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DJ Khaled Talks Lil Wayne vs. Birdman Feud & Confirms He Left Cash Money Records

Wed, May 13, 2015 by

DJ Khaled Talks Lil Wayne vs Birdman Feud & Confirms He Left Cash Money Records

On Monday, DJ Khaled stopped by Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” radio show in New York City to chat with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God, as well as to promote his “How Many Times” single featuring Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Big Sean.

During the conversation at the 6:00 mark, Khaled discussed the current feud going on between two people that he considers “family” – Wayne and Birdman. He also confirmed that he is no longer signed to Cash Money Records, but says he is still affiliated with them.

You can watch DJ Khaled‘s interview with “The Breakfast Club” after the jump below!

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  • yup

    Damb cash money aint,a army no more

    • kentunechi

      Hell yea

  • kentunechi

    I didn’t get to see it

    • CarterBoy

      see what?

      • kentunechi

        I was talking about the breakfast club interview

  • CarterBoy

    vegas > how many times

    sorry khaled

    • fewcha



        Like wise hmmmmm

    • JTRowling

      Well now….

    • TBRA


    • WeezyF

      Waynes verse on vegas is better the rest it wack

  • fewcha

    only paris hilton and caskey are left on cash money
    everyone else done left
    r.i.p. cash money

    • Crown Me King

      JUVIEEEEEE hahahah

      • Patrick H

        He dumb hah.


        He sick came there for young money ended up with stale ass cash money

    • Thugger

      • David D

        He not on cash money, he on 300.

      • Weezy

        he usin the fuk outta birdman..thug ain’t dumb man

        • Yup that’s why he aint sign shit..he’s gon leave bm & sign w young money by the end of 2015

          • #1Stunna

            your’re trippin

          • mikeyt

            Not gonna happen

  • TuneThaGoat#FWA

    Nicki should bring out Wayne and Drake at the Billboard Music Awards

    • Probably for truffle butter & only

      • David D

        But she ain’t performing that song so she wont

    • Crown Me King

      She isn’t performing them. Some of her pop songs and that’s it.

    • David D

      She only performing the night is still young and that song with David Guetta so she won’t.

  • Cenzo

    Cash Money will be history at the end of the year hahah!

  • Very brave And wise DJ Khaled

  • Heroshe_tunechi

    Me u n Hennessy
    Ain’t gonna lie
    Find you
    How many times
    Kissing on my tattoos
    Used to
    Let me through
    Bass ackwards

    13 Features this year so far.. Correct me if I forgot something

    • David D

      Looks correct to me.


      You got it big homie

    • Gudda Gudda

      over half are dope which is good to me

    • Sparks

      Yeah not all the features there are dope almost half of em ain’t dope to me anyways

    • JTRowling

      Commas! Haha


        Sheesh 14 I was low ballin

        • JTRowling

          Lmao, you straight

      • Heroshe_tunechi

        Yeah if you count commas you have to count amazing Amy as well

    • Paradox666

      Was Errybody Last Year?

      • Heroshe_tunechi

        Yep October 6th

    • Tunechilee

      Fuck features I want full weezy traks. Every other artist is shit. Weezy da god

      • Heroshe_tunechi

        Sum’n is better than nuth’n

    • Runnli carter v

      let me through was last year:
      Here is tha list for this year maine

      Me u n hennessy
      Ain’t gonna lie
      Find you
      how many times
      Used to
      Bass ackwards
      Kissing on my tattoos
      Ym cypher

  • David D

    I’m not having that fat leopard isn’t hood.

    Go listen to that YM cypher and there voices are exactly the same.

    Oh and hood got a leopard tattooed on his hand.

    That guy aint fooling anyone.

    • Gudda Gudda

      he the only one from young money who be retweeting about vegas too

    • BJ

      It would be too funny if that’s him

    • don pepperoni

      Everybody know dat fat leopard is hood bruh, first time i heard vegas i knew it was him, nd on his instgram he been posting pics of leopard @hood2go

  • El jeffe

    Theres a new video for Dreams and nightmares with lil wayne skating On YouTube.. Wonder if its legit it looks like it..!!!!!

    • Crown Me King

      Yea West of the Five is legit

    • He out it on his IG too


    Cash money the house that wayne built

    Young money the mansion he left that bitch for

    #YMONLY #RIPcashmoney

  • Gudda Gudda

    who remembers FWA???


