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50 Cent, Meek Mill, Game & 2 Chainz React To Lil Wayne’s Health Trouble

Mon, Oct 29, 2012 by

50 Cent, Meek Mill, Game & 2 Chainz React To Lil Wayne Health Problems

After suffering from two seizures or a migraine and dehydration on his private jet in the space of 24 hours, Lil Wayne has been staying with his mother at her house in Louisiana. The reason for this is because the doctors have ordered him to rest and not to fly on a plane for a good week.

We still don’t know what happened to Weezy while he was in the air a few days ago, because two sources both repping Wayne have said he had suffered from a seizure while the other said it was just a severe migraine and dehydration. The good news that we do know for certain is that Tunechi is currently doing well: “Thanx for all the prayers! I am good.”

You can view some of the messages that Tune‘s friends have sent to him after the jump below, including 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, 50 Cent, and Game.

“I talked to him last night before y’all heard about anything, so he’s straight. Young Money for life, you dig? Get well soon homie. Hit me up!”2 Chainz

“I didn’t get a chance to check in with Lil Wayne, you know he has probably a million people checking in with him at the same time. When I see him I’ll make sure he’s good. Wayne, that’s the homie.”Meek Mill

“@liltunechi damn a seizure,try to get some rest man don’t kill your self.SMSaudio”50 Cent

Game Lil Wayne Phone Message

“It’s more than music.”Game

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  • siege

    die soon.

  • cool guy

    get well tunechi

  • Young tunehi

    Thank God you ok bro music wouldnt be nothing with out you.

  • Alisha

    Feel better Wayne!

  • CArt3r


  • Best Rapper

    Siege how you got first comment? I swear your Wayne’s biggest fan. You are on every LWHQ post hating on him.

  • thuggin

    ha 50 cent??
    that nigga aint waynes friend

  • 5lime

    Dat boy Game real as fuck!!

    SooWoop to tha Five

  • James YM

    Lil Wayne on Black Republicans – “You better go eat some soup with your mom”

  • J Swagg

    @siege You die soon please hater. Fuck yourself.

    Feel better soon Wayne!

  • god forgives i dont

    all im gonna say is that they would not stop a flight for a damn migraine

    so clearly it was a seizure

    whether you want to believe it was a migraine…..then do so…..but im telling you it wasnt

    oh and why have the doctors ordered wayne to rest and not fly for a week??

    lol this was no damn migraine

  • number1Weezyfan

    im so glad he is ok cuz if he want I WOULD NOT NO WHAT TO DO like for real tho, so thank god he is ok!!! so that means we will still have AH AH AH AHMAZING MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weezy F Baby an the F is for Forever! i love you Weezy no homo ima keep praying for you Tune i hope everything continues well bro.

  • Big Wayne

    Wayne and Rick Ross need to stop going to the same drug dealer 😉

  • mimi

    Get well soon our little cute martian.much love.

  • g-unit

    lol at this nigga staying home with his mummy, awwwww

    i bet they knitting and playing chess together

    hope his mummy be reading him a bed time story xD




  • Thank God for my dad’ wayne A K A tunechi baby I love you dad’ just know dat I got no worries bcoz I know dat God is with u der so get well soon dad’,,,,,,YMCMB

  • weezy-king

    hope you get fixed soon wayne, please do what the doctors order!

  • young mirgg

    get well soon man.. you’re the best

  • ym baby

    i dont like 50 cent but its good he was checking up on wayne.

    maybe a wayne and 50 collab in the future?


    kanye west and pusha t are gonna kick 2 chainz off their label for his comment on wayne



  • sara-xoxo

    this was scary stuff to read
    hope you are feeling better dwayne

  • young fassy baby

    i luk up to u king, i love u get back soon weezy f baby and the f is forever

  • Kauann

    it’ll turn rap

  • B

    does 50 cent tweet anything without SMS one wants your shity headphones.

  • ceezar

    get wel mate take it eazy on tha weed n syrup we stil need mo of em carter albums…god bless ya

  • Chris

    God forgives I don’t, you clearly haven’t had a migraine before. That shit feels like someone opened up your head, filled it with little razor blades and then shoot it. It’s not just a headche. Don’t be ignorant. A migraine is hell on earth.

  • Mical Clairvoyant Kudaya

    thank God best rapper recovered.

  • Lmfao

    @ James YM hell ya Black Republicans is one of my fav weezy songs ever…I cant feel my face> No ceilings….weezy is gunna die from a codeine addiction like Pimp C. Who cares hes living his life like a boss and say fuck everybody else. If he dies in 5 years i would b upset but not suprised. He gave us great music, made money and lived like a king. Id like to go out like that too! Game is tight af! And theres no beef between YM and GOOD..haha Kanye is producing waynes album…thats beef? 🙂 Tuneeeeccchi!

