Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 [Mixtape]

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Lil Wayne Dedication 5 Mixtape

The wait is finally over! Lil Wayne releases the fifth installment of his Dedication mixtape series hosted by DJ Drama.

Weezy‘s D5 tape consists of 29 songs with features from 2 Chainz, Birdman, Future, Boo, Chance The Rapper, Gudda Gudda, Euro, Kidd Kidd, Jae Millz, The Weeknd, T@, Lil Chuckee, T.I., Vado, and Mack Maine.

You can listen to Dedication 5, grab the download link, and view the back cover with the full tracklist on below!

Download: Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 [Mixtape]

Lil Wayne Dedication 5 Mixtape Back Cover

Click here to download the previous Dedication mixtapes from Weezy F Baby. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment below with your opinion on the tape and what your favorite tracks are!

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  • Cant download

  • John T


  • Cortez Bryant


  • OMFG

  • KingRich


  • third<3333333333


  • Finally #D5! Enjoy it!

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Thanks for yur great work danny. Love u bro

  • Tahir


  • @becguyzlax

    Nepal …Fuckwidmeyouknow I GoT IT

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Dis Mixtape is amazing. “Old” Weezy Style. Way better dan D4

  • Brinedd

    Lil Chuckee had the best verse on the mixtape LOL.

  • Brinedd

    Oh yea and this better than Da Drought 3 and No Ceilings put together.

  • Follow @ wentworth28… On twitter and i’ll follow bak; sh!t; d5 is so hottttt; wayne killed it; heard d pre-stream; nw we’ve got d dwnload link; damnnnnn!

  • erick

    am i the only one getting 25 songs instead of 29?

  • Follow on twitter @wentworth28 #Team Weezy# biggest wayne fan!


    Just finished Starting From The Bottom

  • Dr.

    D5 is going in my Top 5 he kilt it still dont sound like old weezy but it goes hard

  • Lol; only u bro@erick; i got 29; follow on twitter n i’ll follow bak;;; @wentworth28

  • YungGod

    Getting 25 tracks too, Is it because the tracks are ending at the start of other songs?

  • awesome as fuck

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Got 25 songs too….

  • Hey

    Yuh only gettin 25 Tracks Cuz Sum Of The Skit Are Attached To The Songs

  • young tunechi

    OMG thank you finally can’t wait to listen to it shout out to Danny for doing his thing big respect homie.

  • Ibrotunechi


  • lawl

    all of the interludes are hilarious especially the fortune teller one were wayne talking about miley cyrus


    i ran CAPE TOWN d5 ill wait for the share beast link instead of datpiff ya dig

  • Ahahhahahahhh aint no mixtape like dis 1 b4 tell em muthafckers who hatin they can suck wAyne’s dick just coz of this mixtape ahahahahahahahah wayne rocks he will always be the best rapper alive!!!!!

  • YungGod

    Was there a wayne verse in “Aint worried”? and “Before Tune gets back”??

  • zer0


  • AmanU01

    Danny youre awesome man RESPECT

  • Butterfly In Hell

    Had to dedication 5 it.

  • MOB



  • D5

    He had to dedication five it!

  • Kidz

    Thats crazy when Wayne said “I’m skatin on ’em like Lil Wayne” on Levels, because Meek said that on the original song xD

  • Trav

    Drake’s not on it or FLOW =[

  • sinner


  • Nordiep

    25 songs because skits are with the songs, mixtape goes hard. Weezy F killed this fucking Baby. Typa Way Original song thooo

  • Take Kare

    Weeknd murdered that intro.

    Why was there no Wayne verse on it tho?

    And there weren’t a Wayne verse on ‘Ain’t Worried’ either?

    What’s going on 🙁

  • YungGod


    Yea he did say he uses dedications for gudda, jae, etc

    and Carters for Drake, Nicki

  • uDENI

    oh no lil wayne confirmed austin mahone is young money on the interlude…….

  • Yup

    @Danny Did You Put Euro On YMHQ You Can Tell He Next , Features Mor Than AnyBody #D5

    • Not yet, but I will do. He dope!

  • YungGod

    Idk wats up with young money signing everybody that no one knows! Before they use to be a small label with dope rappers and now your like who? who? who?

  • Gangstaaa

    T.I. had Wayne on Type Of Way IMO.

  • tunchiz son

    thank you ,,,,,,,wizzzzy

  • Euro Stan.

    “I’ll be with that nigga from New Orleans who be asking if ya heard me even though he wasn’t talking” – Euro

    This dude can rap.

  • dipset

    Shit Datpiff has crashed!!!!! Dedication 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lil teo

    im downloading in datpiff.com i cant wait to see it

  • WayneFan

    Dude killed Pure Columbia !!!!! Only problem is starting and ends are messed up. Whatever though, did yall see what drama tweeted?? LMAO


    We got watchu want. We got it.

  • Double U

    Tunechi singing on ‘New Signees To Young Money?’ had me laughing out loud foreal 😛

  • yo what up

    Danny could you join the tracks that are ending into the other tracks so its just one song not half of the pervious song

  • jamz

    ddaaaaammmmmnnn weezy murdered that you song

  • Steam

    Dj drama pissed off

  • koldsweat

    At last!!!!

  • AndyS***** in this bitch

    wanna better link like 320 kbps qualitty with seperate songs .. not this shit … fuck you drama

  • Junie

    The old Wayne ain’t never comin back this just cant do what he use too he’s rapping about the same shit just like d4 ever since he came home his shit been wack I’m sorry he’s done man

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  • jose

    Hey, Drama fixed the datpiff songs if you wanna go download it again. its worth it though. best tape in a while!

