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Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Usher, Fergie, Gabby Douglas & More React To Lil Wayne’s Seizure

Sat, Mar 16, 2013 by

Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Usher, Fergie, Gabby Douglas & More React To Lil Wayne Seizure

After suffering from a bad seizure yesterday, Lil Wayne has been recovering all day and night in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center before he will head home with his family later on in the week.

We still don’t know the full story of what happened to Weezy F Baby because there are so many different reports online, but the good news is that he seems to be doing fine. He even tweeted last night: “I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.”

Both Drake and Chris Paul were spotted visiting the Los Angeles hospital late last night to show their support for Wayne. You can view some of the messages that Tune‘s friends have tweeted after the jump below, including 2 Chainz, B.o.B, Demi Lovato, Fergie, Gabby Douglas, Game, Keri Hilson, Mac Miller, Paris Hilton, Randy Moss, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Soulja Boy, T.I., Usher, Vinny Guadagnino, and more.

“Media should be ashamed” – 2 Chainz

“Spoke 2 @LilTunechi lastnight and the big homie @BIRDMAN5STAR 2night and everything good. God is good. Team Strong #YMCMB #RichGang” – Busta Rhymes

“He str8, don’t believe the rumors.” – B.o.B

“My prayers are with you @LilTunechi #ymcmb” – Christina Milian

“Get better @LilTunechi :(” – Demi Lovato

“My prayers go out to Lil Wayne & his family tonight. #PrayForWeezy @LilTunechi” – Fergie

“Sending up prayers for @LilTunechi #PrayForWeezy” – Gabby Douglas

“Rumors. My nigga good !” – Game

“Sending all my prayers and love to Lil Wayne (@LilTunechi)right now.u gon be aight brother. @BIRDMAN5STAR my thoughts are with u bro. Love.” – Jay Sean

“Terrible news. Praying for a full recovery for @LilTunechi… #PrayersForWayne” – Keri Hilson

“Man MOTHER FUCK TMZ! Post that! My brother is doing fine! I don’t give a fuk what the press, media, etc. have to say about me… But don’t spread false lies about my family!!” – Lil Twist

“Prayin for Wayne.” – Mac Miller

“Great to hear, was so worried. Love you Wayne.” – Paris Hilton

“Luv an prayers goes out to lil Wayne” – Randy Moss

“We sending Prayers for mybrother Tunechi and YM.” – Rick Ross

“praying for Lil wayne. N his family. We need a heavy prayer line to get Wayne bc to life. We need to help. He’s our Lil brother @LilTunechi” – Snoop Dogg

“prayers for my brother.” – Soulja Boy

“Say A Prayer For My Bro Lil Wayne….” – Trae Tha Truth

“all my prayers for @LilTunechi.” – Vinny Guadagnino

Usher tells the crowd to make some noise for Lil Wayne.

T.I. says he spoke to Lil Wayne and he is doing good, plus: “TMZ some real fuck-nigga for putting that bull shit out there”.

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  • I’m extremely glad to hear he is doing better…

  • Wow


  • Prayers go out to Wayne! Get well man…

  • AlexSutton

    wayne has such an impact on so many peoples lives. thats when you know you’re one of the greats.

  • Charlick

    Man, just shows Weezy got love, best rapper, one of the best ever. Get well Tune, we need you turnt up for that IANAHB2 release!

  • AGA

    thank God he’s doin better…Weezy u need to take care of urself! I love you and praying 4 you!

  • Fuck lil tornado

    Lmao at lil twis tweet

    Like anobody has anything to say about you, like your even slightly important hahaha

    The only thing your known for is leeching of of wayne and rap with your weack squirrely voice over used beats cause youll never have a album hahaha

    Weak ass lil bitch

    Tunchi good luck brother
    Too much drug my dude your just 30

  • Allex B.

    Wayne never gives up!! LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!

  • Oscar Galvan

    “They say your nobody till your dead” Sad how people take this kind of shit man.

    Wayne Is alright and he gonna keep rocking wit us!

  • Get Well Soon Tunechi, Fuck the Media Bro! Bless

  • Awww i waas soo worried soo glad to hear that your doing better : kiss my a*s if you hatin :

  • Lil_Taz


  • Khosta

    Tunechi will be fine, he needs some time with his fam and stay away from drugs and skatin

  • @Danny What about his main people in the label like Drake nicki lil boo Etc.. I ddnt see thier prayers to tune up there ??

