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Rich The Kid Reveals When His “End Of Discussion” Collaboration With Lil Wayne Will Drop, Calls Him “The GOAT” [Video]

Sat, Feb 10, 2018 by

Rich The Kid Reveals When His End Of Discussion Collaboration With Lil Wayne Will Drop, Calls Him The GOAT

Rich The Kid recently sat down with Zane Lowe for a one on one interview with Beats 1 radio station to promote his upcoming 13-song album, which currently has no title, that will drop in March via Interscope Records.

During their conversation (see below), Rich revealed his “End Of Discussion” collaboration with Lil Wayne will appear on his forthcoming project. If you want to hear what the song will sound like, click here to hear a snippet of it!

While confirming Weezy will be featured on his album, RTK also called him “the GOAT” and added: “He’s one of the greatest. Everybody that’s doing it right now, in my generation, he has definitely influenced them. You have to salute him off the top.”

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  • King Slime Thugger

    Fuck MK

    • Scream☁️9FDAWORLD

      who is MK ?

      • Giraffe Boy

        a lil uzi dick rider

        • Scream☁️9FDAWORLD

          oh ok it’s lil mk vert

          • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

            lmaoooo murked his ahh with that

  • King Slime Thugger

    Rich the bitch held on to this song like it was dear life..better be lit

  • RSB

    No smoke no smoke mk don’t want it

  • David D

    Someone new says Wayne is the GOAT daily it seems

    • Giraffe Boy

      they are just stating facts

  • Giraffe Boy
  • Raz!


  • Skrrrt Cobain

    for nothing > quality street music intro > street chains

  • Big Bad Wolf sound like You Guessed It part 2

    • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

      you’ve commented this multiple times

  • Hell no that quality music intro is wayne at his best

  • Smh

  • T-Chubbs


  • Krazy is harder

  • If young mk don’t trust you im gon shoot you

  • Stunna Number Blocked


  • Stunna Number Blocked

    You woke up connected to some IV’s
    Beep beep beep beep beep beeeeeeep!

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    “Realshitboi gf Issa Better header than king slim shady mom low key king slim shady’s mom is trash”

    -Lil MK

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    I’m surprised MK don’t be going around dying his hair purple calling himself Lil Uzi Horizontal

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    lying ass. u aint got nothing to do the next few days besides sitting at home playing WWE2k14 wondering why u never went to college

    • Dr Carter

      Wwe2k14 😂😂😂😂

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    oh shit u go to UCSD?

    damn slime respect i see u hustling

    what yo gpa is tho cuh? 2.3?

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    nah they shot his ass in the compound in pakistan and threw him in the sea mane

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    kendrick HELLA overrated to me.

    he was amazing to me in Section 80/GKMC era but he trash to me now


    • Patrick H

      Yea I don’t believe he is the best rapper at all, he raps nonsense like Eminem.

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    chill cuz im obviously just messing with ya ass. i been fuckin wit ya music.

  • YungJackBauer

    Prom queen

    • Patrick H

      On Fire.

    • Time

      Da Da Da


    • Patrick H

      We have one…. “soon come”.

  • I DO TOO


  • Stunna Number Blocked

    Easy For Nothing

  • Patrick H

    Gods Plan is too catchy.

  • Patrick H

    Tough one but For Nothing.

  • My bitch say I’m too wild, she don’t even know why she stay around
    I get home and I dick her down, now she talking ’bout exchanging vows

  • She pay yo ass little mind, you pay that hoe rent on time
    Damn, slime it’s Carter 5 time, give me high five

  • Rns

  • Pray that one day I get what I’m worth
    Niggas wanna taste victory first, gotta work to have it for dessert

    – Wayne be deep when you least expect it #d6r

  • It’s like I can’t explain, y’all asked me to spit
    Now I’m drooling on my chain, what happened to Wayne?
    I’m like: “hold up wait a second, y’all thought I was second?”
    Hating on a champ throwing salt and not confetti
    We pull up and we shoot, then we park the car and edit
    Watch me pull up with no roof, that’s cause I walk the dog and pet it

