards show, everyone of there dude performed, even Birdman came on with a song from 2002 lol. That yellow hat looks funny as fuck, like the thing captain crunch wears. lmao what do people say to Wayne when hes in the hallway about to come on stage? You look great bro?? Lol he’s trying to be creative and different in his dress but thats just not it. Like no. Please don’t do a concert with that thing on ur head. lmao it is funny though. But its not funny that he’s serious. Im just sayin.

  • wtfizzy

    Smhlmaooo @the captain crunch hat line lol…I’m gone y’all killin me

  • There goes My Husband Lil wayne!!!! WAYNE I LOVE YOU!!! :-***

    And btw, i think your just jealous cuz you don't get his dope clothes -.-

  • Junie

    Lol @young money and lol nigga said captain crunch hat and jay z is 41 btw he be 42 on the 4th of next month

  • Junie

    Lmaooooo that nigga said captain crunch hat and karate pants lol and jay z is 41 btw and hes waaaaay better than wayne

  • Lenny

    This nigga wayne is givin me more reasons to not like him anymore i mean from the kissing other men thing to wearing female pants to wack ass lyrics and dressing like an idiot smh im done

  • fred

    Weezy got that FAG SWAG.

  • realmuthafucker

    FAG SWAG…..wayne with a fanny pack…..lmfao……wayne just dont give a fuck….plain and simple…..u all act like wayne isnt 1 of the weirdest rappers…..he is….he’ll do some out of this world shit

  • Josh

    there was a guy yelling at lil wayne saying ”Give Lil Kim back her pants lil wayne” when he was performing check out the video on WORLD STAR HIP HOP and he also yelled ”fuck nicki minj”

  • OVO

    Lil wayne has fallen off and died he is horrible at what he does and its sad smh

  • Manny

    @josh he said that cuz of that diss song lil kim put out for nicki wayne and baby she said wayne got the same jeans as me ooooo something wrong lol

  • zani

    oh dyame i l.ove that yellow hat! weezy sooooo CUTE!

  • @ovo i bet music artists don’t share ur sentiments, dats why every one runs 2 Wayne 4 verse cus they know he could easily put dem up d billboard. Wayne’s still on top of hiphop he’s still d most relevant…


  • weezy “F”

    weezy F baby and the F stands for FRAUD.

  • Scrillacashmoney3

    song weezy recorded with this artist after this photoshoot,,his name is Dboy up and coming next on young money,,,,look out for him

  • weezy FAGGOT baby

    waynes such a sell out and a faggot now. the old wayne would smack the shit out of this guy..whoever this guy is. “Lil tunechi” more like “Lil coochie”

    the old Wayne, REAL Wayne never tried to stand out or do gimmicky shit. old Wayne used to stay Lowkey and humble and just shit on everyone.

    fuck this faggot ass rapper, Lil Wayne fan from 2000-2007, Lil Wayne hater from 2008-2011

  • @junie hw d fuck is Gayz better dan Lilwayne, he’s got only one guest appearance dis year, (mr nice watch 4rm Gay cole) his lyrics are as wack as fuck, he nd kanye couldn’t even sell close 2 d album Lilwayne sold in one weeks in two months. I wonder why bitch ass niggas like junie be hatin on Wayne just because there favourite artist ain’t shit enough 2 compete wit him.

  • mrx

    damn, every1 hating 2day

  • SugarCube

    okay now. burn the hat. & the fanny pack. ugh.
    its not swag, and his stylist should be fired.
    if he chose that himself…then Im beginningg to wonder….

  • @lenny, fred, realmuth nd weezy faggot baby….LILWAYNE’S HAT>>>>>>>>ur lifes.

  • Dat also includes sugercub.

  • Music is all about entertainment, nd dats wat Wayne’s trying 2 do, entertain d fans. He’s also got a dope performance anyway so why ya’ll hatin.