    • That’s because they are visiting Wayne in the hospital. They don’t need to tweet anything about this.

  • romie rome

    I was shock for like 5 mins when my mom & girl called me about Wayne on the news & being so close to death… Smh the first thing I type on my phone was to find out what’s really going on… Smfh its crazy I now notice I react to the news like it was my big (blood family) brother or sumin Smh I’m just glad to hear hes doing fine that’s most important.

  • Lil teo

    What the fuck TMZ. I pray so much 4 u lil wayne and i will pray more

  • Pusha T

    Hello guys

  • gaz f baby

    please dont give up weezy

    get better soon

  • window shopper

    @real Drake visited him in real life. Tweeting is more for the people to show love when they can’t be there in person. A visit in real life is so much more important than a tweet. As for the others they prob did visit him as well I hope

  • Zodiac

    Shout out Drake and CP3 for visiting Wayne, that’s respect.

  • Ayubu

    Good time to my Wizzy F Baby

  • So glad Tunechis doing good..fuck the media for spreading them false ass lies that shit almost had me have a heart attack!! Keep ya head up tune and get well also.

  • Wow dis shows dat wayne has alot of impact on ppz lives(GET WELL SOON BRO).WEEZY DA BEST RAPPER ALIVE.KISS MY ASS IF YOU HATIN FAGGOT!!!!

  • Albert Pike

    Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is a Libra scale. He needs to balance. The scales are tipping causing these seizures. The Imbalance. I help people in these situations. I teach them the ways to surviving Father Chronos. The Secrets of All Ages are what he needs. If you care for this mans life contact the email provided and arrange for a meeting.

    As Above So Below

    Hermes Trismegustas

  • Nick

    Mad love for Usher!!! I know he ended singing his own song but that guitarist was playing the melody for Tie My Hands!!! Huge respect for that. Wayne good we all know TMZ like to make the most out of a situation. In Gods Hands and that’s all that matters.

  • No Worries


  • Don’t leave us WIZZY Baby!
    We love u, n’ i love u must that while u r my best artist/musician in the world.

    I love u!

  • lol

    The whole rap game respects weezy fuk pusher L

  • Who you?

    @albert pike
    Lol you calling lil Wayne a libra scale, he ain’t no metal balance machine, he a libra, no scale hahaha

  • Get Well Soon WEEZY

    Get well soon weezy!
    Hopefully this is the LAST health scare!
    Prayers & luv!

  • Jenni

    I love you Tunechi! Get to feeling better ASAP 🙂 xoxo

  • Tru

    My nigga tunechi ok

  • dat girl deb…

    he comes home from the hospital today?!! 🙂

  • dontae p-town


  • A$AP. Rocky. Is. So. Beast. He. Kills. You. With. His. Awesomeness.

    See it just goes to show, that Weezy not only has a lot of influence on hip-hop/has a lot of rappers friends, but he has influenced other genres like pop/has pop singers friends.

  • Weezy Wee

    Good to see msg from Snoop Lion…. waiting colab of them.. 🙁 . Have 9MM song but one more sng which ftrs Snoop Lion only..

  • Weezy Wee

    Get Well Soon Weezy boi. Yung Mula babyeeee

  • Boy..

    Boy the last thing you wanna do is piss Tip off.

  • A.W.N. (A White Nigga)

    @Weezy Wee Yeah a message from Snoop Dogg would mean weezy and him are cool/bros, I also thought there’s going to be a future collab between them.

  • Bob Marley Ain’t Dead, That’s What Himself He Said

    @Weezy Wee You know there is another song Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne have both been on its called “Hollywood Divorce” by Outkast.

  • Sir. T

    Yeah!! My nigger good.. When I heard de frickin’ rumour I had a heartache and thinkin’ what this industry would be without TUNE coz he’s de best dis industry got. Prayers for u TUNE can’t wait 4 de album on de 26th i’m countin down….

  • Kimberly Salinas

    Yhuu aree thee Bestt Rapperr Alivee Tunechi . Greatt too hearr yhuu aree doinqq betterr butt, imm still qonnaa prayy forr yhuu && yhurr familyy. C’monn everybodyy Prayy forr Dwayne Michale Carter jr. aka -Lil Wayne- , -Weezy F. Baby- , -Tunechi , && -Young Money-
    Fromm: Kimberly Weezy’s Biggest Fan Salinas
    #1Fann !