  • Rusty Wolf Gumede

    Can any1 plz give me a link 2 download d tape other than datpiff.com,I’m using a blackberry smart phone. Please help.

  • yo what up

    live mixtapes moblie

  • rusty wolf gumede

    Is it 4 free?

  • This mixtape is straight fire..Wayne came through. I’m out in L.A. Playing D5 loud as fuck YMCMB we winning!!

  • D5 bitch

  • trickster

    Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Weezy wayniacs hv something t tok bout… M @ SOWETO

  • Angel

    Is this better than IANAHB2?

  • Johnny

    This mix tape is worse that ianahb 2 damn Wayne I gave u a chance but I can’t deal he is garbage now strait up can’t wait to hear drakes nwts

  • lee

    weezy the beast type of way live life started

  • wayne123

    this mixtape is dope af, reminds me of the old wayne even though he raps about sex alot

  • his laugh at Luv song xD (at 2 minutes)

  • jamesula

    i got so excited hearing the beginning of Thinking About You, such a sick beat

  • Butterfly In Hell

    wayne just shut a lot of people up with this mixtape.

    #still the best.

  • lee

    My kids already rich they dont even knw it

  • Get tha sharebeast type at monstermixtapes.net

  • Big Papii

    He didn’t do Versace? I was looking forward to hearing it…

  • dipset

    This tape is fire but too much cum and dick references

  • AndyS***** in this bitch

    any link for an 320 kbps version ? please

  • dipset

    No ceilings is still the best mixtape period!

  • D5

    Ain’t nuthing touching no ceilings but weezy did snap on d5 ima play this till the end of next year

  • Mr NinoBrown

    It really worthed the wait I told yall Weezy never peft but He is Back…. the.mixtape is FIRE way better than IANAHBII. that nigga Euro is the next YM artist I feel him for real and I liked how he took the same flow of Dreezy in Gonorhea song feat Wayne… @DannyM whats your favorites songs of the tape???

    • I’m really liking that Started From The Bottom freestyle. Euro killed every verse too!

  • Thank god

    Chucke voice got deeper but he kilt it

  • Matthew

    Dont know if its just because I am fan, or that I olnly listen to Wayne music, or his funky voice, or the beats,,but much better,,,

  • YoungTunechie

    This is better than D4 & IANAHB 2

  • Eshall

    YAY WAYNE!!! Going to dl and enjoy! Thank you!!!!’

  • siz

    d5 iz dope nigga….

  • Finally

    Who the fuck is Stevie j

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Only thing i miss are the “young moula baaabbyyy” shouts like “mirror” with Bobby V

  • Tunee

    This That Shit Old Weeeeezy!!!!!!!

  • Started

    Weezy ain’t back but tuncie got better

  • AndyS***** in this bitch

    really dissapointed .. this aint goes to my mobile i swear !! and fuck them other artists in featuring ..

    wayne fell off

  • realtunefan


  • flocker


  • Slim

    Well d6 soon

  • D6 D7……D8

    Damn Wayne
    That wait was so worth it. He came hard.

  • H

    Typa away straight fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AndyS***** in this bitch

    T.I. Ruined every song ! and the other artists too .. i deleted all the songs with feature .. fuck em ..

  • money make the world 360

    Tune Killed it!

  • worried

    Who has this mixtape on his/her phone? Where dd u download it?

  • @TheHoTruk

    Dedication 5 so many songs I dunno what to start with, I love that song with Chuckee “Before tune get back” I love “pure colombian” the weekend killed it in”I’m good”. If you pay attention in “luv” track 29 wayne shouts out to kourtney kardashian, like everyone I loved fuckwitmeuknoigotit. T.I. Went hard can’t forgett to thank TUNECHI for this holytape. I feel this is better the Dedication 4 doesn’t mean I don’t like D4

  • Young Teezy

    my big bro tunechi just murder D5 shout to big bro he did it again he never can be stop Rich Gang YMCMB x L.A.T x FGM x B.W.A x Last Kings x OVO #1 AT THE TOP IT JUST YMCMB nigga

    Free my bro YMCMB Esho Hero Flow, FREE B.G

  • D Cox 50

    He snap on dis!!!

  • put in work


  • Wes D5

    This is 100 times better than D4 and IANAHB2 combined

  • tribble

    @put in work…….. I agree this is a new wayne any way my favorite song is way im balling. He went fuckin stupid on that shit.

  • Typa way

    Typa Way is dope!! Tip killed that shit.

  • wtf

    Wtf are u guys listening to? I remember when Wayne used to murder other artist tracks.. D5 is average. His music has no more soul just scrambled words, pussy, dick & average punchlines. U must be high if u think d5 is better than no ceilings or drought 3. He really sounds like a down south rapper now a days.. Bring back that dip set/ New York Wayne when he was actually rapping & his punchlines went over niggas heads

  • @TheHoTruk

    I love everything on D5 my highlights
    1. I’m Gone Ft. Weekend
    2. UOENO
    3. Live Life Ft. Euro T@
    4. Before Tune Get Back Ft. Lil Chuckee
    5. Pure Colombian
    6. Don’t kill
    7. New Slaves
    8. New Signees To Young Money
    9. FuckWithMeYouKnowIgotIt Ft. T.I.
    10. You Song Ft. Chance The Rapper

  • candy shop

    you song is a classic best song on the tape

  • Rusty Wolf

    Guys plz help me. Hw cn u download the tape wth a mobile phone? Nd besides datpiff.com. Please help

  • STuffour01

    We knew Wayne never left but he had to show the rest of the world he had an extra clip in him. Just saving it for the right time

  • george

    It was okay….

