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Lil Wayne’s In-Store Appearance At Dillard’s Store In Louisville x More [Videos]

Wed, Dec 5, 2012 by

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne signing autographs for his fans and leaving the Dillard’s Inc. store at Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Kentucky on November 30th. If you didn’t already know, Weezy F Baby made an appearance at Dillard’s to promote his TRUKFIT clothing line and to personally thank his fans for purchasing his apparel.

Thanks to Summer Wortham and Amanda Huttsell for sending over the above clips. You can view lots of photos of Tunechi at the event here.

In other Wayne news, Future recently released episode 4 of his “Pluto 3D” vlog. This vlog includes more behind the scenes footage from DJ Khaled‘s Bitches & Bottles” music video. Check it out after the jump below!

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  • First


    pick my cotton then sign more fuckfit wizzle!

  • excuse me

    he should be in the studio
    not making store appearances


    Danny, We need to know about the european tour.

  • tyree

    He better worry about drale leaving ym

  • D4

    What did he say to the girl when he dropped her hat ?

  • Zer0

    @DJ BASSCAL what european tour, is there any info for this?

  • deeper than an ocean

    you can tell wayne really loves his fans

  • deeper than an ocean

    On December 5, 2012 at 5:57 pm Zer0 responded with…
    @DJ BASSCAL what european tour, is there any info for this?

    he announced a concert in ireland in march


    but we don’t know if its true or not.

  • Amanda Huttsell

    Wayne was so nice to meet and he shows true love for his fans !!! YMCMB Believe That…

  • rich gang

    tickets on sale this friday

  • Hustle Hard

    LOL @ Weezy shouting at that girl for dropping the hat

  • Abby Carter

    Look here you lil pussy ass nigguhs i went to Valley for stabbing a bitch over Lil Wayne nigguhs best b watchen dey backs LOVE YOU TUNCHEI <3 don stop rappen (:

  • Abby Carter


  • Krema

    Jst saw da european tour thng confirmed in google,lyk 15shows frm 8th march 2 27th march nica

  • ManBearPig

    Free bandz


    you women are whores! he doesnt rap well and he is a sinner! you act like he loves you cuz im sure he’s fucked a bunch of you and then given you money. dont act like that is love, yall whores need a reality check this shit is so wrong!

  • Lmfao

    Tygas Mixtape once again overshadows lil wayne..187 is its name..he completely MURDERS every single beat! T raw does his fuckin thing on Tapes

  • lilwayneeatwolfbooty

    Lil wayne you aint gotta have no worries cuz you can eat this furry wet booty hole wit yo fake teeth you ugly mofo
    I still wanna pump you up the butt on a half pipe though
    WHENS YOUR LIL WAYNE- A VERY TUNECHI CHRISTMAS ALBUM COMING OUT? The one you supposed to be doing with maroon 5?

  • uranus

    Hey Danny im the one from BBM haha

  • Big Daddy Maine

    Danny M are those Europe tour dates real ?

  • Weezy

    Lil Wayne

  • Dread hawk

    Tunechi all fucken day bitches
    It’s wezzy F fuck hoes
    Much love , 4rm Dreadhawk

  • Lmfao

    Lil Wayne was at the ND girls basketball game tonight…Dont need this never updated site to findout where waynes chillin. Get wit it or get Lost Danny.

    • If you follow the LWHQ Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr page, you would of known that straight away.

      Of course I will only post about it when I get more photos.

  • _Caitlin…

    YeA what did he say to that girl when he fropped her cap??
    And wh0’s that girl he kissed on the cheek wearing the purple Truckfit tee’? And wh0’s that girl wearing the black top & leggings always walking behind him?


    uhhh who gives a fuck, he probably said something like bitch pick that up or some other niggerish thing. and those are his whores. most likely he uses them cuz according to dwayne “dat pussy wack im one and done”
    fucking nigger lovers.

  • aukrust

    free weezyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i like

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