  • Haha

    Twist a bitch real talk that nigga needa fucking Quit

  • i love u man . get better my love…
    your pesian bitch

  • Loyal fan

    ALWAYS pray 4 u 2 get better. Much love nigga.#TUNECH#

  • libramom

    God is good! Couldnt sleep 2 busy praying u hv a great purpose young man we love u keep ur head 2 the sky Camden nj loves u!!

  • Triggerman

    Weezy is a God and Gods Dont Die Weezy will forever be with us

  • Mullah Jr.

    Get wel soon TuneChi..
    Weezy F bEiby and the F is for Finest. YMCMB is down with yo brothr

  • I would like to know the truth män!
    Sombody’s eatin shit “he is in coma” somebody’s “he is doin fine @ home”
    Would like to know whats going on?
    Dämn, I have a maths exam in 2 days but can’t concetrate after I heard it..
    At least i wish u all the best!
    Stay tuned, stay weezy, stay trukfit!
    YMCMB 🙂


  • @Danny M , im still waitin for ur answer x)

  • Much love frm Zambia! Tunechi we love you.

  • Knight Hardeborwale

    Who the fcuk are the TMZ. Am not at peace here in Nigeria since i read their tread bout my best artist and celebrity health condition. Am now at peace to hear that he’s now doin good. Damn Haters,TMZ and their God damn crews

  • Tahir

    I hope its true that Lil Wayne good… Im a bit relieved but mostly worried until he comes out .. HipHop still needs you Wayne,We need you and the world needs you..please get well soon.

  • Support from Kosova for the best rapper alive ! WE LOVE YOU WAYNE , get better #PrayforWAYNE

  • gking

    Now i can go to bed,get well soon wayne..i still wanna do a song with you

  • Lee

    Hate your music, you think your like tupac but you couldn’t be further from he’s talent! If your hating this comment then just read he’s lyrics and compare them to Tupac’s! And again if you’ve got a problem with me then fuck you!

  • Edo

    Get better, hopefully all this might boost IANAHB2 sales!!!

  • Tunexx

    You really have to be a low life fuck if you get on a page that is about a man that is in the hospital from seizures and all you can do is hate on him.. get the fuck outt for real.. get well Tunechi got my prayers

  • Weezy

    Fuck Lee and anybody that love em.

  • Fah-Q

    No one gives two flying fucks about this ghetto-ass idiot.

  • zer0D

    @Fuck lil tornado hes ‘more’ than U btw.

    get well weezy ! luv

  • Mr. Batman Pijamas

    Prayin 4 Tune Hopefully he get bttr by IANAHB2 release. Take care Weezy get som rest.

  • Truly sorry lil tornado

    Somebody tell tmz to apoligize to lil twist before he causes a tornado at their building

    This lil niggu cried while getting a tattoo hahahahahahaha weak ass motherfucker go back to making mixtapes and looking like a little retarteded simian

  • chuck

    My prayers this week go out to Wayne and his family. Wish you a quick recovery bro
    #YoungMoney #Tunechi

  • Tochukwu

    My prayers this week go out to Wayne and his family. Wish you a quick recovery man. #YoungMoney #Tunechi

  • real talk


  • Choc

    What a relief that Tunes okay im so happy, i was so sad/scared. Tune all your true fans care about you and all we ask is that you slow down a bit we love you & will always have you in our prayers!

  • Koudin

    Get reed of Tunechi an like I said thid disease of yours will come out fuck Tunechi love Weezy F B bitches

  • byron

    get well tune! we need you in the game and we stay rockin wit you til the end.

  • Im glad tha he is doin good. Prayer to YMCMB. Get ur self bk on ur feet

  • Eshall

    Still praying! You remain in my heart and prayers. Much love Tune!!!

  • zer0D

    @Truly sorry lil tornado or @Fuck lil tornado , this guy is an idiot…

    hes hateing on lil twist like a little boy rofl

  • tunner

    Rick Ross didn’t get dis much love when he had a seizure lol,,……….get well tune

  • LuvTunechi


  • Michross

    Did anyone else realize that Chris Paul went to go see wayne? Even after he mad comments saying he fucked his wife? That’s love right there.

    • corbin wells

      that was Chris bosh…

  • Anna

    So happy weezy is ok wus so worried he wudnt make it now i know hes ok i can stop worrying and im still prayin for u and fams! Love u with all my heart LIL WAYNE!!!!!!! <3

  • Unknown

    Lol @Michross
    He said he fucked Chris BOSH’s wife…
    Not Chris Paul.