  • trickster

    Tunechiiii really upgraded the flow… Let’s 4gt bout tha old wayne n enjoy the nu music… T U N E C H I!!!!

  • frank

    This aint fuckin with no ceiling……

  • frank

    @trickster we can never forget the old wayne bruh its what made him who he is and was once the best rapper alive no one could fuck with him back then

  • denilson

    yeahhh nigga , lil wayne is the best rapper alive!

  • realtune

    @rusty at datpiff duhh

  • wtf

    Weak as punchlines: Had a phone in jail, that’s a cell phone nigga. Ain’t nothing free around here but Willie nigga. If u got a problem then I’m eistein. I’m a ahead of the game, I need a haircut. Twisted like French braids. Red beam on your head that’s a cherry on top. Niggas pulling cables like it comes with a string. I love this shit so much, I have on a tux. I should see a shrink but ima afraid he’ll make me little. If anyone of these niggas have a problem ima milk em cuz they fucking cowards. She gonna learn tonight, call it night school. If pussy lips could talk I’ll go down there like its whispering. Smoking on that gas, pass it like excuse u. Run up I’m your house the couch potatoes are getting mashed. Got shooters on the roof like some fucking reindeer. Wet niggas up, I don’t throw water balloons. IM hotter than the peppers peter piper ate. She said hit it from the back, I’m trying to leave that crack alone baby.

    Followed by: Pussy, wet pussy, dick, tongue, pussy, Dick, wet pussy, tongue twister, pussy, pussy, pussy, Dick, pussy, wet pussy, ass, pussy, pussy, wet pussy, pussy, pussy, Dick & more pussy

  • gcore

    AYO DANNY M, once it downloads it wont open, but keep up the good work, I LOVE LILWAYNEHQ!

  • Fr33styl3r

    @Danny Id like to thank you for every update u posted, for the whole mixtape and the “fix” u made for every song. Btw dont forget to put D5 to Lil Wayne Mixtapes. 🙂

  • Ap

    Way I’m ballin definately best song

  • realtunefan


  • ExLilwaynefan

    First shit i liked from wayne in 6 years

  • wtf

    Old Wayne lines: no homo my flow is hard as an erection so that’s why its fuck the world with protection. Pay attention to the lecture, my words carry life like a stretcher. A rich nigga can’t even buy freedom that’s why I give my white bitches everything but freedom. They say weezy make it ran I be like bitch I ain’t God. I get head in the strangest places two at the same time call it changing faces. stop hating on a nigga that is a weak emotion the lady of a Nigga. shooting to my mutha fucking hand falls off, ya track stars a gunshot ran y’all off. Niggas know I’m sick I don’t spit I vomit. I’m by myself cuz niggas run their mouth like auctions. I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats. I don’t pack a gun or knife I pack a checkbook and I just point guard, Russell westbrook. Money money get a dollar & a Dick weezy baby that crack mutha fucka get a fix got money out the ass no homo but I’m rich about to go get surgery & put some diamonds in my wrist. Big money for the grill so I’m never cheap talking. Im a real nigga stand still nigga I’ll cut ya face have u looking like seal Nigga. Dinner in the park yeah it may seem cool but me I rather not let em see my food. Live from the 504 its Mr crazy flow jumping like a bungee no rope.

    Lets get serious people

    You new fans wouldn’t know anything about that

  • HoeNava

    @wtf nigga you stupid as fuck quoting all those Drought songs thats probably the only mix tape you ever heard trying to act like a fan gtf weak nigga

  • Nate B.

    I agree with @wtf. These are some baby rhymes. Nothing is in-depth. His word play is so simple. People always say we need to analyze it and what not. There is nothing to analyze. His lyrics and content are not deep. It doesn’t have you think anymore after it was said. It’s as simple as that when it was said.

    “I had a phone in jail, that’s a cellphone nigga.” – You mean to tell me people think that’s dope? What the hell is cool about that? Music in general has become mainstream. The content and lyrical ability is on a remedial level now. That’s what the “people” like to hear now and that’s what sales and keeps these celebs relevant. They see it as a “money scheme.” I’m sure Drama knows himself that Wayne isn’t where he used to be. Wayne never had over the head bars, but at his peak he was sounding good and a little more on point. He is still in that same space or more or less actually in a more advanced time where lyrics and content need to be meaningful. This is a mixtape. It’s suppose to me more free, but lyrically better. This new generation isn’t lyrical. Talking about, sex, drugs, etc.

    These rappers now don’t use double entendres, double meanings of quality, similies, strong metaphors, homophones, etc. They use these baby lines. And I’ll admit not every song needs to be a one hitter quitter, but at least make it have some logical substance and content. I understand this is a mixtape. But Wayne’s mixtapes and other rappers albums don’t sound any different. You need to be able to put a hot but meaningful line in a good song to where it’s punched. Educate the people with an intelligent flow. Wayne needs to come up with a new rhyme scheme.

    I respect Wayne though after all that is said, because I grew up on his earlier stuff. I respect him still because I was once a fan. I don’t like his new stuff, but I respect him though. A real supporter about anything will admit if it’s been on a downfall, but maybe support them still in a sense of manner. I think he needs to study rap and the poetic part of it all over again. Not just simply make words “rhyme.” A two year old can do that. If you’re gonna do something still, then do it with passion. This is what Kendrick Lamar was talking about.

