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Lil Wayne & Drake Scrap Collabo Project x Weezy & Birdman Headline MTV2 Sucker Free Awards

Tue, Nov 8, 2011 by

Lil Wayne & Drake Scrap Collabo Project x Weezy & Birdman Headline MTV2 Sucker Free Awards

Earlier, Drake told XXL Magazine that him and Lil Wayne have agreed to scrap their joint project, because it would just be compared to Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne album every time. Drizzy is still planning to do a collabo mixtape with Rick Ross though, so I am sure we will see quite a few YMCMB and MMG collaborations on there!

“Me and Wayne scrapped the idea of a collaboration album,” Drake told XXL. “We just agreed that it would be looked upon as… It would be sort of this competition with Watch The Throne. I feel like it would get caught in this whirlwind of hype. Wayne agreed. We just said, ‘If we do it, we’ll do it down the line. But right now is not the time.'”

In other Weezy news, MTV recently announced that Tunechi and Birdman will be performing “Y.U. Mad” live at the first annual MTV2 Sucker Free Awards in Miami. The show, which will be hosted by Sway Calloway, will air on Sunday, December 4th at 11PM EST at the LIV Fontainebleau in South Beach.

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    first bitches

  • lil2chi


  • eezy


  • Elvis


  • Maddison


  • first!!!!!!

  • First!!!!! i hope it works out well i know forsure its gonna kill watch the throne even thou wayne hasnt heard it !


    hahahahaha you thought you were first motherfuckaz ! ha 😀 weezy ymcmb tha carter > Take Care

  • Josh

    All these first smh faggot ass niggas so wayne and drake wont do it cuz they know it wont touch WTT good idea your solo careers are good

  • First! it will be better than watch the throne no ?s !



  • Firsttt!!!!

  • Isaac L

    Yall sound like some little kids saying first grow the fuck up and wtt cant be touch by no up and coming collaborative album that shit is pure lyrics and subject matter


    @Josh kidding us lol wtt pure trash ma nigga c4>wtt wayne&drake> 5xwtt

  • Keon gstone

    Didnt wayne and dralke have the idea first and now they dont wanna do it cuz ye and jay dropped it smh fuckin pussies i thought hip hop was a competition

  • Fuckin y’all haters Wayne all day

  • Josh

    @fuckeminem dude please dont reply because u are one weird ass dude u have no right to say anything because ur slow

  • Deontre Lewis in this bitch and I’m the best weezy fan ever

  • Wayne killed hyfr he made drake look like a rookie


    @Josh u have no right to say anything because in the title is nothin about gay-z and gayfish wtf…suck these illuminati niggas

  • Y’all stop complaining about fuckenimen cus he just want attention and y’all giving it to him

  • brandon


  • @Joshdon’t reply that’d what he wants he a dumdass

  • @Josh don’t reply that’s what he wants he a dumdass

  • kush & oj

    everybody i know that heard tha drake take care leak says wayne killed drake on “h.y.f.y.” i want to hear for myself but i dont support leaks waiting until the 15th lol

  • Lenny

    @fuckeminem dude u are seriously on something lol wtf are u talkin about

  • miyo

    Wayne n drake had a mixtape togther.. So a joint album was on its way.. Bt oviasly drizzy got respect for jay n ‘yne.. So he dnt wana compete wit em.. (That’s a gay move..where’s the hip hop culture in rap battle?)

  • AssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAss

  • random observation

    Wayne has some big ass forearms.

  • patrick

    @brandon hell yeah i remember him and wayne talking about it on tim westwood radio. then these fools gon annonce they doing one and hurried up and dropped before wayne and drake could start cause wayne went to jail. smh cock blockers

  • DJ

    Take care >c4 and maybe wtt

  • alicia

    im pissed they not doing it too. but i agree with they reason for not doing it, EVENTHOUGH THEY HAD THE IDEA FIRST AND JAY AND YE COPPIED . wtt did drop first so NOW if wayne and drake drop one people will say they coppied wtt. smh its messed up but thats how it is. oh well make sure you guys still support (TAKE CARE) ON THE 15TH

  • Danny

    Wayne and drake aint on the same level as jay and kanye thats why they said fuck it dont get me wrong theyre dope but they cant compete with them dudes


    @Lenny why u write me up ? if u like this illuminati monkey kill yourself .

  • RealTalk

    That was a good move… the moral of the story is that never compete with anyone. Just do you… competition limits success and creativity. Thats why i followed Lil Wayne from day 1 because he does him.