      Lol he tryna let his features eat once we hear that he know we gonna me on that hard lol

    • JTRowling

      Biy I aint seen you on here in a min. What you been on?

    • MBDTF

      No need to remeber because FWA is not coming out this month, most likely FWA is coming out beginning of June, Wayne’s last Release Party for S4TW2 continues all the way till 31st May. This is for everyone on this site, for now just forget about it and when it drops it drops, if you keep on expecting it then you will continue to be disappointed

      • Tyler

        Fwa will be considered the long lost album. That shit ain’t coming out for awhile. I jus stopped hoping for it.. Honestly I’m only anticipating ASAPs new album.

    • PAIN

      there was something wasnt it the album from weezy we never heard and probably never will? Yeahh i remember that one

    • Wize

      Cause when a wolf cry wolf, you still see that wolf’s teeth, mothafucka.

  • Patrick H

    When that chief keef song dropping?

  • Weezy

    wayne and turk fukn wit each other like them olden days thats wassup!

  • Weezy

    u was my nigga, my nerve, my joy, my herb, my main muthakn man turk!


      Then now real niggas stay friends

  • Weezy

    the amount of ppl that were quick to join cash money are quick to leave lmao

  • WeeZyF

    Lmao Cash Money is shit now, lmao my sides!!!

  • Hollygrove ain’t far from Htown

  • BJ

    R.I.P. Cash Money, You’ll never be forgotten.

  • Crown Me King

    Wayne, Khaled, Bow Wow, Tyga, Chuckee to name a few

    • Aye

      Busta left. Pretty sure jay Sean did too

      • Crown Me King

        Yea Jay Sean did good looks

  • I love that man

  • MrNinoBrown

    Man when I watch the Boosie documentary I feel like that’s what we was supposed to get after Wayne was released from prison but we never get anything Idk what did Scoobdoo do with all the stuffs he was filming SMH

  • Runnli carter v

    I need a life, I know, but here is a list off this year so far:

    Master P – Power feat Lil Wayne, Gangsta & Ace B [4.1.2015]
    August Alsina – Kissin’ on my Tattoos (remix) feat Lil Wayne [14.2.2015]
    Plies – Find you feat Lil Wayne & K Camp [10.2.2015]
    Drake – Used to feat Lil Wayne (new version) [13.2.2015]
    Big Sean – Deep feat Lil Wayne [18.2.2015]
    Yound Money Cypher [16.3.2015]
    Tyler, The Creator – Smuckers feat Lil Wayne & Kanye West [12.4.2015]
    Future – Fuck up some commas (remix) feat Lil Wayne [13.4.2015]
    YT Triz – Vamonos (remix) feat Lil Wayne & Rick Ross [20.4.2015]
    Dej Loaf – Me, U & Hennessy (remix) feat Lil Wayne [22.4.2015]
    Tech N9ne – Bass Ackwards feat Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti & Big Scoob [30.4.2015]
    French Montana – I ain’t gonna lie feat Lil Wayne [8.5.2015]
    Fat Leopard – Vegas feat Lil Wayne [12.5.2015]
    Dj Khaled – How many times feat Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Chris Brown [11.5.2015]


    Lil Wayne – Amazing Amy feat Migos [24.1.2015]

    Mixtape’s / Albums

    Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 the wait 2 [20.1.2015] [17 Tracks]


    Lil Wayne – CoCo [18.3.2015]
    Lil Wayne – HollyWeezy [20.4.2015]
    Lil Wayne – Selsun blue [6.5.2015]
    Dj Khaled – How Many Times feat lil Wa

  • weezyftunechi

    Tez when Wayne tries to put out a project

    • WEEZY

      lebron makes me hard as a rock

    • Chuck_Brazy

      LeBron a beast

      • kb55

        Young Thug (LeBron) Weezy (D.Rose)

        These 105 leaks are fire!!!! and Im a huge Weezy fan but Thugger is NICE!!!!!

  • Hope Weezy live Forever and ever

  • kb55


    Weezy see now Thug real about dat life. Has Weezy ranted about Thug since getting his buses shot up in ATL????? NOPE!! Thug a real Blood and Weezy not… #FACTSS

  • Yeezus

    Carter V will be out before the FWA album. Smh