  • ronie

    get well weezy

  • get well soon best rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie kate

    Get betta luv

  • siege

    you look evil as fuck wizzle
    i know what u are beneath ur image

  • yeah tunechi back haters hahaha

  • YMCMB4eva

    Now dat’s some true bread over bed shit. Weezy was going so hard that the doctors ORDERED him to rest for a week. Keep doing you weezy. YMCMB

  • siege

    no faggot that is a picture. i would teach u but im sure u r not 3 years old anymore as u are on theinternet.
    fuck offf my site. F

  • siege

    Am a lost child…



  • boe 5

    Get well blood….5 all day

  • Cookie Monstah

    Dont Die :L

  • Mfundo (younglil)

    Man I’m soo glad ya cool ya always inspires me wit ma YoungCashFlava Crew we love u man thumbs up hommie

  • blessing

    Wud up homie? get better soon lyk right now nigga we need u.

  • tinaphooo

    glad to hear you filling better we need you around .we love you!:-P;-):-):-D

  • michael

    @siege your grave is now ready for u to be thrown in motherfucker. Fuck u motherfucker coz you the one dying pretty soon fuck you…………………………..

  • lolololol

    hahaha Siege said “get off my site”

    bitch no one even wants you here lol

  • Am soo Happy that weezy is okay, i Love weezy f baby, he’s the best rapper alive, fuck the haters, Lil wayne will be fine and he will keep rapping and rapping so honky and nigga haters hating on Lil wayne weezy f baby mr. president, should just go and kill kill them selves.

  • lil wayne update 123-

    damn dat shyt must suck to kno dis nicca is fukked up like dis too all yu lil wayne fan
    smfh wat will da rap game b wiff out dat nicca i guesz no one would realy kno kuz he aint going no fukkin wear…sooo stp being in yur fellings bout dis nicca he aint going no wea pussys

  • You nigass can not even speak correct english,and by the way,who the F**k is this dead siege??I love u dwayne,my future wife and children do,among all,AFRICANS love u esp Nigerians.fuck all jobless nicompus haterz.weezy u are going to be older than my granny.if u believe me lil wayne,say a Big amen

  • Uche ifeanyi godwin

  • Plssssss get quik n fast with good health….I wish u speeeeedy recovery TUNE without u hiphop is dead n gone best rappa alive live long dude

  • Wayne z gud nomatter wht we stl need u Tunechi live long stay strong and God bless..

  • mr ol galz

    m glad mr L z gttn beta…we stl wnna hear ur voice

  • Edstar

    Migraines can cause seizures depending on how bad it is.

  • GoML KiiD

    Siege, stop fuqin hating kid!! Kill yourself hater.

  • emmanuelyon

    Get well soon nigga

  • Ekem

    God will intevene in this amen

  • Tunench easy up hommie we in this bitcxh 2getha

  • Ed!

    Loooooool 50!?!?!?!….

  • 401falyfebitchez

    i in deff agree with wat micheal said cuz really that waist of lyfe bitch ass siege need tah be put in grave itz watin for him long ova due on a betta note i wish tune a speedy recovery .

  • Sheesh !. Get Rest And Well Wayne .. Stay Good, One Love 5! #YM

  • eiuk

    get beta nigga…we’ll luv u…quit hatin bitch ass nigga,pussy niggaz,hoe niggaz,fake niggaz,broke niggaz…appreciate a gud thin wen u see one…all u bastards do with d internet is porn and complain..hopeless coward….shout out to all tunechi’s fan..he’ll be beta soon..luv u nigga!

  • Waynaice

    tunchie ur tha best man !!!!!
    plz get well soon !!!
    without u there is no music !!!

  • Young Dee Bryant

    Get nigga! Fuck tha haterz

  • lilchawcha

    get recover w_eeeeeeeeeezy. And let s get back to the street and kik haterz asses.

  • yung_datruth

    Get well tunchie we pulling for you


  • Shout 2 all em Bloods man, Game, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill nd 50…

    Wayne, u knw… We aint got no worries, God got you Dad. Get wel… Much Love
    YMCMG Forever…
    Tunechi be ma dad, Tune be Best friend man, Wayne be my everything… Its Love…
    YMCMB Forever, you heard

  • Best rapper alive..Get well soon

  • Nyce1

    You can tell Game & 2chainz are his fam

  • Cash money

    YMCMB bigger than life

  • Hey weezy fly baby..,who eva dat said u’re gonna die soon shud go hung transforma…tho. I luv ur rappz dude..get fuckingly wel soon..Deyong Passy.


    I realy dont knw wat 2 say wen it coms 2 Weezy F Baby, infact am almost speechles but wit da litle urg i hav, just wana say i love u weezy,ur songz alwayz inspire me. Keep em up and also dont 4get 2 get wel fast

  • midges

    hey homie get well soon and make use of enough rest

  • Lil Romz

    Hope Tune is doing better 😉 Keep ya head up! Love ya 🙂

  • haysamhm

    rap is nothing with out tunechi

  • no lilwayne no rap

  • get will soonn bro

  • Craig Lewis

    i hope u safe dawg becaz idk what i would do if you (the meaning of rap) falls …..Do It Up Big Weezy

  • I know the best rapper is probably doing good by now, this rap game is nothing without you. We need you a perfect shape….you diggg!

  • Teddy B

    Weezy f and “F” is for flOw… YMCMB

  • bkallday

    u slob ass nigga if keep babys nuts out ur mouth u wouldnt be in the diying n shit.quit crying bout the shit.dont nobody give a fuck it aint like u biggie or pac