    My favorite rapper is Lupe. He spits real bars and real content. More than half of you won’t even get his bars. You need to go to rap genius to understand his bars. You don’t need to be as lyrical as him and Wayne and Lupe are completely two different camps and styles, but when it comes to real hip hop and rap, Lu is one of the very few that can spit out of this world bars and content.

    Live a blessed life Wayne.

  • dyno

    To The People Hatin, Stop Trollin. Foreal. Lmao Its Free Music, Wtf Yall Trippin On

  • dyno


  • Znichols28

    Lets be honest. He’s been on tour, everyday, he probably wrote these in his sleep. Who can write 20+ songs this good that way. Nobody. You don’t see anyone touring and dropping mixtapes. You can’t fuck with wayne. Period.

  • wtf

    You sound stupid @HoeNava i mentioned lines from drought 3, dedication 2&3, we taking over original verse, beat without bass verse, suck it or not verse, the suffix mixtape & inkredible verse.

    U must be new to Waynes music @HoeNava please go get updated.

    Agreed @Nate B.

  • wtf

    Except for that lupe part lol

  • Znichols28

    This is a mixtape. Not and album. Listen to the intro man….
    Wayne is insane! BRA!!

  • mahya-iran

    danny i love you what shoud i do?

  • WeezyForPrez

    Lil Chuckee might have hit puberty

  • Still Got That Rockkkkkkkkkkk

  • ap


  • ferrrrrr


  • dannyh

    @dharabagiu #D5 dope… weezy is back bich)))) <3

  • WeezyForPrez

    It might not be the Weezy we all wanted, but i feel like it’s a step in the right direction, plus we just got a bunch of fucking songs. So i’m happy

  • Tunechi96


  • F

    WOW, the first song on the mixtape with Weeknd! 😀 Crazy!

  • Sheena

    It was amazing when he said his competition is to get fan attention, he’s too good. Definitely the best mixtape to the date, hardest project out there, ain’t any mixtape better than this. He is undoubtedly the best rapper alive. I can’t believe he’s on tour and releasing mixtapes (29 songs long) at the same time.

  • Sheena

    He’s the best thing that ever happened to rap. I love you Wayne!

  • wtf

    I give it to him on that Cream track

  • ogie

    Lil tunechi is tha God of rap hands down D5….Outta this world

  • truth



  • Don

    To be honest CREAM is my favorite track. Like them all but right there he killed it lol

  • jD


  • People the old wayne is gone so get over it damn too me the old wayne is better but I like this wayne he cool he still better than r everybody else hell some of yall are some damn crybabies I WANT THE OLD WAYNE BACK STFU N GO LISTEN TO THE OLD WAYNE IM SURE HE MADE ENOUGH MUSIC AND D5 IS THE 3RD BEST MIXTAPE HE DID AFTER DROUGHT 3 AND NO CEILINGS… WAYNE KEEP DOING YOUR THANG.

  • Typa Way is extremely <3

  • Ransomula

    Wayne u so fuckin awesome…I’m lovin the D5..u murdered da shit

  • young tunechi

    Mixtape is fire I don’t care what anybody sat Wayne you the Best Rapper Alive, keep doing your Thang bro. D5 was worth waiting for

  • big

    You must be mental if u think this is betta than no ceilings. I fucks wit this but its not weezy. But I can say its betta than sorry 4 the wait and d4

  • wtf

    Lmao y’all fools kill me. Wayne is def not spitting the same. Rappers are suppose to get better with their wordplay. Wayne should pick up a dictionary. I’m sorry but Drake is the only one holding ymcb together. Old Wayne is who made Carter 2&3 & no ceilings.. If tune was the one spitting during that time then Wayne wouldn’t be who he is today. Name one feature that he killed this year… I’ll wait… He gets murdered on tracks & we all know Wayne used stand out on every damn feature

  • Flow

    WAYNE ALWAYS GO HARD AINT NOTHING NEW. That’s why all these rappers show him the much respect. D5, INAHB2, & D4 ALL WENT INN. Yall just mad that talks about getting pussy. We all talk bout gettin pussy the Fuck even these bitches. Nah but most of yall still hating cuz he said fuck the Miami Heat. “Wayne is a G.O.A.T Hands down”

  • D5 is ok 4 a mixtape beta dan D4 n ianahb2 BLESS WEZZY!

  • Nordiep

    @Danny at one of the songs Lil Wayne mentioned something about D6, I thought this was his last installment of the D-Series

  • Shaq


  • Ap

    “You song” should be the lead single for DEVOL

  • WeezyDaKing

    @Nordiep which song?

  • Tony

    Cream is C2 Wayne.

  • Lyrical God

    This is my lyrical & intellectual order of what songs I think are the best when it comes to lyrics. This is my opinion of Dedication 5 order, don’t judge me.
    1. Levels ft Vado
    2. Devastation ft gudda
    3. Cream ft. Euro
    4. New slaves
    5. Way I’m ballin
    6. Itchin
    7. Started
    8. Pure Colombian
    9. You song
    10. Type of way
    11. FuckwithmeyouknowIgotit
    12. UOENO
    13. Live life
    14. Fuckin problems
    15. Bugatti
    16. Don’t kill
    17. Feds watching
    18. Thinking about you

  • cashiss_deleon

    I fucks with this.. Wayne be on his own shit.. Nobody fuckin with him since 2000 he own this generation music.. oh Yea he ain’t shout out Drake nor Nicki on LUV.. Damn!! Weezy

  • wtf

    I would rather listen to rebirth

    Ianahb2, D4&5 is just plan average

  • Mr NinoBrown

    29 crazy songs and this is just a Mixtape… and This pussy ass nigga Pussy T wants hating on Wayne. Bitch Nigga I don’t know why Weezy doesn’t beat his ass up. Marley G should get at him #D5

  • fuck the haterz!!!