  • 1 hunnit

    @dj who gives a flying fuck asshole it’s still ymcmb. they a team

  • Add me one Facebook @/Deontre Lewis (king Tre)/

  • los_504

    cant wait until the award show. plus i hear ymcmb is nominated heavy so go to mtv2 .com and vote for them

  • Olivia

    This @FUCKEMINEM guy needs to be blocked from this fansite he says the weirdest most suspect things about wayne and hes just strange as hell

  • Add me one Facebook @/Deontre Lewis (king Tre)/ please all Wayne fans


  • josh

    @danny are you stupid? dumb? or insane? PICK ONE. wayne and drake could compete with them in all aspects. wayne outdid them by (hisself) alone with sells. u dumb as hell

  • Add on Facebook >>>Deontre Lewis (king Tre)<<<

  • chris

    go vote for ymcmb on mtv2 .com lets get these wins


    I think drake wrote that verse for wayne on HYFR he sounds too much like drake and everytime they get on a song together

  • BRANDON_28

    stop pluggin your dumbass facebook you thirsty ass nigga

  • Danny

    @josh its my opinion either respect it or dont comment and im talking about lyrics not sells

  • 0__o

    yall need to chill and get a life with all this spamming yall doing . w/ all this “ass” & follow me on facebook follow shit. smh

  • Mike Jones

    C4 is lyrically dissapointing but take care is on a whole nother level like wayne said

  • 0__o

    @danny i agree with @josh and i think he was talking about lyrics too which is why he said [ ALL ASPECTS ] duhhhhhhh . unless your too slow to know what that means. but you crazy as fuck for even thinking that. lol


    vote on !!!

  • robb

    wtt wasnt nothing but a bunch of fly talking , rich talking, bragging type shit. people just been on jay-z dick so long they wont admit it. and kanye samples and beats is what made it a ok album. but lyrically it was shit

  • Yayakillinem

    @Danny M can you please block this @FUCKEMINEM dude hes really annoying

  • jessica

    @robb i agree. and @ovoxo seeing as how your name is what it is. i can see why you would THINK that. lmao smh

  • Fukus Dukus Pukus

    making that album would be harder than you think … especially since Wayne is not rapping at a high level right now (pun intended).

    Its not like making mixtape songs, the cuts would all have to be album worthy. Wayne could barely get beats for Carter 4.

  • Isaac L

    @robb you obviously didnt hear the whole album cuz ur wrong

  • phil

    @ovoxo you dumb as hell .0__o . just admit it wayne got him on that song. its ok i understand you a drake stan. hahahahaha

  • Young_Mulla

    Man i wish they would do it, even though they have put out 6 songs together on Take Care and C4.
    If that collabo would drop your talking and EASY 1 mill in first 1-2 weeks.

  • jaime

    lol@ people who still think Carter 4 was good. I am a Lil Wayne fan and I can honestly say that it was not better than WTT. Carter 4 was BAD.

    I don’t want Wayne doing any more albums until he gets back on kush. Its just ruining his legacy as a rapper, I don’t care if he sells 2 million first week, if the album isn’t good and all the reviews are bashing it and giving it 2 stars out of 5 then what do sales matter ?

  • nolan

    wtt was overly hyped. just because it was from two big artist that has a large amount of dick riders esp. jay-z. …wayne and rake are looked at as “under doggs.” but 9 times out of 10 the under doggs ALWAYS WIN. wayne and drake are very versitile they album would offer more. than just some flashy talk and boasty shit

  • I must say I was not looking forward to a Wayne drake album, it would be way to commercial and I hate that shit. And Danny how come you didn’t add the nom’s Wayne got?


    @jaime if wayne drop a dope mixtape & i bet u on lil waynes balls. U say wtt is better as c4.I say c4 is better as wtt.

  • stl_mo22

    @jaime.. first off thats YOUR OPINION .meaning it doesnt make it a FACT . and the reviews are bullshit for the most part cause they didnt rank c2 a 5 star. and we all know c2 was beast. it took the source years before they gave the leagend bun b 5 mics. on his album. even people like wu tang get below average ratings. so your a fool for going off a blog or magazine c4 wsnt c2 status true but it wasnt what you making it to be. fall back

  • jaime


    its “better than” not “better as” you moron.