  • Taurus

    Drugs drugs drugs…..

  • @ lee,talking about u dnt like wayne music,nd comparing wayne music & pac,u should do your own music nd rap like 2pac I think u will be 5n wit that,I wonder why u hv lilwayne wepsite you should hv 2pac’s website or yours,nd I forget to say Fuck you too Lee

  • @ lee,talking about u dnt like wayne music,nd comparing wayne &2pac ‘s music & ,u should do your own music nd rap like 2pac I think u will be 5n wit that,I wonder why u hv lilwayne web you should hv 2pac’s website or yours,nd I nearly forget to say Fuck you too Lee

  • cocoadrpp

    Get well lil Wayne…my prayers are with you&ur family…luv ya weezy… 😉

  • God be with u and your family….luv u and your music keep doing u……

  • Read some of the comments….laugh at the haters..for them to take time to even think your name tells a story in it self…it’s good to have hatters…give u something else to be proud…they hate because they’re not u……

  • LilMissSunshine

    Damn, I heard the news and I really didn’t know what to say but I l Love You! I hope all is well with you now I stay praying for You n the Fam kids all that. I pray you a fast recovery back to good health and life long happiness. #YouMakeLifeAllWorthIt! I also hope once they tell you what’s causing the seizures you do whatever you need to, to stop em. OK! Be safe Love n know I’m always wanting the best for You and I thank God he got our back OK! Get well and Take it easy… Daddy:) Muah!

  • Unknown

    Get well soon. Praying for you… Plz do something positive when u get back on your feet.

  • Loyal fan

    Get well TUNECH! And FUCK U LEE!!!!!!!!! Go suck siege’s DICK, FAGGOT.

  • Csj

    @lee hey u guys know lee sucked my dick and my balls last night… I must say he’s good at it….lol

  • Victor

    Prayin 4 wayne get beta dawg…

  • Anthony weber

    Hang in there wayne I’m praying for u I just want u to know that I may just be a fan and u don’t know me but I figured u should know u have support even in the small state of Iowa hang in there and fuck the press and the rumors your a real nigga and real nigga don’t lie don’t ever forget that

  • kartune

    get well soon

  • fucking scrubs.

    Can people REALLY stop comparing rappers in the game to Tupac and Biggie, seriously they are dead! ffs.

    Yes Tupac WAS a Great rapper
    Yes Biggie WAS a Great rapper also, BUT you forget one thing they are nothing but HISTORY now.

    Also every rapper in the game will/or have been inspired by Tupac & Biggie but to all the people that say “He’s got the same flow as Pac”

    You are wrong no rapper has the “same” flow as Pac or biggie they are all different every flow is different so stfu with all this “He has the same flow as Pac”

    But guess what Wayne has beat them and gone far beyond than anyone in the rap game could ever get to.

    Nothing can compare to

    – Wayne’s body of work

    – His passion he does anything full on when he puts his mind to it he did it with rap and is now doing it with skating.

    – The fan base whether it comes to us or other artists, this thread & Twitter should prove that.

    – The Awards

    – The record sales (selling a mill in a week)

    – How he reinvented the mixtape game

    – All the song’s he’s done but haven’t released

    (Just to name a few)

    It doesn’t matter what you say about Wayne love or hate the man’s going to keep on doing his thing whether you hate or not.

    Wayne is a living breathing legend when it comes to the rap game and nothing is going to change that, alive or dead he is still going to dominate on the charts.

    That is all.

  • wayne never gives up take care TUNECHI still praying for you TUNECHI always take care….

  • iyke

    I prayed for you…I’d keep praying for you cause you a RealGee#get well soonest#Ymcmb

  • Loyal fan

    @fucking scrubs nigga u r speaking the gospel truth… It shows that u r lil’wayne’s loyal fan. I respect that dude, i salute u nigga. To all haters(lee, siege etc) FUCK U ALL!!!!!!!!.