  • fags

    F.E.M and fuckeminem need to hop off Wayne’s dick.

    some of you dick ride Wayne way too hard. this dude could wear high heels and you fags would say its “cool” or “swag”

    and what kinda grown man has a stylist? you cant pick out a shirt, pair of pants and some shoes on your own?..

  • fags

    watch Wayne start wearing dresses and high heels.

  • fags

    and this dude up here saying jay-z ain’t better than Wayne? listen to jays old classic shit.. reasonable doubt, the blueprint, black album, in my lifetime, American gangster…

    jay-z is a living top 5 dead or alive rapper in most EDUCATED HIP HOP LISTENERS LISTS.

    of course jay isn’t gonna be in the top of little kids’ lists you weren’t old enough to hear jay’s classic shit.

    and you know I like wayne but he isn’t better than nas, jay-z, eminems old shit(classic), Andre 3k, lupe fiasco, jay electronica..and that’s just some of the LIVING rappers that are easily better than Wayne.

    not to mention dead rappers 2pac biggie big pun big l etc.

  • August 29th #C4

    LOL the f*cked wayne got on? but still this is legit, #Weezy

  • Terio

    Wow…Wayne has indeed changed…He’s Tunechi now.!…NO ONE wants Tunechi.! Where is Wayne.? Like on Fireman.??

  • #1weezyfan

    yeah i want weezy back, not tunechi!
    i mean, in all actuality, tune is dope as fuck lyrically, but i miss weezy’s swag. where his low ridin jeans and white tee? where his camo shorts and white wife beater? i mean, wayne funny as fuck tho. he can pull off dem wack ass pants n that cozy hat and all dat, but really tho, a fanny pack? listen, wayne. NOBODY can pull off a fanny pack. and get nickis red boots off, nigga! i love you dawg, but dem boots & fanny pack cross the fuckin line, ya hear me? wayne, weezy, tune… you are still the best rapper alive. but start sippin and puffin again nigga! #teamtunechi needs you.
    ps…everybody folllow me on twitter. 🙂 @baddestbitch133
    i love you wayne!!

  • how many of you guys would be surprised if Lil Wayne comes out the closet and says he’s gay/bisexual ?

  • @fag … U a faggot 4 real, go eat a dick bitch. Don’t be mad cus wayne’s running d rap game,stays relevant nd frequently making headlines. Just go nd die if ur life can’t take it u lil faggot.

  • @Ask ur self…would u be suprised if ur mother told u a gu y called F.E.M fucks her frequently, she told me ur dad’s dickless so i had 2 help her out ha! ha! ha!. It’s all good stepson.

  • dope pics 🙂 ymcmb 🙂

  • @All haters..2pac, Biggie, Jimi hendrix, Micheal Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Lilwayne all time greats. Wayne’s a legendary status at dis point.

  • Weezy vs Tunchi hiphop’s only compitition at d moment.

  • georgiboy87

    @F.E.M i agree bra i can see you a real dude & i bet when stores or malls start selling those hats people gonna be buying that shit

    did anyone notice that behind them were a sign that said “crowning the best crew in hip-hop” so that means they won that award and we know wayne gonna win album and artist of the year

  • georgiboy87

    swagg is takin something that can look average or ugly or gay on one person and making it look like its worth a million bucks… like wayne can wear that shit and make it look fly but if somebody else tried that shit they will be consider gay or stupid
    wayne dont half to dress ganster or hood anymore because he’s so beyond that he’s more than hip-hop (he be saying he’s a alien & not a human being so expect him to dress like one or something out of the box what niggas been wearing). wayne is music period

  • @Georgi boy 87 real talk nigga. Most stupid niggas hate on all wat Lilwayne does, his shit might nt be working 4 ya’ll bt it’s definately working 4 him. D nigga’s selling platinum, making money, getting awards, fucking beautiful bitches, making music appealing 2 different kind of people, nd ya’ll hatin on a shit fansite, even Jayz knows dis dats why he couldn’t respond 2 Lilwayne diss. Weezy’s still d best nd dem haters knows dis they just won’t admit it.