    People always trying to bring Wayne down…yo if u done with Waynes music then be done with it! Lil wayne is going to rap the way he wants to rap yeah he’s not the same but he’s still really good and D5 showed that,you say wayne fell off but tell me after the carter 4 which rapper has been able to do more numbers than him,ianahb2 was an album with leftover songs yet it still sold over 200 000 copies 1st week lol Kendrick is the hottest rapper but good kid maad city only went platinum now how long has it been out?,and that album is being called a classic! Lol yourl haterz are fools whether its weezy or tunechi he’s music will always be dope!

  • Tony


    pussy ass hoe faggit. This mixtape is dope as fuck. Go listen to Justin Bieber if you ain’t like Wayne music. Talking bout you rather listen to rebirth. smh

  • tha Martian

    Wayne murderd this shit,he proved all the wayne hatters wrong,he crashed websites with this mixtape in hours and funny that all the haters downloaded it too.you must be a bad hater to download his mixtapes and talk on his fanpage.but for me this mixtape is even better then Magna Carta Holy Grail and that’s was a rivals album

  • wtf

    Exactly u dumb fuck @fuck the haterz!!! Carter 4 did millions & Ianahb2 did thousands. His fan base is declining. I’m not hating just speaking facts. I still respect Wayne & I show love but his music is getting worse not better.

  • My Pc says there is a Virus and the mixtape is delted

  • wtf

    Take it easy gangsta.. Put your keyboard down lol

    Rebirth is better than d5 lyrically and rebirth was a rock album smh

  • Peace Of Mind

    All dem whining pussy ass nigs askin 4 da C1,C2,C3,D2,D3,Drought n No ceilings Wayne shud jx stfu, we all wud luv that, but wayne leadin a new movement of rap with club bangers based on PMW n most of the new skul rappers bitin dat style… A$AP Mobb, J.Cole, Meek Mill, Big Sean, Kanye West, T.I, 2 Chains, B.O.B, future, Chief Keef, all south rappers n even Drake n Kendrick in 1 way or da other r add dat style in dey rap so don’t FUCKIN HATE… Tunechi, Leader of the new skul nt Drake

  • for real

    I bet jay z is sitting back laughing like damn this nigga Wayne should start looking up to me again because his ass fell off for real

  • Peace Of Mind

    Plus all dem conscious rappers aint relevant no more, luk at Nas n Lupe, these nigs wer da sh!t baq den buh nw dey can’t cme out with top albums no more, HIP HOP has reached a new stage based on bangers n Wayne king of dat

  • Peace Of Mind

    Jay Z is da only nig hu stuck to his style n still makin it, n dats cos he dnt put albums on the regular lyk baq in da day so we excited 2 hear it lyk waitin 4 an eclipse to happen

  • Junie

    This mix tape is just………not good lol it’s pure garbage the best verse were from t.i chance and even chuckie this tape was a disappointment and it proves that Wayne’s days are coming to an end

  • Um ?

    Euro , Stole Drakes Flow On The Live Life Track
    Drake Said
    , I be with the dread with the tattoo’s on his head
    And a flag the colour red like a fucking low battery

    This Niqqa Said
    “I’ll be with that nigga from New Orleans who be asking if ya heard me even though he wasn’t talking”


  • wtf

    Y’all are probably the same idiots making chief keef, Lil B & Trinidad James hot. If skate boarding makes him happy then he should just stick with that because his latest music is not cutting it. I like sober Wayne but he used to blackout on beats when he was on that syrup.

  • Anthony

    Thanks TUNE! SO SICK!

  • tha Martian

    Haha.@wtf wayne is just makin millions makin club bangers,his a legend and been in the industry for more then 10 years.I’m talkin about fame and putting the new and old niggas on the crunch.even the ones who fell off and his still here and sellin more then these new niggas and after they fall off his still gonna be here blessing us with new material every 5 months if not less.name me a nigga who works harder then that

  • Shaq


  • Peace Of Mind

    I get pissed when dumb nigs talk bout Wayne new music being affected by probation, his lyrical powers started 2 decline wen he did rebirth n u dumb nigs startin 2 c it nw cos he strictly doin bangers

  • Peace Of Mind

    U can’t expect a rapper to go hard tru awt his career, Wayne went hard baq in da dae, nw a nig jx chillin n still relevant n dats Wayne 4 u… Even Jays new sh!t dnt go hard like his old shit buh he fans still love it n he dnt do free music n projects on da regular… So haters, if u aint fukin u can exit

  • Peace Of Mind

    No Ceilings was the end of Weezy F Baby and Rebirth was the start of the wayne u see today

  • wtf

    I’m done with y’all. Salute to Wayne & s/o to Danny m. I’m gonna go give d5 a fifth listen even though it won’t change much. S/o to the people who gets what I’m saying. YM until the end

  • no worries

    weezy back in this bitch!!!!!!

  • tunechi fan

    dope shit worth waiting

  • Luv

    Simply put, Weezy is still my favorite rapper, but I can no longer make a case that he is still the best rapper.

