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Chance The Rapper Thanks Lil Wayne For Releasing “Tha Carter V”, Kicks Everyone Out Of His Studio Session To Play The Album [Video]

Tue, Nov 13, 2018 by

Chance The Rapper Thanks Lil Wayne For Releasing Tha Carter V, Kicks Everyone Out Of His Studio Session To Play The Album

First things first, before everyone complains I am aware this video is over a month old, but now that Lil Wayne news is slowing down again I will be posting up everything that came out around the release of Tha Carter V, which you haven’t seen on LilWayneHQ yet.

On the night that C5 dropped, Chance The Rapper uploaded a video of himself to his social media thanking Weezy for dropping the album and revealed he kicked everyone out of his studio, so that he could have a private listening session of the project.

Chance also thanked Tunechi for getting him his first ever No. 1 single with “I’m The One“, for getting him his first ever GRAMMY award for “Best Rap Performance“, and for teaching him so much. You can check it out after the jump below!

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  • Emory Griffin


  • Tr1ppyb0y

    I got problem on repeat all day…lowkey i damn ass fire song 🔥🔥🔥🔥


      • -The Wayniac-

        Thank u

      • FoFoBullDogg

        Me neither

    • Stunna Number Blocked

      I’m never wrong, one time I thought I was wrong and I was only mistaken!!

    • Patrick H

      Zaytoven on that beat.

    • -The Wayniac-

      Must be realLowkey then… Cuz its boring and weak

  • Raz!

    chance a real one and always will be

    you song >>>>>

  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    Y’all ain’t gotta go home but you need to get the fuck up out this studio

    • Giraffe Boy


  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    Hittas 💯

    • David D


    • -The Wayniac-

      been sayin that.


      • FoFoBullDogg


  • King Slime Thugger

    Lmfaoo, this shit old as fuck nigga ..” I KnOw ItS oLd” foh

    • Slime Dwise

      Fuck you, you the only nigga on here I can’t stand.🖕

      • Giraffe Boy

        all thug fans are the same

        • °Jahsehxxx°©

          They all booty bandits

  • Dr Carter

    *Lil Wayne on a new song* “I dont wanna be the same from 10 years ago Oh Lord, you gotta accept the new mee”

    *The world about this line* “Damn he really felt that.. people evolve its true..”
    *HQ members* “Lmao he too sensitive. Wheres the Wayne who used To give a fuck about every critics 😂😂”

    • Giraffe Boy


      • Dr Carter

        Man I was in the shower thinking about this scénario. Shit was hiiiilarious I swear

    • DatNiggaJoc

      I’ll give em a T for tried

      • Dr Carter

        Damn das tuff ahaha

  • Dr Carter

    Imagining things like this makes me laugh as hell ahahaj

    • Giraffe Boy

      what did you just say

      • Dr Carter

        Making scenarios about ungrateful Wayne fans

  • Dr Carter
  • Dr Carter

    Thanks chief

  • Giraffe Boy

    c5 still on repeat

    • ALWAYS

    • -The Wayniac-

      Only 5 tracks – Hittas / Dope Niggaz / Famous / Demon / Let It All Work Out


      • FoFoBullDogg

        N.O nigga

  • Lmao Danny “first of all I know this is a month old before y’all complain…”

    • LOL

    • MuddyCupSavage

      Danny be in the comments and sick of all the complaints

  • Read the article faggot don’t come at the GOAT web developer

  • Dr Carter

    RDR2 the best game of all time

    • Patrick H

      “Guns like Red Dead Redemption”.

      • Dr Carter

        Who said dat ?

        • Prince Academics

          Off of B.M.F Rick Ross song

          • Dr Carter


    • Jake Sharma #FreeJuelz🐯


      • Dr Carter

        Whats your ?

        • Jake Sharma #FreeJuelz🐯

          Super Mario Galaxy 2

          • Dr Carter


          • HIDE


          • -The Wayniac-

            We’re not a lil baby kid like you… So “No” …

            Best Game Ever = RDR2

            • Jake Sharma #FreeJuelz🐯

              Metacritic holds RDR2 at a 97. SMG2 has a 97 too lmao

    • -The Wayniac-

      There is No debate.


    • Turtis

      Sosamann is a nobody but his feat was better than Post Malone imo

  • Patrick H

    In My House is so good, I can’t believe they left it off.

    • Big Tune or Lil Tune

      Its ight, hasta la vista way better

      • Diabolic305

        I agree he spazzed out on that shit

    • RSB


    • -The Wayniac-

      Its cuz “they” are trying to make wayne look bad


  • So how does it feel to not hate?

  • RSB

    all the songs that leaked before C5 dropped , C5, velvet leaks, and the new bonus songs RSB has enough wayne music to retire for a few months

    • G.O.A.T worshipper

      Ha. I’m sure Wayne still has music to drop before the yr is over

  • Justin Cayz

    Chance a real one

  • °Jahsehxxx°©

    Danny you Dope asf fam fr. Salute to the legend!

  • James Savage

    CV on repeat but I think fwa had a few songs better then allot in cv

    • -The Wayniac-

      Thank you

  • David D

    I’m the one went no one danny

  • Jay Dee

    I did a song with Wayne and Rkelly gonna drop it this week

  • Im no dickriders, sir. You’re just a hater

  • -The Wayniac-

    He had to kick everyone out becuz he was embarrassed to play it??
    Becuz they didn’t want to hear it ??

    Omg… This is proof..
    CV is awful…wayne better bounce back with his next release.
    im sorry…
    I seriously love wayne.. But his music was never this bad…
    So at least i will be playing his older music till i die… But CV is the worst Carter (and we waited like 7 years for it…Fuck You Mack)

  • That’s what a hater would say