  • @ da moment weezy is #1 and he gone stay there because there aint n0 other rapper that can even try to reach his level. . . There will never be an0ther LIL WAYNE

  • Josh

    Thing I Miss About Lil Wayne

    1.dressing like a gangsta his old swagg
    2.that crazy codeine syrup droughht 3 flow
    3.when he’s on a remix and he yells ” it’s the remix babyyy!”
    4.him bragging about how he’s the best rapper alive
    5.the crazy laugh he does in his verses sometimes
    6.comparing himself to a martian all the time,
    7.dropping mixtapes back to back
    8.him being on remixes and kills there own song and steals the spotlight he use to always talk about staying in the studio and barely goes to clubs
    10.carrying the cup with his syrup in it
    11.making songs like fireman,go dj,im me,kush,skys the limit,im me,told yall,go ghetta,..etc
    ………i miss the old wayne,

  • @josh….maybe if them other rappers bring him real compitition he’ll get back on those shit, bt as 4 nw give him a break. Wayne’s far ahead dis rap race, he could easily take a nap nd still keep pace.

  • michael

    lil wayne kissed mack maine watch at 5:20

  • Micheal fucks his dad, watch at 5.30.

  • georgiboy87

    @michael i bet wayne can make ur bitch kiss his dick & then she’ll suck the crew up (no hands just lips)… YMCMB muthafucka

  • @georgiboy87 I agree. Wayne is Music period! You can’t make a real impact in the game nor more unless you’ve done it some how through Wayne, you not and artist if Wayne hasn’t remixed your shit or put a verse on a track of yours, & you all know that that’s the Gods honest truth! Wayne is also really living up to that Aliens shit, you can see that by the way he dresses. YMCMB

  • Idk why.

    Idk why people keep saying they miss Wayne’s syrup voice. Yeah it sounded cool maybe on the drought 3, but it progressively got horrible sounding. by 08/09 his voice cracked in every song and the shit was raspy as fuck.

    That’s not wayne’s real voice. What you hear right now is his voice. That’s how he sounded up to 2005.

  • Idk why.

    and yeah wayne’s old material is better, but this wayne is better than no wayne at all.

    keep in mind the syrup may have inspired some good music from wayne, but it wasn’t good for him. the shit was starting to kill him mentally..wayne wasnt his self anymore. saying weird shit in interviews, singing on every song..if you were a long time wayne fan before 2008, it was kinda hard to look at him in that state.

    you could just tell he wasnt right, too drugged up. even his child hood friend and manager Cortez said it was hard to look at wayne all drugged up on syrup, thats not him. watch the carter documentary and compare that to the nino brown 2, or just footage of the wayne you see now.

    this right here is the real wayne as far as personality goes.

    if you ask me life is more precious than music. i’d rather wayne not start doing syrup real crazy again..and i dont know wayne’s life, but from what i saw, the syrup was really affecting it.

    remember he also has 4 kids he needs to cater to, drugged up syrup sipping wayne isnt good for them to see. or any of his family.


    if u hatin him leav this site easy….


    @michael your mom is arnold schwarznegger

  • I got 5 passport i’m never going 2 jail. (otis) I think dat camel face Gayz directed dat otis line 2 Lilwayne.


    jay-z is the king of illuminati!

  • @fuckeminem I think so too, dats hw he came up wit his shit money though. He’ll be dickriding d devil 4 money nd power, while Wayne be grinding hard 4 money nd power.

  • I also think Jayz’s d king of gays, nd some of his loyal subjects are here on dis fansite tryna hate on a real nigga like Wayne.

  • A Concerned Lil Wayne Fan

    I was just thinking about this; Wayne doesn’t have a lot of classic albums.

    I know he’s not done yet, but Tha Carter 4 kind of left me hopeless.

