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Birdman Appears On “Wendy Williams”, Confirms Him & Lil Wayne Will Be Working Together Again [Video]

Sun, Feb 25, 2018 by

Birdman Appears On Wendy Williams, Confirms Him & Lil Wayne Will Be Working Together Again

Earlier in the week, Birdman made his debut appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” to promote his “Before Anythang: The Story Behind The Cash Money Records Empire” documentary.

While on the American talk show, Baby talked about his relationship with fiancee Toni Braxton, his 2 kids Brian and Bria, Nicki Minaj, and plenty more.

The #1 Stunna also had some stuff to say about Lil Wayne including how all of the tabloids are getting the story backwards about him stopping the release of Tha Carter V and owing Wayne $51 million.

However, Birdman revealed he can’t explain the situation as of right now but confirmed that at some point in time we will see both him and Weezy back working together again. You can see Baby‘s sit-down interview with Wendy Williams below!

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  • David D

    Fuck Wendy Williams bitch look like a dude and her hair looks glued

    • Wayne> UrFavRapper

      And her body looks chewed

    • Raz!

      hope wayne never goes on this show

      • Hunter Yates

        Don’t worry, he won’t

      • YMYSL 🐍🐍

        I don’t think they have beef anymore, but he wouldn’t go on there lol. But hey, who knows

  • FoFoBullDogg

    Just because he said it at Wendy’s doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen… He got bird flu

  • Raz!

    nigga got his own shoe line for himself only lol

  • Giraffe Boy

    birdman a good dude man

  • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

    So are we gonna pretend like Streetrunner and dem havent been consistent with the remakes. I’m still in false hope that one day Scarface is masteredπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  • 🐐🐐

    Ex’s be like

  • Weezy Wayne

    birdman is the ex girlfriend that continues to say you’re together after 2 months of breaking up

    • MuddyCupSavage

      Except this niggas been goin on like that for 4 years

  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    Birdman like a thot in a relationship that don’t know when it’s over. I think Morgan Freeman could help explain it to him

  • triggacity813#FreePOP

    I feel like theyre close to settlement

    • Crown4weezy

      I hope so i was just listeing to the snippets again and head a different version of the mona lisa and i just wanna hear it all already lol. If not then i hope he drope a dope ass album 10 or 15 tracks is cool just somthing dope by the end of the year

    • – since 2014

  • Birdman tryna top the “I’m a gangster miss Katy” with “I’m just a gangster, certified too. But whats that to do with love?” Hahaha no lie that was slick doe

  • A.

    nicky has a silver star on each boob in the pic.
    thats hot. she is hot in this pic.
    usually i dont find her hot.


    • Patrick H

      Nicki always hot.

  • RSB

    Who was there when no one wasn’t ? Just my daddy , who was there when I needed money ? Just my daddy , so who be there when I see the money ? Just my daddy

    • 🐐🐐

      😒😒😒 nobody see’s the money now

  • Justin Cayz

    Birdman, lemme hold a million bucks
    He gave it to me, didnt even ask for what

  • Stunna Number Blocked

    Birdman actually seem like a cool dude full of shit nonetheless but cool

  • LIAR

  • Scream☁️9FDAWORLD

    i can’t believe this if it’s true πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


    If Money Grow on Trees, I’d Climb & Rest in that Shit; Build a Tree House & Knock the Bird Nest Out that Bitch

    • Ronan πŸ‘½

      Family Feud! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Carter3 Lil Wayne

    Who you supposed to be Wendy Williams or something (Wayne voice)

  • JJFreeC5

    I really would love to believe him that the issue is portrayed wrong in the media bec that does happen all the time… but Wayne is saying fuk em any chance he gets so I really think he’s just bullshitting per usual πŸ˜‚

  • 🐐🐐

    Wayne gone announce new music this spring Jt think around the rolling loud fest and gone drop in june-August maybe C5 πŸ‘€


  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    no rapper fell off harder than soulja

    mane new album got 2500 VIEWS on YOUTUBE in a month.

    first week album sales looking like 3 copies lmaoooooooo

    he aint go platinum
    or gold
    or silver
    or bronze
    or wood
    or plastic
    or paper

    mane went triple oxygen

    • YMYSL 🐍🐍


    • Patrick H


  • GoWeezy
  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    yeah Weezy N Madonna remind me of Hustler Musik

    • Carter3 Lil Wayne


  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    Cash Money is an army I’m a one man army
    And if them niggas cumming for me I open my mouth I want it

    • Day1_la_laker

      u gay asf

  • GoWeezy

    Codine Dreamin

    • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

      never seen u b4

      • GoWeezy

        Yeah right
        U wrote a song about me

        • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

          what u talkn bout

          • GoWeezy


  • Carter3 Lil Wayne

    Birdman was an ugly teenager

    • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired


    • Patrick H

      Still is.

  • Scream☁️9FDAWORLD

    I’m working on that Carter V, I got this bitch in fifth gear
    I can’t stand these niggas, I’ma lie down or sit still


  • YMYSL 🐍🐍

    Birdman a clown for posting Wayne with his son on IG lmao.

    • Patrick H


  • Patrick H

    Has anyone watched the documentary yet?

  • King Slime Thugger

    This nigga jus boolin, feet on the table..real big B shit. wayne need to quit bitching, STUNNA SKRRRRRRR

  • David William

    He can’t afford to marry that bitch without a pre