  • take care n prayers love ya @liltunechilionchess @Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. thank god he is in USA and doesn’t matter if i missed a chance for an exclusive interview
    there i a long way to go we can make this happen if u are aight

  • Alfred

    TMZ news are just a bunch of cock sucking liars why post crap about weezy when you know nothing about him………………….#weezy f baby #liltunechi #ymcmb for life get well soon man ……………..sending out prayers to you straight from africa we love you man…………….keep doing the good work………..#best rapper alive

  • Danny M

    R.I.P. Lil Wayne 🙁

  • Hater

    Die motherfucker

  • Great news!! Damn Tune diz waz a major scare

    Weezy got mad respect,and true ppl who rock wit em,that care

    Just Look at the love he gets

    And the F aint for fans,itx for Family

  • Cynthia blount

    Don’t believe eva thing u here ppl love drama it sells god just used Wayne to show us how close we r to death and how much mercyand love he has for us my kids and myself love Wayne he is a great artist we r praying for his recovery and to give him and his family strength to over come this just no u r a child of god get well soon we miss u

  • auschiro

    hope your fine tunech and can chillax alilbit, prayers to you you make that!!

  • peacewayne

    wish you quick recovery my broda. Tunechi motherfucka………..

  • Kb2entertainment

    Weezy glad to hear you’re doing well we can’t live without you be like loosing pac and biggie all over again……

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Are there any news?

  • get well soonest WEEZY

    We ya fans are puttinq up heads together sendinq yhu huge posetive energy…I hope yhu pull through soonest
    Lots of love from yhu’re number 1 fan DJ Kelvy

  • Ubliszy.a.k.a-peter wez

    Lil wayne is my dude,and i know nothing is gonna happen 2 him….dude u got my prayers,wish u quick recovery….because i wanna see u perform in Africa(in Nigeria)..take care my dude.

  • A song a wrote earlier today after finding about the news about my favorite rapper, my idol, my inspiration…Lil Wayne. Check this Tribute out. And keep him ya prayers.

  • GodLikeImage

    Its funny how everyone wants to call on my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ when their facing the prospect of death, but NO ONE wants to abide by His laws and principles when the “going is good”!!! SMH! This troubled young brother lives his life in the public and has a chance to make a POSITIVE impact on the lives of youth in today’s society; however his chooses to promote a negative dangerous message of drug use, promiscuity, and disrespect for women and people in general. Unfortunately I have no sympathy for this confused brother, as he put himself in this health crisis with his unrelenting drug binges. The only individuals in this situation that are truly INVOLUNTARILY suffering, is his kids who have to constantly hear about the junkie father’s continuous idiotic actions. Wow, what a wonderful role model he is for his children!!! #SarcasmAtBest!!!

  • Lilmannerz

    I <3 you Weezy. Please get well.

  • miyo

    @Danny… Think Wayne going to push his album back? let us know any news on that big homie

    • No it won’t get pushed back now.

  • azgoweezy

    i pray to the lord becuz of u today nd am sure u are already good..and am sure no modafucka can break u than..sincerely fuckin#azgoweezy#nigeria

  • azgoweezy

    i pray to the lord becuz of u today nd am sure u are already good..and am sure no modafucka can break u than..sincerely fuckin urz..#azgoweezy#nigeria

  • Malene

    People show much love for tune! Hope he does’nt get this seizures again! Get well tune, I love u!!! YMCMB!!!

  • is he still alive? 🙁

  • YO

    waynes entourage is covering it up by saying hes ok …hes not ok hes still in the hospital had to get his stomach pumped 3 times to get the codeine out…man went on a codeine binge

  • I hope he get well soon! he cant die! we yall Need him! and his Family too!!
    God bless him. Amen!

  • Anubhav

    WeezyF baby you would Be fine soon.. Your fans and god is wiTh you ! Get WeLl soon ! #TEAM WEZZY

  • i pray and ill follow u by praying till u get well,u mean a lot to me i love u!!!!!!

  • Can 040

    hello weezy, stop with that syrup or it goes fast wrong and no one wants that!!! god stands behind you “happy” lil wayne you still are the best rapper alive! and you have proven again with your amazing new album, the best album you’ve ever made!!!!!!!
    i hope you keep going with create new albums

  • Luvvv u weezy! Im so gladd u all good cuz u r truly my favorite rapper eva…so juss try to be healther….yo fans need u!

  • Lil Wayne…Ma boss…Get well soon..It ain’t time for you to leave us…Your healed

  • April

    I am so glad to hear the he is doing better. I have a question to pose for all those out there, I have a 10 year old nephew who I truely believe is waynes’ biggest fan, Is loves the videos, music, clothes everything, is there a way to get a letter or something from wayne himself? Feel free to email me with any information. Thank you.