    Wayne’s only classics are Tha Carter 1(best album) Tha Carter 2 and Tha Carter 3

    All his other albums are kind of garbage let’s be honest here..’
    Tha Block is Hot
    Lights Out
    500 Degreez
    I Am Not A Human Being
    Tha Carter 4 ….none of those are very good…Just saying, I’m concerned with Wayne’s legacy. Will 3 “pretty good albums” solidify him a spot in the top 5 ever when it’s all said and done?

    Will Wayne’s brilliance in the mixtape game land him a spot in the top? Will Wayne’s 500 guest appearances get him more recognition when it’s all said and done?

    Or will Wayne go down as another good rapper but never lived up to full potential?

    These are all real questions to begin to ask. Wayne’s getting older.. he’s 30 in september and he has said he only has so many years left.

    He says he only has a few years left but Wayne doesn’t seem to be putting much into his raps.

    I feel like Wayne needs 1 more classic. But i’m unsure if he can pull it off, seems like he’s used to this not-so-good style of rapping.


    @F.E.M if u use yotube “jay-z illuminati u find many video he says six six six fuck jay-z i would kill him! faggot fans dont know shit about him fuck gay-z

  • JMGharry


  • yung_money

    lmfao @ f.e.m got dam u sucking wayne off u got like 30 comments nigga saying the same shit lmfao u getting mad at the truth nigga all that shit u saying wayne ain’t start until carter 3 fuck all the mixtapes it was carter 3 til now dat got him where he at but jay been winning grammys and killin features nigga wayne copying jay format except hov been doing this shit since 96 album every year nigga dats a record wayne won’t break long as wayne been out only 2 number 1 albums carter 3 and carter 4 jay got 11 my nigga and dat bitch dhea look like a park bitch compared to beyounce lol jay bought b a 22 million dollar island for her birthday nigga and wayne shopping at wal-mart u rite he is the only one who can pull dat off lmfao man stop it i can go on for months stop the comparisions it’s not even close wayne only been hot for the last 3 years billboard wise jay been tore the doors down to the hall of fame real talk wayne garbage period talk all u want now go put on yo skinny’s, yo sister boots and put yo food stamp card in yo fanny pack and walk wit swag lmfao fucking homos man


    @yung_money wayne is not the only one who wear that lol nigga u to much hatin on him fuckin racist cunt FUCK OFF THIS SITE IF U HATIN NIGGAAAAA

  • Mj

    Lol did hov really buy a whole island for her? Lmao looks like they took it seriously when Wayne said kidnap ur bitch get that how much u luv ur lady

  • Hold up wait that nigga @young money just said carter 3 is what got wayne to where Is now? Damn dude you need to get shot in the fucken head for say some stupid shit like that! What got wayne to where he is now is his extreme work ethic, 9 certified Gold/Platinum albums all 9 entered Billboard 200 within the top 5, 3 #1’s. Two #1’s on Hot 100 3 that peaked at #2 and countless other track that peaked on every position on Billboard Hot 100. 11 #1 singles on Mainstream Hiphop/R&B radio stations compared to jay z’s 5. When last had Jay-z made a real impact in the Hip-Hop game? Uhm I think the black album of ’05 was the last real album he put out… The rest of it was just to keep name in a game which he has been loosing appeal for the last 6 years. While Wayne has just become more popular with every single, single and Album his put out! Hell Wayne even his name in the book of world records not once but twice. And Billboard wise the world will agree with me that Jay-Z can’t lay a finger on Wayne, Jay-Z is so far behind on that count it has become embarrassing. So your stupid ass (@young money) should be shot and if I were you I would no longer use that name.

  • Topher86

    I am the only dude from East Africa but I think better than anyone you mafakas; Many of you say that The carter, and Carter II were Wayne,s best then U say U miss Wayne,s Syrup voice, I dont understand the shit. If U listen to today Wayne, thats wayne on C1 and C2. and the mixtapes b4 C3. that is the better Wayne. some of ya dont knw even what ur saying.