  • JTheMan

    Well said @Luv

  • I must say i liked D5..Dedication 4 was ‘Ok’ but it wasn’t wayne’s best work…wayne’s best work will always be Dedication 2 And carter II and III..But D5 shows that he still has the talent to hold his own in a changing rap game..Kudos Tunechi!

  • fuck u haterz!!!

    At wtf…lol bruh he’s music on decline? U stupid because he’s carter albums always sell much more than he’s other albums and ianahb2 sold more than the 1st one so what point are u trying to make??? I swear if carter 5 sells less that ianahb2 then I’ll happily admit he fell off lol dammit if he sells less than 500 000 copies I’ll admit he fell off!!! But guess what that shits never gonna happen lol so pls haterz stfu if u don’t like tunechi

  • iOnlyJamWayne

    If You’re a true lil wayne fan you would know that this sound like that Dedication 2 Weezy that we’ve All been waiting for I think wayne did his thang on D5 , but I bet the Internet going crazy for EURO he eats!!!! #WayneRockedHoustonTx

  • wtf

    @fuck u haterz!!!

    Ianahb was released in 2010 as a digital release u idiot

    “his Carter albums always sell much more”

    Nooo u dumb fuck.. What about the Carter & Carter 2??

    Get your facts straight

  • Kevin Meck

    Wayne Made ’em Haters Fall Hard

    im Sory yall haters cz i kno tat was painfull
    D5 The Best

  • Hahahahah Wayne made ’em fall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . … … . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .

    Weezy! The Best

  • Tru

    Levels “dis da muthaFuCkiN DediKaTiOn5, i JuSt hOPe I b AliVe to see a DedIKatioN 6”


  • tha Martian

    2 all you hatters and critics please name me a better mixtape then this one from this year.even some albums have nothing on D5 hoe

  • 30 seconds to young money mars

    @wtf suck it easy bitch Wayne fans aren’t declining only ur mommas titties are because everybody sucks on them go jump off a cliff u fag it and off this site u ain’t no true fan go take it in the ass fag

  • wtf

    Go to bed child @30 seconds to young money mars

  • wtf

    @30 seconds to young money

    Go back to playing Lil B, riff raff, trinidad James & chief keef u kiddie bopper. U probably think French Montana is hot smh

  • John

    Did wayne diss jay !?

  • Peace Of Mind

    @30 seconds to young money mars u put da nig in his place, talkin shit bout Wayne losin fans smh

  • Devastation was the demolition 3 fersure.. gudda went gudda lol but you know he did thing n killed it. Wayne went in like a monster period. D5 is sick man

  • @Nate B. I feel yah mane, that speech was on point n made sense start to finish. Respect

  • BringBackOldWayne

    I’m very tempted to download this. But I won’t. I plan on waiting a week, read a few reviews, see what the critics are saying before I decide to download this. In the meantime I’ve got plenty of the latest albums and Wayne’s old albums to keep me my ears busy. Ty Dolla Sign’s mixtape (Beach House 2) is something I’ve been listening to alot after being intrigued when Drake mentioned in a recent interview posted on the sister site Young Money HQ that he’s been bumping that tape….and I have to say I’m loving this mixtape right now, I’ve listened to it all weekend, check it out.

  • Gangsta_H

    @Danny, whr can i download please??

  • Best

    I don’t care what haters say, D5 is good. My nigga Weezy is still the best rapper alive, believe it or not!

  • Dere ar so many retard heads in d house… D5 is d shit foes … Tunechi’s better weezy’s dead … U don”t xpect d nigga 2 stick 2 d past wen he lives in the future…..Greatest Modern Rapper=Lil Wayne #fuck Jay-Z

  • 30 seconds to young money mars

    @wtf stfu u pussy i dont listen to none of those niggas fuck u suck it easy bitch cus ur mom does and nigga I listen to Wayne sense he was in hot boys so u go back and listen to country cus a sound like faget who does u fucken piece of shit jump off a cliff fagbag shitbag dirtbag fuckbag d5 is the shit listen to it everytime I’m in my car ymcmb

  • Like a scary movie they screaming wen I rhyme…#i luv dat punchline

  • YT

    Lisn to First Place Winner… It’s an old track y’all but mehn wayne crazy as fuck #BestRapperAlive and between Dedication 5 is crazy

  • wtf

    @30 seconds to young money mars

    “fuck u suck it easy bitch cus ur mom does”
    “jumpoff a cliff fagbag shitbag dirtbag fuckbag”

    No wonder why u think his new shit is hot

    How old are you? Stop making Wayne fans look bad

  • This Is is Going to be Hot.. Tunechi.. 1 Luve.

  • TuNechI for Real.. We Like Satan .. hahaha

  • 30 seconds to young money mars

    @wtf Man fuck u bitch im 25 u piece of shit I’m not making them look bad u are bitch gtfo this website if u gonna hate on Wayne u fucken dick rider u ain’t no real fan u cunt man all u fucken hater talk shit somewhere else Wayne may have changed his flow but nigga makes hits if he never changed his flow he wouldn’t be where he is he would be like all the other hot boys so fuck off he would of never made c2 c3 so IDC that his flow has changed that’s what made him be the best rapper alive by changing his flow he’s the one who started the new Rap a grip of rappers had said that is on top fuck u dude he has respect from everybody so my I raise my cup to the nigga Wayne for doing his thing on the d5 r-e-s-p-e-c-t u Wayne ymcmb keep on my making hits and keep making the dope ass kicks fuck haters like wtf go listen to ur boyfriend soulja boy cus that’s who u listen to I’m done im out young mula Baba dont forget the f for fuck @wtf mom peace

