Lil Wayne Speaks On TRUKFIT, Mountain Dew, Supras, Beats & Reebok Partnerships [Video]

Thu, Apr 19, 2012 by

Check out part 2 of Lil Wayne‘s interview with DJ Amanda Seales for MTV’s Hip Hop POV show in the video above. They discuss how skating has influenced Tune to stop wearing jewelry, how he came up with the term “bling bling”, his drug use (says it is not affecting his music at all), TRUKFIT, Mountain Dew, why he wore tight pants aka “jeggings” at the VMAs last year, and more. Weezy also shows Amanda around his Miami crib including his bed room and confirms that he has a shoe deal with Supras coming soon, as well as a partnership with Beats By Dre headphones and Reebok.

Click here to watch part 1 of the interview!

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  • shot caller

    those were the days….BLING BLING

  • HATER!

    Wayne got baby sharks in his house LOL

  • clark

    lil wayne got lots better with his skiing 🙂

  • clark


  • Krazy

    When is Devol being released?

  • leggoo

    dey werent jeggings

  • Beast

    Can’t wait for Waynes own Beats he bring out



    WTF !!!

  • no homo

    so we just gonna ignore the fact wayne said he will retire after his next 4 albums and change careers to be a professional skateboarder….

  • Eric g

    why was shanty lo’s wtf video never released danny ?

  • LazyBee

    @no homo – it hurts me to hear weezy say that 🙁

  • JayZ Da Camel

    Jeggings = Swag

  • ineye gabriel

    I fucking love this sweet deal that wayne is diving into It makes him young money . #4reel

  • Fo’

    No1 said 1st lol.

  • blunt blowin

    man what happened to limp bizkit and tune collab?

  • East Side Damu

    He can’t wait to do 4 more albums so he can be a street league skater … LMAO.


  • F.E.M.

    Jeggings = Swag

  • Rem111

    He is litteraly not hungry no more, that’s sad for us, I dont give a shit about him skating, he’s too old to become real good anyways

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  • weezy92

    damn, what ever the fuck happened to “two words you’ll never hear.. Wayne quit”
    atleast we will have Flow to sorta take hia place being from the NO and stuff but Wayne is a fuckin’ hero man :/ sad times. i literally listen to nothing else apart from Wayne and sometimes Drake and other decent YM artists, and apart from older classics like Dre and that, but dont think anyone could replace Wayne, hopefully if he retires we will still see him and then come our of retirement like that mother fucker Gay Z. #NoHomo.

  • truk fit sucks

  • trukfit210

    @eastside damu I don’t like hip hop no more in my opinion its good Wayne leaving to be honest

  • Tony Montana

    Wayne’s down, hopefully TI is still standing

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    Sighhh, this is sad to see, i knew it was coming but not so soon. I knew all of long this skateboarding passion that wayne was experiencing was never the best thing, but then i was like “ehhh let the man do what he wants.” but now im annoyed. And i think i can speak for EVERY og wayne fan that we miss the long gone “old wayne”. and now i can officially say we will never get him back. You know that “two words you’ll never hear.. Wayne quit” rapper. Now it just seems he is RUSHING to drop these four albums and get out the game. And i can now say this skateboarding thing has really had a major impact on wayne. and i mean im happy and all wayne found a new interest asides from rapping but i never thought this “new interest” would change him this much. and to think only 3 or FOUR years go wayne was like ehhh i may do something with sports team like baseball/football when i retire. NEVER would i think he’d be on a street skate team??? cmon now a grown man doing this? like now its cool and all he’s signing with all this stuff and doing clothes which is cool but idk i just want that da drought 3/ dedication 1 and 2 flow to much to ask for? no more jewelry? but you made the term “bling bling”? idk respond thanks for reading! YMCMB

    ~ @BiggDaddyRice

  • kanye

    omg thats Akon’s brother! wtf is he doing in that show?

  • Jaime

    All of this skating bullshit started because he got caught with that gun and went to jail. If he hadn’t have gotten in trouble and sobered up we would still have the old Wayne. Now dude is gone, time to find a new favorite rapper.