    About music….
    The last one year, how much shit has da nigga put out?? lots and among that lots, he the top stuff; he is not like otha mafakas who take some much time trying to select what to give us the funs. Wayne gives us everything and its up to you to appreciate. The dude released 2 mixtapes and one album and hundreds of collabos just from Nov.2010 to sept.2011. tell me who can do dat.

    I said b4 appreciate or fuckin DIE


    @Topher86 i agree he drops the most music!

  • Y U Mad

    @ idk why.. You said it best right there.
    @A concerned Lil Wayne fan. Lil Wayne is a legend believe me.. I talking of being next to 2 Pac. He has done much much more for hip hop than any other living rapper have or will ever do.. Even all this weird dressing will add up to his legendary controversial status.. It’s all entertainment. All legends like Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and Jimmy Hendrix has some controversial lifestyle.. It all helps. It’s all bout standing out and doing it better. And Wayne does it well.. He is a legend.

  • Y U Mad

    @FUCKEMINEM. Shout out to you for keeping it real on the site. I see your comments all the time and I like them. Peace


    @Y U Mad too much hate here right now. i must defense ma nigga weezy no matter what the wears wtf americans so crazy like geroge bush fuckin racist ! fuck haters damn get life & leav this site

  • Topher86

    People talking about the dressing§ that is Wayne dreesing.. the tight pant shit, or the brown tight jeans, these days its the tight gal like shit and t_shit is his shit too, maybe the hat, hahahaha… funnyy…

  • @A Concerned Lil Wayne Fan I feel what you’re saying but look
    Tha Block is Hot – He was a little kid
    Lights Out – Just started coming up on his own
    500 Degreez – Still was coming up on his own
    Rebirth – Rock experiment
    I Am Not A Human Being – Leftover tracks he put together before he went to jail.

    All his mixtapes are fire.
    Tha carter 1 2 and 3 are fire
    Tha carter iv was ok but it doesn’t compare to his previous work.


    @187Josh187 c1,2 & 3 are not mixtapes. wayne got only c2 mixtape & c3 mixtape

  • A Concerned Lil Wayne Fan

    Wayne needs 1 more classic. Dedication 4 or maybe its time to abandon Tha Carter series because he pretty much defeated the whole purpose of the title “Tha Carter” by now.

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    i found this few mintues ago. its unoffical but i can smell the mixtape comin soon.

  • Iraq

    Weres a fuckin mixtape I love. Mixtape for the winter months don’t get cold weezy put these niggas in their place nd show them why your the best rapper alive cuz the fans want you to explode on the music scene like no ceilNgs because sorry for the wait was a little rushed but put out no ceilings type mixtape nd give the fans what they want

  • Jraa

    Lil Wayne please put out a no ceilings type mixtape since sorry for the wait seemed rushed but put these niggas in check yu need to explode on the music scene to secure your legendary status

  • Jrs a

    Nd shit smokesomweed or k2 yu got money for the detox products smoke ur shot

  • No cielings>Jayz’s entire albums

  • @yung money I’m tired of reading hatin shit comments 4rm dem bitch ass niggas like u. I’ll advise u 2 worry more about securing a job than checking out a fansite 2 hate on a made man like Wayne.


    @F.E.M got gay-z a fansite i want to hate….

  • Two of Wayne’s album has gone platinum in it’s first week, Jayz has never sold first week platinum before. Wayne’s dropped 86 singles on d billboard hot 100 in d last 10 years, Jayz can only dream of dat. Wayne’s way better than Jayz i think dem hater/Jayz fans should worry more about hw Wayne sold more in a week than Jayz & Kanye sold in 6 months.

  • @fuckeminem Do u really think Gayz got a fansite, even if he does d site gonna b empty cus all his fan are hatin on a Lilwayne website.