  • Lenny

    @robb u clearly didnt hear the album or maybe your listening is fucked up

  • Shakira


  • tarell

    hoooooooold the fuck up…did thisassjust say “wayne needs to get back on kush” ?-_____- you’re a complete simple minded fool. first off if you dont like him sober your not a real fan, second you might as well get used to it cause he has about 2 more years off it. ((probation u ass)) and 3rd wayne can do without that shit he’s creative he just needs to find his zone and get in it. weed dont do shit. u made yoself look dumb


    @Shakira i hate eminem/fans you sound like a SHEMALE SHAKIRA RETARDED NAME

  • p-town

    wayne is on probation what kind of fan wants him to smoke? 0__o

  • drew_77

    why is everone on @fuckeminem dick today? damn let him / her be. yall some damn cry babies

  • Young_Mulla

    WTT was not better than C4 by any mean. WTT was just jay and kanye talking about how rich they are. Jay z sounded like pure shit. Otis fucking sucked and no did Niggas in paris. C4 had a lot of different styles but all the lyrics reflected lil waynes time in prison and the state of mind he was in at the time. If he were to put out an album right now he would be back on his game. Just listen to the songs on Take Care, thats tunechi.

  • jaime


    if by “not a real lil wayne fan” you mean not a dick rider who likes anything he does, you’re correct. I am a fan of the lil wayne who used to rap high all the time, i am not big fan of this sober lil wayne that sounds like a small child.


    @drew_77 thank you ,Finally someone who is normal. yall start again with the fuck watch the toilet album thats weak .if u hate on wayne search a jay-z fansite do the shit.

  • Bilal

    Just face it lil wayne is not as lyrically talented as he use to be and c4 proved that

  • Bilal

    @young_mula ur fuckin retarded about everything u wrote carter 4 was wack as hell (lyrically) and wtt wasnt about just how rich they are if u really listen to the album

  • No point.

    Shout out to The few people on here that know what they’re talking about.

    Shout out to the few people on here that know tha carter 4 was garbage and Wayne’s falling off.

    My only advice to those people: don’t saythat to the dick riders on this site. Wayne could make an album and only say 3 words on it, people on here will still say “OMG BEST ALBUM EVER I LOVE YOU WEEZY <333"


    @Bilal NIGGA u can imagine 9 months without music/rapping?? I can imagine he needs the time to back to find. rap need intelligence otherwise everyone would rap today and make money like YMCMB does.

  • YOLO

    Ok everyone knows watch the throne is better than c4 but its not better than take care

  • No point.

    Nothing but ignorance on these comments.

    Simply put, carter 4 was horrible, 5 out of 10 at the most.
    Simply put, watch the throne is better.
    Simply put, jay-z has been and always will be better than Wayne. Jay’s worst album is better than waynes best album.

  • jaime


    Im going to wait until the real mastered copy of Take Care releases before I judge the album, because the leaked version is missing The Motto and a few other bonus songs.

    right now its okay … but Cole World and Ambition are a little bit better.

    That “Lord Knows” song by Drake is the best song I’ve heard this year though.

  • J.

    Guys remember em and royce did an album together also hell the sequel

  • YOLO

    Lord knows is better than every track on c4

  • Bilal

    @fuckeminem dude wtf are u talkin about u make no sense at all


    @No point.

    nothing but HATE & Jealous on these comments.

    jay-z sucks with roc nation
    jay-z(beyonce) is a illuminati nigga+ kanye west
    wayne kill ALL jay-z beats on Prefix & Suffix that proves that wayne is better than jay-z
    u admit you a HATER 100% u come on this fansite!!!!


    @Bilal You can rap after 9 months?OH WAIT U CANT RAP I BET

  • Junie

    C4 was trash straight up and I fux with wayne

  • Topher86

    Take Care is good yes, few songs through.01.Lord Knowz. 02.HYFR, 03.Underground Kings 04.Over ma dead body 05.Real her(coz of Wayne’s and Andr 3000’s raps) other stuff is RnB

  • You know I hate all the people saying C4 was shit, ya’ll those fans that jumped on the “Wayne-wagon” when C3 dropped and now ya’ll want to expect that shit all day every day! Nah nigga’s you wanna know why I’ve always liked Wayne (ya’ll probably don’t but I’LL TELL YOUR STUPID ASS’S ANYWAY). I like Lil Wayne cos with him you just never know what you gonna get, you’ll think his gonna drop a real lyrical track then he turn around and drops a track that to be honest makes no real sense but it’s fun to listen to. Hell and isn’t that why ya’ll listen to music any way for recreational purposes, you can’t say ya’ll haven’t gotten tired always hearing these rappers complaining about how horrible the lives were… Damn that shit becomes redundant to real people who actually have their own problems to deal with. Sorry for the preaching but you hatters act like 12 year old Idiots. Grow up you like what you like and We like wat we like.