  • Keep doing your thing WEEZY but it hurts me too know that you wanna retire soon!! If you do there will be NO HIP-HOP you are the face of hip-hop!! But i can’t wait for your own beats and supras to come out there gonna go hard;) cause your Trukfit line is fuckin dope I got all the hats and t-shirts by it. And WAYNE you could do whatever you want your fuckin Tunechi but you at least have to kill the game and kill these rappers for us one more time cause you haven’t been out of prison that long so your still hungry, all were asking is for you to take the fuckin Hip-hop title and let these rap artist and haters know that your still are and always will be THE BEST RAPPER in HISTORY! Also you are the king of Hip-hop and you have the throne and nobody can take that from you and theres no doubt about that, and you will always be my HERO and IDOL i look up to you and when someone says why are you doing or getting that i say cause of Mutherfuckin LIL WAYNE nigga! So keep ya head up and keep gettin this money and supporting your fam and YMCMB cause nobody can stop us YMCMB we winning! -MYLES WHITE your biggest fan always and forever.

  • Keep doing you WEEEZY fuck these hating niggas! YMCMB 4 LIFE!


  • waynehead

    respond if you’ve been listenin’ to Wayne since before Tha Carter III and if you got your #swag because of Wayne?
    man, i thought this skateboardin’ stuff was just gana be a phase just like with thr guitar and dressin’ like some reject from Nickleback.
    i know we shouldnt depend on Wayne to take drugs again to get back to him old self cause a believe he can do it with the drugs, but hopefully if he smokes again.. he may put down that board cause he’s occupied again, i miss watchin videos of Wayne stoned off his face and makin a song in the studio like on “The Come Up” or when he made “No Ceilings” and videod him murderrrrr D.O.A cause he was high as fuck and laughin and shit at his own lyrics cause he enjoyed it, now hes lost intereat cause of this fuckin board :/ haha sorry guys about the essay.

  • waynehead

    Sorry i said with drugs… WITHOUT THE DRUGS****

  • hunter

    Ain’t it funny how people change like Easter Sunday! Hope get us fans some great music to bump to soon! Wayne’s the best to ever do it

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    yall crying on some bullshyt this man just signed a 4 album deal. This mean he in the game for at least 4 more years. besides this nigga rich as fuck. most niggas use the rap game as a comeup soon as they feel paid they vanish. wayne stuck with this shyt because of his dedication. Aint like he aint gone drop an album or mixtape from time 2 time. he going for the real bread, clothing lines, deals with mountain dew and shyt. i cant blame him.

  • siege (aka get a life get off my d)

    “im in so much ice they yell skate wayne”
    now u dont wanna wear “ice” yet were all yelling stop bullshit skating and rap!

  • dank

    you are all the same people that were dick riding saying he went hard on the carter 4 and will dick ride and say he goes hard on whatever he releases next.

  • dank

    and everyone quit actin like doesnt smoke or roll on x anymore. “Nigga im wet and im rollin” and “blunt blowin” he tells you in a bunch of different songs released since jail. And all those club videos where he’s smokin fat ass blunts acting like their cigars… with water because hes fuckin rollin. Actin like cuz he dont do drugs he cant rap. fuck outta here fake ass post-carter 3 fans

  • big wayne fan

    the days of wayne beeing the bestrapperalive are over i one of his biggest fans but you can clearly tell that his mind is not centered around his music any more its centered around the more important things in life like his kids and be able to feel like an ordinary person … thats why he hangs wit skaters so much because they dont care about having 20 karat ringz and shit they care about living life…

  • i wanna see these same niggas cryin comment when he drop that ianahb 2

  • ….

    the skateboard has replaced the weed and cough syrup.

  • ….

    ^^^ which is not a bad thing health wise … but it has had a negative impact on his music believe it or not.

  • hey Danny where’s the post about Lil’ Wayne’s 10 Billbloard award nominations?

  • YCsep27

    Salam Wayne

  • Wigg Monsta

    Im from NEW ORLEANS and been ghost writin for TUNECHI for 3 years. Peep ma YouTube videos, search: Wigg Monsta


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  • Recipe_cookin

    Wayne had a good run. Look past all the haters he had or whatever he started out very young and was doing what he like to do. At the end of the day this dude is a Man and he really got caught up in harming himself drugs & ect.. Just to do what he loved to do which is when a lot of people loved his music. Everyone can agree he is not the same but he is looking out for himself now & nobody can be on top forever. There are plenty of dudes out now that’s cool. Like Kendrick Lamar & A few more to look forward to.

  • Dillon

    the link is not working coming up with some copyright problem? Is this the same with everyone..

  • darkmartel