T-Pain Explains Why Lil Wayne Isn’t Releasing New Music & Reveals Why He Dropped “T-Wayne”

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T-Pain Explains Why Lil Wayne Isnt Releasing New Music & Reveals Why He Dropped T-Wayne

T-Pain recently sat down with Micah Peters from The Ringer for a one on one interview to speak on his and Lil Wayne‘s T-Wayne collaboration project, which you can check out below.

During their conversation, Pain spoke on why he decided to finally put out T-Wayne after 9 years, the hand drawn artwork for it, the recording process, what his relationship is like with Tunechi right now, the Willy Wonka sample on “Listen To Me“, and knowing the project is old when you can hear Tune referencing a Sidekick phone in one of his verses.

The singer-songwriter also explained Weezy‘s current record label situation with Cash Money Records by confirming that Wayne can release as much music as he wants, but the people that would benefit from the music are not people he wants to benefit from it!

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  • AutoTunechi

    And that’s why he gives us mostly average verses #FuckBirdman #FreeC5

  • Raz!

    wayne rapping about a sidekick was hilarious

  • David D

    The willy wonka sample 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • #1Stunna

    Top 3 from T-Wayne:
    1. Heavy Chevy
    2. Listen To Me
    3. Breathe
    Honorable Mention
    Waist of a Wasp

    • Giraffe Boy

      i think waist of a wasp and damn damn damn would both be in my top 3 if they hadn’t leaked years ago

      heavy chevy, listen to me and breathe are all dope but i think you’re putting them in your top 3 cause they are fresh and we haven’t heard them before

      • #1Stunna

        true they are fresh. but they are without a doubt better than the other songs.

        • Ye’

          Listen to me verse best one on the project

      • triggacity813#FreePOP

        Maybe but Breathe is fire as fuck

    • Raz!

      not a bad list

    • InfamousWeezy

      TWayne > Collegrove ?

      • #1Stunna

        100% Yes.

  • Giraffe Boy

    he stacking up dope songs ready to release when he leaves birdman but we all know that will never happen

  • TooReal

    Free Weezy

  • ❤️Young savage 🗡

    I really think if Wayne would never diss birdman on stage and songs birdman would let him go tbh

    • WeezyLEF


    • #1Stunna

      smh that’s not how lawsuits work.

  • Muhammed Riyaz Zx

    Now the fact is birdman is earning money with some new artist
    and wayne is just wasting his career



      • G.O.A.T worshipper

        They ain’t even talking bout birdman’s bitch ass! If a artist can’t hold a label on their back like Wayne did, you a nobody! End of story

  • ⚜️BATMAN🛡

    I’m still waiting on “dangerous” Wayne to come out



  • Ralphlauren Miller

    Imma let you breathe

  • Khosta The God

    Wayne dont give af bout his fans then

    • 1017BLOOD

      His “fans” should appreciate all the music he’s gave us in the past 20 years and support the fact he doesnt want Cash Money profiting off his music anymore

      • Khosta The God

        Cuh he can just give us old music leftovers or something

      • Mystic Weezy#Comebacktime

        If he retired I would respect that and wouldn’t expect any music from him but the fact is he is not at least he hasn’t said anything officially so to expect a solo song from him once in while and for him and his camp to stop making false statements isn’t too much to ask imo

  • TooReal

    In the spirit of Chevy’s IMA switch to T-Wayne and take it back….woah!! …….I said a long long time ago I can still remember how the music use to make me smileeee!!!

  • Tunde

    Dang what if those who said Wayne only used the autotune giving us average verses are right…only to keep Birdman at bay. But then again I could be totally wrong and he could just be making terrible music decisions. A fan can wonder.

    • Khosta The God

      Only 3 in every 10 new songs his terrible wtf

    • JTLivinRight

      I’ve been saying this, I feel like he’s tired of using autotune, but realized that if he raps in his regular voice all the way theough this beef, C5 wont stand out like it should. Like for example, you can feel the Carter vibes in Start This Shit Off Right and it sounds drastically different and more coherent than his 15-17 autotune run. Its a move that’s worth it, but at this point Wayne probably is better off dropping his album through CM because this situation is only draining him- or at least based on this, he’s draining himself…

  • T-Twitch

    Wayne’s fucking himself then. Hes ruining his career because he doesn’t like the people he working with. All the carter’s on cash and carter 5 got Cash Money shout outs. Just drop it on cashmoney for petesake



  • Khosta The God

    Man who are those kids that sound like Rae Sremmurd that Wayne signed to YM and brought them out on that concert,Damn those kids are dope

  • Khosta The God

    NVM he says their name in the vid, they Vice Versa! Wayne gon eat from these kids

  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    We pretty much already knew that pain. But thanks for dropping T-Wayne for us🤙🏾

  • Sprite Lee

    BS, Birdman sued spotify when FWA dropped on it.

  • Brandon Glenn

    P G L T M

  • Destroyer 666

    Really the whole mixtape is 🔥 thats when Lil Weezy was using autotune just right. And T-pain had some dope ass verses too #FreeC5 #FreeD6 #FreeFuneral