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Producer Bangladesh Explains Why Him, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj Don’t Have “A Body Of Work” Together

Mon, Feb 12, 2018 by

Producer Bangladesh Explains Why Him, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj Dont Have A Body Of Work Together

Bangladesh recently chopped it up with Rap-Up about his past work with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, as we as if he will be working with them again.

The Grammy-winning producer revealed he would like to work with Tunechi and Nicki again, but business situations are stopping them from doing do.

“Me and Wayne only did two joints, but why? Why we only did two joints? Why Bangladesh and Lil Wayne, who did ‘A Milli’ and ‘6 Foot 7 Foot,’ why they only did these two things? Why they don’t got a body of work?”

You can read everything that Bangladesh said after the jump below! Do you think the issue here is with Cash Money Records not paying him what he is owed and would you like to hear him and Weezy work together again?

Nicki Minaj is working on a new album. Will you be a part of it?
I ain’t really talked to Nicki lately. I would like to work with Nicki. I would like to work with Lil Wayne. I would like to work with anybody. But sometimes, the business unfortunately don’t allow us to deliver the things that we’re here to do. It stops it. It’s the hinderance of everything. Me and Wayne only did two joints, but why? Why we only did two joints? Why Bangladesh and Lil Wayne, who did “A Milli” and “6 Foot 7 Foot,” why they only did these two things? Why they don’t got a body of work? Why Nicki, who did “Did It On’em,” which is like the urban favorite, you gotta ask yourself, “Why?” There’s reasons. It’s not me. It’s not the beats ain’t good. I don’t think it’s none of that. It’s just situations don’t allow things to happen sometimes.

You mean business?
Yeah, business. The type of person I am, I can work with them. I can work with them and deal with not getting paid on the backend, but sometimes you just gotta make a choice with what you want to do in life.

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  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    I need my money long like a milli verse 👌🏾

  • YungJackBauer

    A milli a milli

  • Raz!

    i thought he did more than a milli and 6 foot 7 foot

  • Doko360

    Baby didn’t pay him too😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • G.O.A.T worshipper

      Birdy got liens on everything so it’s obvious he ain’t paying nobody

    • Giraffe Boy


  • King Slime Thugger

    No chandeliers i got guns hanging from the ceiling

    • Giraffe Boy

      turn my swag on remix

    • ReGuarlyiiRReGular

      White benz chrome wheels like a napkin on a nickel

    • triggacity813#FreePOP

      Lil nigga yous a square & I’ma a Porsche box

  • Giraffe Boy
  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    Anybody remember the name of the skit on the Shanel mixtape or something like that where wayne talks bout a random bitch showing up to his house?


    • Hunter Yates

      I thought it was on raj smooths mixtape released back in 2015?

  • Don Plantmen

    Cash Money stupid AF for not paying this dude.. Dude gave you 2 of Wayne’s most successful and lyrical tracks of all time.. why would we not have a collab album of the two?

  • RSB

    Either birdman is that much of a gangsta or all these guys are bitches . Maybe both

    • Doko360


  • A.

    maybe they paid him by including bengladesh at the beginnin of a milli which is a huge publicity for bengladesh. maybe it is like a wink and nod contract between the 2 that bengladesh didnt get? LSD. lil wayne has lots of these contracts i think, but he is not a business man so he doesnt mention them and get fucked later on because its not a usual contract and it can e taken advatange of on both sides. Since a lot of things wayne does is on the fly and so quickly, he needs a new form of contracts. They need a on the fly manager that works quickly like wayne maybe.

  • Yo

    Is Wayne washed up?

    • Patrick H


  • A.

    it’s a lot more complex than that. It’s not only about the listeners, it’s about the whole industry. yeah, they should rewrite the way they do business cuz paperwork and creativity dont go along well. they need some new form, better intermediaries, better management, someone who can have one foot in the studio and one foot in the business world. SOmeone who can also pick up what is implied, all the things that are not said but are part of the song and the contract and put them into words, make the implicit, explicit.
    Darude – Sandstorm
    drugs ad opiates work in the undercurrents.

  • A.

    and anyway, wayne already paid for it
    he did time
    he went to prison.
    so it’s over.
    ur missing the point anyway.
    its a riddle.
    it’s like garbage collection. no one wants to look at it. but wayne is the trash man, he ll look into it. (go dj, go bengladesh)
    im sewer rich, bitch!
    i mean 4 a regular artist it would not make sense
    but not for wayne, its different. he needs to figure out what it implies working with him, what value he gives ohter than money that makes it worth it working with him.
    he is a big name in the rap game, that’s one of the thing he can give.
    satisfied with nothing, u dont know the half of it. 6 foot 7 foot
    or he could restructure everything and pay everyone he didnt pay.

    • RSB

      Tf lol

      • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

        Mane on heroin

  • Crown4weezy

    thug got a new wayne diss called idol leaked buy those musicmafia guys

    • Don Plantmen

      Just gave it a listen, he wasted a great beat, Thug is so fucking Whack it’s quite hilarious; he made ZERO contact with all those shots thrown.. it was worse than Waynes Pusha diss lol

    • dharma

      Not new.

      • Crown4weezy

        how you know? this the first timeim seeing it so i thought it was new and it was on musicmafic home page

        • dharma

          If you were a Thugger fan you could tell by his voice and flow. This is from the time they beefed in 2015.

          • Crown4weezy

            well its new cuz it came out now not 3 years ago

            • YMYSL 🐍🐍

              Just because it came out now, doesn’t mean it’s a new song. It’s only new to our ears.

            • dharma

              A song recorded in 1965 can come out today doesn’t mean it’s new lol


  • King Slime Thugger

    Thug a real gangster !! DONT GET DISCOURAGED WHEN I GO 730 NIGGA!!! Wayne pussy ass dont want no real smoke

    • Patrick H


  • Crown4weezy

    well its new cuz we just heard it lol but yea

  • A.

    just trying to figure out shit.
    maybe im wrong but something tells me im not

  • dharma

    I wouldn’t say he’s a talented rapper but a talented artist, lyrically he’s trash but hit music is so gooooooood

  • David D

    Ahh well Wayne will get over that

  • Crown4weezy

    that trippi dude got songs with a whole lotta view thats not even better then that hell rain snippet im thinking that shit might blow up

    • HUH

    • Patrick H

      It’s never dropping though.


  • Nathaniel Diaz

    Did dude really just say he was willing to work with them regardless if he’s not going to get paid? 🤣😂 wat kinda hoe shit is that?