  • tune

    im still havent heard take care yet cus im waiting until it comes out next week

  • Why the fuck are all these Jay & kanye fans on this site now? They just come here to hate.

  • OctoDoc

    Carter II is still hands down the best of any of the carter albums…wayne was at the top of his lyrical game and punchlines then…100 times better than CIV

  • Twizzy

    4 morons competing for first place while there is only 1 first person

  • hi weezy how are you and i like you ok i need you in my rop

  • guest

    ^^^ the post directly above me is a perfect example of how gay a Lil Wayne fan is.

  • Twizzy

    @guest Weezy also has female fans don’t go thinkin of sick shit

  • Hunter

    take care is fucking on it damn every song is awesome

  • blackhero

    I wish y’all would quit. Complaining about stuff. We all have our own opinions deal with it. To be honest. Tha C4 was not his best work I feel like he rushed it. He was on tour and spending a lot of time with his fam so he probably jus put the album together as fast as possible cause people wouldnt leave him alone about the album. Wayne is a great artist but he needs to sit back for a minute and get himself together. & wtt
    wasn’t all that great people it was decent. But that’s my opinion so no big deal. And for take care I have the leaked album and its not all drakes best stuff. But there are some great songs. ( people quit fighting it ain’t a big deal)

  • Real Talk

    Young_Mula real shit. You nailed it right on it. C4 is better for me too

  • SellOutIsObvious

    Since Wayne is at the top of the game (makes the most selling Albums/most music listened to) it’s common to have every other musician in the genre be compared to him. Too sad that it has to be one of his own Artist but since Drake has unbreakable ties to certain interest groups he has to be compared. Drake’s Album is an overhyped R&B album. Come on now it’s not even Rap nor Hip/Hop, he made music for Women. Wayne’s Album had an undeniable message….”President Carter,” “Abortion,” “Mirror,” “NOTB,” “Blunt Blowin,” and “6′ 7′” all had important knowledge/info in them.

  • C4 was waynes best work by far in a whole different light he was talking about something and all yall people hating on him for actually having a message which is sad

  • @Ymcmb in my opinion it wasn’t his best work by far, his album was still pretty decent though. A lot of his songs that some of you guys said had “No meaning” you just have to listen to the fucking lyrics and you’ll get it. Abortion is a perfect example.

  • MoonMan

    In tired of all the bickering, Tha carter IV was better then take care and that’s final. Secondly, I’m waiting for dedication 4 god damn-it!!

  • guest

    This nigga said 6’7 had an important message in it lol.

  • georgiboy87

    whats good to all the wayne fans (haters are wayne fans they just confused & misguided) also wayne/drake should just make the album happen at least mid 2012…. for those who are reading this please vote for YMCMB for every option on mtv2

  • sweet i can’t wait for the callabo 🙂 and i can’t wait to see lil wayne and birdmans preformance on mtv on dec. 4th 🙂 i love wayne 🙂

  • scooty_mofo

    i love ye and jay but id listen to c4 anyday over wtt which has gotten hella boring, But im just a wayne dick rider soooo.

  • Take Care will be candidate for album of the decade, yall say he makes music for woman, then that’s good listen to Lord Knows and Drake explains y he does that, he doesn’t make tracks for niggas who don’t get pussy!! C4 was all over the place, and the tracklisting didn’t help, Take Care is just unbelievable its an awesome listening experience, yall think that expressing ur emotions is gay? I really dna what to say.. Let’s just say unless eminem comes up with a sick album quick, Drake gna take Rap Album of the year at the Grammy’s


  • You are my life

  • First Cant wait till hear drake nd rick ross albumm nd cant wait till see myy one nd only hubby wezzy on dec.4TH on mtv nd luvin YMCMB all dayyyy

  • im white and my friend is black he told me i cant love lil wayne cause ive never listen to rick ross so i look him up and im moving from white so malodo.

  • that will be good wayne an drake

  • dTUNEb

    Shut out to @fuckeminem and @Dillon yall know wayne fro being wayne, all these other riders are dumb and dont know what the fBBk they are talking about