  • @fuckeminem thank for the link, I’ll be checking it out soon

  • i feel my nigga wayne i think he dressin like that bcuz he no that nobody else is going to bite his style..everything wayne do the world do, wayne wear girbaud the world wear girbaud wayne wear white tees the world wear white tees wayne wear v necks the world wear v necks wayne wear skinny jeans the world wear skinny jeans wayne wear 1 chain and everybody else 1 chain..ect…If you pay attention everyone just copy wayne.

  • Most-Shady

    Wayne rocking the same hat in Y.U Mad video…lol in red tho

  • Real







    @real i feel u nigga, yall r some serious dickriders forreal. everything this guy does all yall support it, like u guys r blind to the fact wayne hasnt drop anything hot since no ceilings, and that was in 09.

  • Daknite

    Where is dedication 4 Where???????????????

  • Urmeno
  • Y U Mad

    @Real and Lil Zane. If Lil Wayne didn’t keep changing he could have ended up like other washed up rappers.. It’s The fact that he keep revolving makes his fans surport him. His career is like a journey… Good days and bad days are part of it but great after all is said and done.

  • ogeezy

    Dam I barley heard hell yea fuckin right..drake n weezy killt that shit…

  • Nah bruh.

    Let me dissect this verse and explain why wayne sucks now.

    I live it up like these are my last days/
    If time is money, I’m an hour past paid/<- what does being an hour past paid have to do with living it up like these are his last days? nothing and its a weak punchline. theres 1 random bar.

    Ugh, gunpowder in my hour glass/
    Niggas faker than some flour in a powder bag/<- what does niggas being fake have to do with gunpowder in his hour glass? and what does it have to do with living it up like its his last days? nothing. theres 2 random bars.

    Yeah, I put it down like my hands hurting/
    I'm on a natural high, but I land perfect/<- what does being on a natural high and landing perfect have to do with putting it down like his hands hurt? nothing. theres 3 random bars.

    Some of us are lovers, most of y'all haters/
    But I put up a wall, and they just wallpaper/<- okay that bar goes together. 1 complete bar.

    So love or hate me, I stay hate-free/<- okay that goes with the last bar.

    They say we learn from mistakes; why, that's why they mistake me/<- off topic again, has nothing to do with anything.

    I got some weight on my shoulders, to me it's like feathers/
    All hail Weezy, call it bad weather/<- more random lyrics. theres 4 random bars.

    I stick to the script, I memorize the lines/
    Cause life is a movie that I've seen too many times/<- that bar goes together, but still has nothing to do with anything in this verse.

    You're on the outside looking in, close the blinds/
    And they say never say never, but fuck it, nevermind/<- more random lyrics. theres 5 random bars.

    I've been gone too long, true or false, right or wrong/
    Hello Weezy, welcome home, yeah/<- nothing to do with anything. 6 random bars.

    So out of an 8 bar verse, 6 of the bars have no meaning, every line is a different random topic except 3 lines.
    and the verse itself is about absolutely nothing, except wayne bragging about his self.

    that, my friends, is garbage rap.

  • Nah bruh.

    and this queer’s up here talking about Wayne’s better than “Gay-Z”

    great rappers, (nas, jay-z, biggie, tupac, old eminem) they stay on topic for an entire song, rapping about a subject. wayne does neither.

    hip hop is about telling a story in a rhythm over a beat. wayne tells no story, hardly has a rhythm (his flows gay now) and his beats are wack now.

    and let me make this clear, notice how i say “now” after the sentence. yeah wayne sucks now, he used to be good.