  • Hol’ up wait a second, you know what I make a second, nigga
    All my pockets pregnant, nigga, all yo’ pockets naked
    Got the sauce I got the method
    And of course I gotta spread it on that presidential kush
    I’m in here coughin’ at election
    Hol’ up presidential rollie, Clinton, Obama, Reagan

  • Get right in a line of fire
    Cocaine on the table make her get down to the bottom line
    Men lie, women lie, people live and lie
    Some people cross the line knowing it’s the finish line
    Some even walk the line knowing it’s the thinnest line
    Puttin’ they life on the line then they just forget they lines
    Some people get in line, some try to skip the line

  • Riding ’round with the volume down, with the windows up and the choppers down
    Soon as we get to yo’ block, it’s the motherfucking other way around

  • R.I.P. to Soulja Slim, soldiers die tryin’, damn

  • A hearts for wings to fly, I bought them dreams alive
    I pulled my team aside to get they finger size
    You shoulda seen they eyes, I got them rings to shine
    You bet that we would die, the whole casino tried
    Oh but when we arrived, the whole arena cried
    I swallow my pride and drive you crazy yeah I drink and drive

  • I pull over, I push a button, it change like Optimus Prime
    Speaking of change, it’s a shame how these lames dropping them dimes
    We aim at your grape, knock it off, now you just Vines
    Blood Gang red rain on these niggas, hide if you dry
    My gang top of the line hollering out: “squad take it outside”

  • It’s Weezy F. Baby and she know that F is for her freaky side

  • You a penny short of a dime bitch
    No nonsense, had a nine since I was nine bitch,

    • Time

      Born to murder

  • For the most part, I’m the southern coast guard
    AK47 spitting flame like a blow torch
    Sorry 4 The Wait

  • Quality music intro better its not even close dude tf


    That Drake Look Alive is not all that idk why everybody hyping it. Drake on a trap type beat don’t mix well IMO

    • Time

      Bro he fucking killed it

    • Gudda Gudda


    • PrinceOfSL

      lmao he snapped fr

  • Time

    Who killed Gumbo more? Wayne or Gudda?

  • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

    Alright guys…on a scale of 1-10 how bad does weed kills your sperm…?

    • Gudda Gudda


  • Gudda Gudda

    i like baby, i might baby, get life baby

  • A.

    are you listening to dedication 6 or dedication 6 reloaded?

    I listend to dedication 6 when it came out.
    Dedication 6 reloaded im getting into it now. Reloaded was harded to get into than dedication 6.
    The vibe is different, its not better or worst but a different vibe i think, Also reloaded is longer, it’s 2 CDs. OR maybe its because i was saturated by dedication6 so it took some time for my brain to process reloaded…

    what do u think?

    • °Jahsehxxx°©

      Reloaded got the better lyrics

  • PrinceOfSL

    Tbh, that shit trash compared to dreams and nightmares. S4TW2 version way better

    • YMYSL 🐍🐍

      The technical side is better on Freaky Side. The engineer did a bad job on SFTW2

      • PrinceOfSL


      • Nah lmao the beat on freaky side just tweaked but the sftw2 one its mixed good with original beat boi tf

    • Nah its not trash its dope but not as the first one

  • Day1_la_laker

    why so salty nigga chill out lol kunechi a “real nigga”


    I just don’t like trap beats or trap music let alone Drake being on one im not saying Drake verse was wack but it won’t all that. I prefer Drake spitting that 5am to Dallas shit or whatever state it was lol. I just don’t like the song and the other dude definitely was trash he sounds like the rest of these new rappers.

    • mortimerr2016


    • °Jahsehxxx°©

      Dallas ain’t a state bruh


    Nah the first one was on some 3 peat wayne shit

  • The quality music intro voice so raw, his bars really stick, his tone you can just feel how focused he was and the beat my goodness. For Nothing is great but doesnt come close its just longer

  • Lmao nah man I think you dont know how to tell dope lyrics

  • Yall trippin about that, that hook the reason its always repeat