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Mike Banger Reveals Lil Wayne Has Unreleased Music With Michael Jackson & Dr. Dre

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Mike Banger Reveals Lil Wayne Has Unreleased Music With Michael Jackson & Dr Dre

Lil Wayne‘s former recording engineer Mike Banger recently participated in a Q&A (question and answer) session with a Lil Wayne Discord server that you can read in full below.

If you were not already aware, Banger is a RIAA-certified, multi-Platinum and Grammy award-winning recording engineer that has recorded and mixed numerous Tunechi projects including Tha Carter IV, Rebirth, I Am Not A Human Being 1 and 2, We Are Young Money, Sorry 4 The Wait, Dedication 4 and 5, and No Ceilings etc, as well as also produced a few tracks for Tune.

In their interview, Mike talked about Wayne‘s recording process, the difference between Wayne being high and sober in the studio, what percentage of Wayne‘s music actually gets released, and witnessing Wayne record “6 Foot 7 Foot” straight from prison, as well as everyone being out of their minds from mushrooms for the “No Worries” session. He also revealed Weezy has unreleased music with both Michael Jackson and Dr. Dre!

Q: What is the most memorable studio session you had with Wayne?
A: There was a few. As far as his performance.. 6ft 7ft right out of prison was dope. Megaman as well. Bill Gates too. As far as the general studio vibe lol “No Worries” was hilarious. Shroom fueled. Everyone was out of their mind.

Lastly though, unreleased Dr Dre Detox album session was probably my fav. Dre was in there having a west coast party in our studio. So loud that we walked out. Wayne wrote the verse in his head outside. We came in and did it in like 10 min. Dre was ready to work for 10 years. Even after wayne recorded his part, Dre hovered over me telling me how to mix and requested doubles from Wayne. I ignored him and did it my way while he was making demands. When he was done asking for shit. I was done mixing and his ears were blown away.

About how many songs would Wayne record per session?
At any given time, I’d say we’re working on at least 3 songs at a time. Usually finishing whichever one was started previously, as well as starting a new one, plus whatever feature was sent to do. Sometimes more but yea that’s the healthy workflow IMO. 3 at a time

What rapper would you say had the best visible chemistry with Wayne during a session? And were there rappers who had no chemistry with Weezy? Or atleast bad chemistry with?
Sadly, no one really comes to mind. I would say no one, but if I remember anyone I’ll edit this answer. Edit, I’ll say Gudda the most out of everyone to the last question

Is Wayne different in the studio when he is high vs. when he is sober?
Idk the answer since he was always high. If he was anywhere near sober, I knew there was about to be temper tantrum explosion. I wish he’d stop and help himself. Watching him get hospitalized multiple times hurts to see

Why did y’all go with the IANAHB2 intro piano beat rather than the “Rich Forever” beat?
I think I remember basically Ross’s album got the release date and budget opened up sooner than Wayne so the producer did what he had to do. Although for the most part we kept the same inspiration and the piano player (ELEW. Badass) listened to the original before he played his part live. They actually recorded it simultaneously together so that was dope to record.

What percentage of songs never see an official release?
Maybe like 70%

Who did/would you have liked to see Wayne collab with (while you were there and now)?
Probably more Drake and Nicki. Feel like they should’ve made a whole album together when the iron was hot. Outside of the team though, hmmm…. not sure because he’s been featured with damn near everyone lol

Who was the biggest artist (besides drake and nicki) wayne did a song with that wasnt released for whatever reason?
Michael Jackson or Dr Dre? Did MJ get released? It wasn’t great tho lol

What was your first reaction to Shane Heyl’s legendary verse over your beat?
This is the worst shit ever but damn that’s skatin ass Shane so fuck it! Also I hate my beat. It was a request made in like an hour. Plus I didn’t and don’t get paid for it so I hate everything lol

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