  • georgiboy87

    he may not put out a mixtape this year cause most of YMCMB artist is dropping their albums this year+ he dosn’t wanna over shawdow is artist like that… so you can say its 2010-2012 so far is gonna be thier year. they are just the most hardest working crew out

  • yung_money

    lmao awww yall niggaz getting emotional and shit @ f.e.m and fuckeminem dam yall some dickriding faggets won’t yall just kiss and hold hands wayne and birdman said it’s ok smh always saying somebody hating fuck outta here dude a bum now period and it shows how much yall in love with him by getting mad every time somebody flame his ass goddam yall probly don’t even charish yo fucking mom and dad the way u willing to die for this nigga wut is he paying yo bills or sumthing oh wait yall cocksuckers paying his buying 2 and 3 copies of dat trash fucking groupies and stop with the million first week shit who cares jay still got more money and 11 platinum albums yall still stuck on them 2 wut about block is hot, 500 degreez, lights out did the nigga get on top the game with those?? do yall even know any lyrics off of them albums??? my point niggaz fuck outta here come with some facts beside oh my baby sold 1 mill first week twice man jay been number 1 for a fucking decade and got better and better every album wayne was gangsta, blood all dat shit now he a prom queen with verses dat came from a fucking cat in the hat book yall bitches past fans yall some fucking groupies i bet if he do a video with elton john wearing high heels and lipstick yall gonna be up here saying how dope dat was smfh go play in fucking traffic werdios


    @yung money faker dude gay-z hasnt a fansite fuckin faggot fuck your groupe family dude gay-u sucks u like this devilworshiper faggot fuck you nigga leav this site u damn bitch if u hatin easy!!! better a fan or dickrider then a homeless without hobbies & friends !!! fuck faggot kiss gay-z big lipps

  • Wake me up

    I’m going to sleep on Wayne for a while. Wake me up when a GOOD mixtape drops from him.

    A mixtape where he actually remixes the song, does his own hook, like da drought 2 and dedication 3.

    and where his rhymes are good. unlike Sorry 4 the Wait.

  • Aish Thaks


  • Wake me up

    *Lil Wayne impersonation* OOPS! I meant da drought 3 and dedication 2.

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  • Yall be asking too much 4rm Wayne he just droped an album, a mixtape, several tours nd about 30 features or even more in 2011 alone. Ain’t no other rapper grinding as hard as dis.

  • Anybody heard, Wayne will b coaching a basket ball team in a charity game.

  • People talking about the dressing§ that is Wayne dreesing.. the tight pant shit, or the brown tight jeans, these days its the tight gal like shit and t_shit is his shit too, maybe the hat, hahahaha… funnyy…

  • ricardo laguna

    awesome I really liked the presentation of tyga city and hat rack of excellent presentation wayne weezy tha carter releases YMCMB 5 haha greetings from Venezuela are my idol brother from hot boyz always admire you a greeting excellent presentation

  • RyRy

    I don’t get why people care about how another man dress…smh

  • all you haters wayne been putn out hot shit non stop since the 90s name another..

  • Esseii-swaggalicious_MB

    @john k shutt dha fck upp kk

  • I love his fucking hat man!!!!

  • GMDHH(get,mulla(money),dont,hate,haterz

    Al Y’ALL FUCK-UP if wayne felt like werng al tht sht thn let it be n stp the judgng A.K.A the hate . Tht nigga alwyz make gud perfor frm the bigging PESS HATER!

  • Loved lil wayne’s performance, and his outfit…
    people want to talk smak on his clothing style…
    that twisted fuks cocaine tee, that he wears on stage is
    dope. I got a bunch of tee’s from twisted fuks.

    And when you got his money…
    you can wear anything…

  • bluerayy

    Wayne I love u but that outfit was totally wEeked lolol mwha

  • twistedfuk

    Haters gonna Hate…
    worry about getting yourself straight…
    not what what Lil Wayne’s wearing…
    his clothes are paid for…

    Maybe he should wear jeans two sizes to big,
    with his boxers showing… very original

  • jamie passaretti

    i love my baby weezy <33

  • She will

    Thats not a fanny pack thats a dick pack on him. I bet his big dick is dangling in those pants. Oooh I want it!!! 🙂 I want it soo bad lol

  • weezy u re real nigga men. i like ur swagg….

  • Rachael

    im gana get the shoes he has in the music video the motto those gree ones the problome is, they are $200.00 thats dumb