  • tunefolyfe

    Fuckin Problem tho…

  • wtf

    @30 seconds to young money mars

    25 sounding like that smh

    Waynes last hit was bitches love me ft drake & future

    I ain’t got no worries, rich as fuck & god bless America didn’t do good


    Know the correct info before u start talking all crazy

  • 30 seconds to young money mars

    @wtf u simpleton dont hate I can run laps around u make sound like a mental patient u deficient fuck and I ain’t got no worries was a hit that was a hit on d4 why do u think he put on ianahb2 because no one liked it why do u think it was on the radio for the longest because no one liked right ur so smart dude I think ur a deficient motherfucker

  • wtf

    I ain’t got no worries didn’t get much radio play. Check the charts u dumb fuck.. Its known facts. Bitches love me gets radio spins but that’s about it. Numbers don’t lie

  • wtf

    Congrats on your new word but what am I lacking? All of my info is correct @30 seconds to young money mars.

  • Kidd

    @wtf @30 seconds yall not even arguimg about shit so could both of you just stfu lets jusr agree that wayne go hard if its then or nowpoint blank

  • jc

    wow man i dont even know what to say. I think this was my last stand for weezy. He fell off bad. I have listened to D5 3 times and it just seems forced and unentertaining. i don’t even like half of these beats. he has wayyy too many features and 90% of his punchlines and metaphors are too weak. Anyone remember the “cell phone” line? smh. awful. i never thought i would see the day where i would stop listenin to new wayne music but i think i have finally reached it. this mixtape was a 2/5 for me mainly because it was wayne and a dedication. other than that it wasn’t that good at all for me. ughhh Fml.

  • BrucieBME

    Man ya say D5 not the best it is. No ceiling is the music in the past the style changed so does the rappers didn’t drake change nobody gives him shit about it. D5 is the best tape Wayne put out and to be honest i like tunchi tune is still lyrical So what if he talk about pussy all the time.Ya mad ya don’t get pussy.

    Ya heard me!!!!! Lol

  • BrucieBME

    @jc if you didnt like it why listen to it 3 times your a true hater

  • Lyrical God

    Lyrics to dedication 5
    Levels ft. Vado

  • Senze

    Let’s be honest, the tape did not excite in any type of way. Too many features, if is Wayne, I want Wayne.
    It lacks the excitement that can be found on “No Ceilings”.
    I had to go wash out this tape with some C3.
    Lil Wayne is one of my top rappers but to be honest and it is sad to say the old Wayne its gone perhaps forever, though lets just see if he can bring it on C5.

  • #1 fan

    haters did you heard the news on ymcmbhq.com “D5 one of the historical mixtapes in history! it has currently been vied on datpiff over 3.6 million times and has roughly 500,00 downloads after only a day and a half of being out”

  • JC

    @brucieBME you’re an idiot. I listened to it 3 times because I’m a huge Wayne fan and wanted to like it. Not sure how that makes me a hater…smh. I swear some people are so dumb. I honestly tried but other than 5-6 songs this tape isn’t very good. I’m sorry but that’s how I feel

  • Luzwilo

    best eva had…

  • xander the great

    It had bits and peices of it that reminded of dedications 1-4 with some new spice. It was almost liked he time traveled. But over all it was good. No denying he stepped it up. Better then ianahb.

  • blubonikronic88

    R.I.P to all others. Wayne and eveyone killed the mother fucker. If you think otherwise then you seriously shouldnt listen because its over your head. The metaphores and flow are damn near flawless. Man is a genious PERIOD

  • eurekafranklin

    chance the rapper and euro went hard so did chuckee aka birdman Jr Jr but Wayne killed every verse and is still the greatest rapper alive this was dedicated to all you fuck niggas

  • wtf

    S/o to @JC

  • ***ATTENTION***
    that being said this was better than d4 WHICH WAS TRASH anyone who says d4 was anywhere near waynes best mixtapes is a fake fan who showed up after C3… wayne has fallen off. Its NOT HATE im still a huge fan but its a fact. I get an average amount of pussy so those who claim that is the reason are stupid. who wants to hear “i eat pussy x2200000” Wayne used to put out some mixtapes that made you talk about them until the next one dropped his old bars were SO CRAZY now its LAZY. if you dont see a problem with how lazy his lines are you are a dick head… and a dickeater… “she gone learn 2nite call it niteschool” DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT IS GOOD!?!?

    D5 is not terrible but its far from the standard he set with d1 and d2

  • weezyfbabypleasesaythebaby

    Comeback.. comeback.. please comeback!

    Fuck you and yo interest Bitch We on some shoot the interest ShitBetter find the exit boy, my nina is so sexy boy And she feelin’ desperate boy, Don’t make her molest ya boyPressure pressure boy, what will make you test the boyI’m great with no effort boy, yo face will get severed boyI’m breakin’ yo level boy, I’m takin yo medal boyWeezy F baby and the F is for forever BOY!

  • wtf

    S/o to @ZipLiner @weezyfbabypleasesaythebaby

    I told y’all is def classic Wayne

  • @wtf word! told yall is my shit

  • Stef

    My opinion so doesn’t mean fact. I’m not Finna say no shit like “I’ve been a Wayne fan since Hotboyz!” Lol hell no. But I’ve been a major Wayne fan since C3. Even tho they say C2 was his best album, I say C3 kills it. My opinion tho. Like No ceilings was the best mixtape. Then Drought 3. But I respect @wtf kuz he makes 100% sense. And I hate how fans defend Wayne by talking shit and by not stating facts. D5 sounds good to me but it’s no C3 or NC. But I’m not looking for that lol I’m just looking for some Wayne music.

