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Video: Lil Wayne & Mack Maine Advertise Young Money Debit Cards x More

Tue, Nov 22, 2011 by

In the video above, Mack Maine surprises Lil Wayne with the new Young Money Discover debit card that they recently launched for people to use in the US. This is basically an advertisement for the debit card and Weezy plans to use his to buy Marley G some new earrings 😆 The footage was also shot by DJ Scoob Doo, so I wonder when he plans on giving us some news on The Nino Brown Story Part 3

After the jump, MTV interview Tune, Slim and Birdman about their 17th annual Thanks Giving Day turkey giveaway and not caring about Drake’s Take Care album first week sales, because they are “rich as shit”.

“It’s actually been my first time back here for the past eight or nine years and they’ve been doing this for fifteen years,” Wayne explained. “Me just being super busy, always being on tour or something like that. But this is amazing, especially experiencing it now from the point of view of 29-year-old a person with the things that he needs in place.”

“Those times I did it years ago, I was a kid and I was just doing it because Baby said we were giving away turkeys at a park–and that’s what we were doing,” he continued. “Now its a totally different feeling because I can actually give you that and say here, ‘Happy Thanksgiving,’ and I can I can actually provide that for you. That’s a different feeling in general and it’s a beautiful feeling over-all.”

“As far as expectations, we don’t have those around here. Expectations are a weakness in the music business because if you expect anything, 10 times out of 10 it’s not gonna happen, so we don’t have expectations around here,” Lil Wayne told MTV News on Friday when we caught up with him on a trip to New Orleans where, he gave out Thanksgiving Turkeys in his old neighborhood on Saturday.

“What we do expect is… to work very hard and we expect people to respect our hard work and our effort,” Weezy continued. “Now as far going to buy the album, as far as going to get 750,000 copies, that’s never a problem with us; that’s never important to us.”

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  • clewis


  • flystelath

    Fuck wid it!!


    weezy drop D4!!

  • Freez


  • TAT


  • S.R.M
  • JJ

    Really? Come on; Rush Card, Kardashian’s Card and even Master P had those cards out with Pre- Paid minute cards. “rich as shit”. You corny fucks better pray your asses stay that way!

  • bigmeat

    mehn i digg this…..were the bes out of the motherfucking best…loz

  • geo


  • YMOE

    Hell yea got mine in the mail last week!!

  • Wayne head

    You gotta respect there hustle

  • Chito

    I got my card yeahh 2 wkeeks go and @jj boy or what ever you are stfu you know damn well you went to go buy your own copies of the carter 4 and take care and I bet you buy bigger than life just stfu

  • Twizzy


  • Hunter

    i didnt like when he said sales didnt matter and it seemed like his stuck up side came out, he wants to be the best and to be the best you have to sale allot

  • we need that I CANT FEEL MY FACE and DEDICATION 4 !!

  • Twizzy

    @Hunter I think he was jst being real and proud to say that sales didn’t matter cus in reality sales actually dn’t matter cus the money gotten frm it is little money compared to hw much they are really worth, nd Danny M c’mon upload some music videos in downloads section pls.

  • Jon

    we rich as shit. HAHAHAHA

  • real-talk

    where the fuck has Marley G been at yo???

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  • Yobenebi

    This is freakin sad u dig, too many poor people, what a fucked up world we live in

  • Cop Em’

    We rich as shit nigga

  • jakub

    can you get these in uk

  • naheezy

    i wanna see weezy more involed in business, like clothing lines, shoes, microphones, anything, i just want him to establish his own business brand and expand

  • paddy

    i cant fuckin watch these videos because im not in the u.s

  • georgiaboy87

    yea wayne should come out with a shoe or do a deal with jordans

  • @Danny M Wtf happened to ICFMF????

  • marlon790

    follow me @marlon790 and i will follow u back


    i think this niggas smoking again, he look high as fuck in the debit card thing

  • Gavin

    Wayne has the biggest fucking forearms..and the shape of his forearms are crazy perfect..dude has good genetics

  • ogezzy!

    That’s fkn cool.. I just got mine two days ago..n it does have a prescription discount..god I wish I lived in Cali!

  • Idiotsiswear

    Lmfao you Stan mad Wayne don’t care about album sales lmao it must hurt y’all went crazy buying multiple copies thinking he gonna do another thank you song or do something special and he doesn’t even care Lmfao ain’t that a bitch but yea the pre paid debit cards are pretty much dumb too many celebs already did that I mean I know this is something y’all been working on for a minute but it make no sense your card doesn’t really offer anything special I mean be creative think outside of the box do something others haven’t already done you will have more success coming out with a sneaker is pretty much dumb those days when rappers came out with sneakers and clothing lines and people went crazy trying to buy it is pretty much over his sneakers won’t sell even if he is Wayne people pretty much only wear jordans nikes chucks vans supras cr shit like that and designer shoes coming out with a clothing line is tricky his best bet would be to make shirts and hats and some if he had jeans they wouldn’t sell but these artist need to think outside the box what worked for others might not work for you stop following everyone else

  • that’s whats up 🙂 and i am going to get that young money card to now 🙂

  • dejai

    This is effed up for us teens younger than 18

  • Lil Wes

    danny could you please upload the videos to youtube?

  • gaaggiii

    caaannnttt seeee theee viiddeeooo Danny :((((


    weezy is on weed thats good.YMCMB

  • eu

    Please upload the videos from mtv to youtube and make them available worldwide…….I’m begging u!

  • Weezy Yea we appreciate the thanx given but we want “I cant feel my face” and “D4 “

  • justsaying

    Anytime you speak you’re annoying, just saying.

  • steph

    fuck that -.-


  • R3m1

    @Gavin this aint genetic this is musculation

  • Stop hating @idiotsiswear!! Go fuck yo self if u think ur brave than any mokfucker!! I hate haters they just bunch of homos!!

  • jrweezzzyy

    is this card only in the states ?

  • bernice

    r u kidding debit cards and turkeys on the same page, that means u pay the interest. right. R u guys crazy, maybe all ya slept with 4 girls this week but will never be able to explain, not even later. What a pity, u guys dont know how 2 spend ur money, idiots.

  • bernice

    glad yall had a good year, but im a little fckn disappointed right now.

  • bernice

    by the time u guys get around to finishing the video some people already sick of the song. BTW

  • bernice

    and by the time u figure out if one of the ladies legs r open, or closed, some old school bitch will have snuck up on ur ass and slapped ur bald head.

  • bernice

    oh and fck ur cocacola music apprecticeship advertisement. creeps in and all of sudden u wearing little ocke hats without even doing coke.

  • Kid’Andy

    Am diggin ths.