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Lil Wayne Will Not Be Retiring Any Time Soon, Hints At Big Tymers Album With Drake

Tue, May 7, 2013 by

While at his SUPRA Spectre sneaker launch event in Miami a few days ago, Lil Wayne sat down with MTV to chat about about his retirement and what his next album might be.

Weezy F Baby has previously announced that his last album will be Tha Carter V, but he mentioned in this interview that we will receive a lot more music from him before C5 drops and that he would not be retiring any time soon!

He also hinted that his next project may be a Big Tymers album with Drake. If you didn’t already know, the Big Tymers are a duo group consisting of Birdman and Mannie Fresh. I am guessing that this project may be instead of the Like Father, Like Son II: Tha Last Mob collaboration album and even the collaboration album with Drizzy, which both Wayne and Drake have confirmed is not happening anymore.

“There should be a lot in between there. It’s no time soon.”

“Possibility of that, possibility of a Big Tymers album, adding Drake. But that kid is so busy, it’s all kind of possibilities.”

I am sure we will find out more details about this upcoming project when Tunechi and Baby both appear on MTV’s “RapFix” live show tomorrow!

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  • Paul

    First!!! Love Weezy!!

  • What Up Doe

    What about a Hot Boys reunion album?

  • Tune Man On The Moon

    dope shit

  • kold boy

    amazing news this is!!!!! i hope you never retire wayne

  • Ray-N

    I wanted Rebirth 2 to be next 🙁

  • first biiiiiitccchhh

  • Moeketsi hector foto @king_enigma


  • gaz f baby

    hyped as fuck

    this article made my day danny

  • whaddupdoe

    @What Up Doe

    BG would have to rap over the phone seeing how hes in the pokey and wont be getting out nowhere in the near future.

  • Paul

    I feel like hes going to make another part to most of his albums and mixtapes then make carter V! Cant wait!

  • Drizzy Da Gawd

    This will get pushed back more than 10 times

    It probably wont even be released before 2016

    I can see it being the next I Cant Feel My Face collaboration, T-Wayne collaboration, and Detox

  • Loyal fan

    Dope fucken sh!t. I hope they confirm the date of the project, is wayne featured on drake’s album’nthng ws the same’? And danny birdman hs bought wayne a brand new car POST THAT DUDE!!!!

  • I urge lilweezy to bullshit dat music retirement idea cuz we stil wanna beautiful tracks from him .das all

  • rock n roll

    drake would not fit in with the big tymers

  • Kevin Meck

    Dem tymers fr eva

  • Lil ZeeTune

    dope shit……cnt wait,that album will b so fuckn awesome

  • Lil ZeeTune

    dope shit……cnt wait,that album will b so fuckn awesome#Rich Gang#

  • Lil ZeeTune

    fux dope shit……cnt wait,that album will b so fuckn awesome#Rich Gang#

  • use your brain

    -____- how tf he gon’ do a “hot boyz reunion” with B G DOING 15 YEARS IN JAIL? dont be stupid people

  • lo_atl

    they should do the album WITHOUT DRAKE. i dont like hearing drake sensitive ass on everything damn

  • geezy

    Yeah K.Dot WE coming for you, Weezy is the best

  • LuvTunechi


  • Yuck!

    Ooh nigga you first, then what the fuck did your ass win?? You aint being force to leave a comment here #STFU

  • Lilweezywee

    I hope he and juelz can finally get together and work the I can’t feel my face album! That would be a banger. Or some leftover d3 and c3 and drought 3 songs and make an album out
    Of that.

  • dipset

    Ha! I’m really happy the best rapper isn’t retiring soon!..we need that dedication 5

  • MaliAnnex

    Drought 4

  • Kidd

    Lookin forward to it but we need a new high quality mixtape like a no ceilings 2 or something

  • Shaq


  • LP

    If they ever do a Big Tymer’s album it better be a classic, not this pussypussygunpussy shit over a shitty beat

  • LilTunechi

    He most do the Rebirth 2 before retiring!!! Rebirth is the best album after Tha Carter 4.

  • JSPR

    @ Drizzy Da Gawd

    You’re a pussy for posting the same thing here that I posted in the forum.

    Try to think for yourself more, that might benefit you.

  • DON

    man what are yal talkin bout No Ceilings 2 definetly needs to be the next mixtape and as far as this news goes best i have heard in a while LETS GO WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DON


  • patriots

    told yall niggas he makin more music between now and C5 lets go

  • i agree no ceilings part 2 waiting on that foreal and how bout cant feel my face part 2 waiting on that to

  • Sticki

    Can u guys c da coincidns jx wen he abt 2 gt off probation we r in 4 trouble #WeezyTheBoss!!?

  • Don’t u ever leave hip hop…… Weezy f Tunechi. Wayne’s king. Stay focused, stay alive…! #Call of Duty

  • Don

    W8 he not off probation? @Sticki

  • Khosta

    Yea he’s still on probation. This what he needs ta do before C5: No cielings 2, drought 4, prefix 2, I can’t feel my face(album), Devol, Like father like son 2, rebirth 2, the block is hot 2, Dedication 5 then C5.

  • tony_montana

    Personally I think he should not make no ceilings 2,especially not now that he’s soooo far from his best,I think he should pick his game up and release other projects and THEN release no cielings 2,otherwise we might be dissapointed because we all know no cielings was one of the best projects wayne has ever given us,so he should wait until he’s ready to give us another classic…that’s just my opinion.

  • Siz jorj

    Yo man.. Wayne is now 30 yrs of age… He’ll be dropin c5 at the age of 35. He has a lotta shit 4 us in these 5 yrs. N i knw wat wayne is upto, he’s doin the things like jay z has done, u knw jay z has been retired n now he’s back in the game, so tunechi is following jay z’s footsteps.

  • CJ Blue

    daaaaaaaammmmnnnnnn yesssssssss wayne not retiring soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u knw how happy i am right now ?? i’m litterally crazy ! ymcmb 4 life !

  • Tune

    Wayne did say earlier that he will retire at 35y.o. which means we will be hearin of him for 5 years and btw someone above said that rebirth came out after c4, he high

  • thats what i”m talking about!….i only listen to weezy and he is my favourite artist.i conscider him the BEST RAPPER ALIVE.i don’t listen to other artists coz they just don’t do it the way weezy does.people tell me about kendrick,j cole,asap rocky.i’m like wtf?weezy cannot be compared with anybody.he has set the bar very high and no one can reach it…i don’t have any words for this guy.HE IS NOT A HUMAN BEING coz no human can think like him.i’ve got like 500 weezy songs and i promise you that every song has a punchline,metaphor,wordplay(pun).he is the only artist that can spit on a track oneway without a chorus or one does that.he kills every remix,every feature,every song.he basicly kills everything……….LIL WAYNE IS THE G.O.A.T AND NO RAPPER CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM,m from south africa

  • Tune

    Wayne did say earlier that he will retire at 35y.o. which means we will be hearin of him for 5 years and btw someone above said that rebirth came out after c4, he high

    @Khosta lol he wont do so much shit as we all know all he does now is skatin or he can make an album names I Skate Hoe, havin all songs fting skaters ex. Hello from ianahb2 lol..

  • Khosta

    @linda carter, you and I are 1 in the same except I have like a thousand of his songs. Anyway @tune Hello is my fav. Song at the moment

  • Trippy Banana

    Tune with so many project maaane
    I cant waaaait !!

  • Mr_YMCMB

    Wayne always gone be the realest nigga to do it! #YMCMB

  • Little wizzy u cool.

  • Young Breezy

    Were the carter 5 wy@?