  • Stef

    So what if Wayne fell off, I still fucks with him kuz his fell off still kills 95% of other rappers. If I wanna hear old Wayne, I play old Wayne. Simple as that. This nigga got PLENTY of old music u can jam too if u wanna complain “IT’S NOT THE SAME”. Just enjoy his music

  • Stef

    Another thing. His D5 mixtape is great. A 8/10 to me. Mainly kuz I didn’t expect no old Wayne. I expect the same nigga I heard from D4 and IANAHB2. Music these days suck. Lyrically. Niggas ain’t thinking when hearing music nomo, we just hearing shit, not listening or understanding it. Which is y I can fuck with J. Cole and Nas and tru lyricist who have meaning. Imma always fw Wayne tho. That’s my nigga. Pause

  • Stef

    Favorite song off D5 is You song. It’s catchy
    Best lyrical song off D5 is Cream. Closest to old Wayne
    Favorite Wayne songs: I feel like dying, pussy money weed, prostitute, I’m me, drop the world, one way trip, best thing yet, trouble, one night only, me and my drank, dear summer, I know the future.
    You can tell a lot bout “Wayne fans” by they favorite songs

  • wtf

    Respect to @Stef I def agree

    Wayne will always be that dude & d5 is a lot better than d4.

    I’m no hater just a fan losing hope cuz if u know like i know Wayne could definitely go harder

  • zizouymcmb

    D5 is Dope……. Young Wayne 4 ever

  • BrucieBME

    @stef man exactly tune is still the best rapper alive if i wanna hear old Wayne ima listen to old music you can’t expect a nigga to stay the same 5 years later

  • Nordiep

    @Danny in the song Levels wayne mentioned something about D6, he tell something that he hope he stay alive for D6 or something..

  • Nordiep

    @Danny Lil Tunechi: It’s that motherfuckin Dedication 5, I just hope I’ll be alive to see a Dedication 6…. Lil Tunechi

  • Shaq

    I like mostly all songs on D5 but what i gotta run back everytime i hear it is that damn Levels Freestyle… mannnn sayyy thats Carter 2 Wayne Str8 crinaaaaack all of em str8 drop tho square bidness!!!! my favorite songs from wayne of all times D5 not included:

    Hustlaz Musik
    Prostitute 2
    Cashed Out freestyle
    Demolition Freestyle Pt. 2
    Datz My Nigga
    Im a Go Getta
    Zip it Verse
    Playing With Fire

  • Kidd

    Your list is dope but it looks like you are a new fan??

  • Shaq

    Nah been rockin wit dude since hot boyz nd i fuck wit a lil squad up just new to the site Wayne beeb #1 since block is hot dude carried a whole label his damn self i just acknowledge greatness when i see it most ppl bring uo him skatin nd otha shit that aint got nun to do with music he been relevant since way back when nd he still is its hard to stay consistent in da rap game nd carry a huge fan base like he does he is the G.O A.T… Scoot ova Pac

  • Shaq

    My list was dope af tho lol that was just off tha top of the head the ones i constantly listen to or tha ones i felt he went in tha booth on tha good nd just let loose

  • Stef

    @shaq dope list. & I’m not too much of a fan of the hot Boyz Wayne. He didn’t get my attention til carter 3.

  • mahya-iran

    where is lyrics?

  • What do skatein and rappin have to do with anything yall to funny to mee atleast he ain’t out there do stupid shyt like chief keef and shyt yall say yall don’t like hes music then GET THE FUKK OFF HE’S site lil Wayne is wayyyyy talented like the wayyy he use big words put shyt together and he’s swagger when he rap’s not a lot of rappers do that he makes great music that’s why he a top M.C yall go listen to chief keef n the rest off the trash rappers and shyt y’all too funny while y’all hatein my nigga lil Tune eatin reall good YMCMB RICH GANG!!!!!!!!

  • WeDontBelieveU


    Big words??? GIVE ME ONE BIG WORD FROM

  • dedication2
  • UOENO The beat is Crazy…..

  • Kidd

    @wedontbelieveu insomnia, parliaments, pletunes and more…..

    Pletunes is not really a big word but most people dont know what it means so it count

  • Tunemariej

    lyrics of D5??? please!!

  • Peace Of Mind

    cream tho

  • Edo

    Eurooooooo is such a damn good rapper, where did Wayne found him?

  • Jay

    I am from india ..and i love weezy and his mixtape 5..

  • hackable

    damn weezy aint weezy like one time word to the mixtape still Y.M.C.M.B till i decide when to stop…………………..

  • the cover is awwweeessoommeeee ♥!! Xxxxxx

  • bigbase09

    Why everybody keep mention c3 d3 d2 nc etc have yall forgotten about tha carter one and two??wat about da drought one and two or his sqad up mixtapes??yall just completely forgot about dat but sayin yall been fans since hot boyz but if yall was yall woulda brought up those masterpieces as well smh

  • andile Carter

    lil wayne killed d5 I luv d whole album it enjoyable “kill my vibe” nice track but my best track iz uoeno u did it weezy real nigga nigga az long tunchi alive all niggaz ain’t safe

  • Tebo69

    Typa Way, Dont Kill, Started, Way We Ballin’, Devastation.. Wayne has some killers flows on those tracks..