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Lil Wayne Talks About Young Money’s Absence At Summer Jam 2012 x Birdman Talks About OKC Disrespecting Weezy

Mon, Jun 18, 2012 by

In the video above, Lil Wayne chats to MTV about why he pulled Nicki Minaj from performing at Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2012 in New Jersey on June 3rd.

“That’s a female; first and foremost Nicki Minaj is a female. I don’t know what anyone else believes, but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how.”

“As soon as she called me and told me she felt disrespected, I just declined everything. I pulled her from the show because… no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet.”

“I feel like a woman should be respected at all times, therefore I made the right decision.”

Hit the jump to watch a clip of Birdman talking about how he has no respect for Oklahoma City Thunder’s Chesapeake Energy Arena and the staff who work there, because of the way they treated Weezy F Baby not once but twice.

“It’s Miami Heat all day in every kinda way. OKC gotta pay for their disrespect that they did with my son — that never would be honored.”

“The arena, just the arena because I love the people of OKC — it’s the arena and how they been disrespectful.”

“Fuck them, I have no respect for them and the way they just disrespected another black man who tryin’ to come to their arena that happens to be my son. It’s Miami Heat all day every day anyway, but that’s just how I feel personally.”

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  • onchi


  • onchi

    no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet. BEST RAPPER ALIVE

  • ymcmb


  • ibc

    I know weezys lyrics and hip-hop in general is playful when it comes to girls, money, cars and all that, but you can’t say wayne is exactly a role model when it comes to respecting women.

  • Exact first!!

  • adeyinka

    Sounds like ♠ true boss !!! U̶̲̥̅̊ ma hero Wayne, love U̶̲̥̅̊ muchos

  • likeAtruestory

    @ibc i dont really think you have to believe if weezy is respecting or disrespecting women, cuz at the end he’s getting major bread and thats all matters these days…

  • likeAtruestory

    and btw, songs are songs but in real situation you can see that he made the right decision with the right statement

    weezy allday

  • *drs*

    I’m Weezy’s biggest fan an he is a god damn boss an a damn good one and not only that he’s also the best rapper alive and always will be until he dies then he will be the best rapper EVER!!!

  • Ali Wayne

    no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet.

    YeaaaaaH !!! 😀

  • d_money58

    wow really wayne u…. yout the number 1 person who mainly disrespect women degrading them any way possible… pshh damm dont talk about you respect them.. lol but anyway lately besides my homie still weezy been getting some nice flow and lyrics keep it comming.. hahahahahaha respecting women thats a good 1 wayne

  • Jay

    Is it just me or his this whole crew starting to get high maintenance?

    1. Wayne pulling his entire crew at summer jam
    2. Wayne and Birdman complaining about their treatment at OKC
    3. Drake throwing bottles at Chris Brown after Chris tried to send him a bottle of champagne as a peace offering

    I love Wayne and YMCMB but lately they are just seeming like divas

  • Featuring Lil Wayne

    Why they tryna make out the OKC situation was because of racism. He got turned away because HE HAD NI TICKET, NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!

  • Cartman

    Baby still calling lil wayne his son LOLOLOL

  • true story

    i respect wayne for what he did for nicki minaj.



  • fake = little weezy

    how is weezy gonna say respect all women, but in his songs he calls them bitches and hoes ???

  • Brrrrrr

    I feel you Wayne, good on you and the birdman brrrr

  • Contradiction

    I’m trying to understand something here…

    “I don’t know what anyone else believes, but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter”

    “Now go and pop that pussy for a real nigga”


  • ezz

    does he think he is being respectful to ladies with his explicit song lyrics, lol…..

  • Agree with ME

    Both of these situations are about nothing but BULLSHIT. This type of BULLSHIT is making YMCMB and us FAN look like divas 🙁 🙁

  • delusional

    “I feel like a woman should be respected at all times”


    “I can fuck your girl and make her nut for me
    Then slut for me, then kill for me, then steal for me
    And of course it’ll be your cash
    Then I’ll murder that bitch and send her body back to your ass”

    SHUT THE **** UP, complete BS

  • OKC have no love for Heat fans

  • stlshawdy


  • datruth

    First off lil Wayne is garbage, seriously people who says is is the best, must be saying that because rap now is sooooo horrible, he is the best by default. I am black and originally from okc, second outside a hand full if cities, ie nyc, atl ,Chicago, dc, Houston, maybe a few more cities, we as a whole only rep about 12 to 14% percent in the others thousands of cities in the us, check us census okc right at average. Is okc racist, yes a little like any where Seattle to Miami. Also people saying all these white folks in picture with Wayne, one again look at most arenas in nba or nfl, most are filled with mostly white people out side of those few above mention cites. It’s more economics than race,. U can go to a city and go one or two spots and think u know that place. Like Wayne there’s an mlk and 23rd street in most hoods visit it in okc u we see plenty folks blacker than u. So let’s close that story. I am tired of all celebrities white black rapper to country stars, actors or athletes, thinking u are better than someone because of your skill, once again I think lil Wayne is garbage, but I respect his skill. If the best doctor in the world, walked to to the ticket stand the day of biggest game in history a teams history, and thinks a team should just be like okay, we will tell someone else u have to move for this doctor, or lil Wayne, that’s bullshit, no matter who that is. U a man just like me, so buy your ticket, u in Forbes right? Buy a ticket. Stop thinking th world owes u something. Lastly on the race thing, cause Wayne said it was racial, again as a 31 year old black man, yes racism does go on and is very real, but c’Mon man, because something didn’t go to way its racial, when u cry wolf like that u hurt the legit cases, lil Wayne is my generationand we don’t know real hate like our parents and especially our grand parents. Someone needs to give wayne a history lesson, and better perspective of real life, because clearly he is out of touch, of the real world. So now bring the hate, because someone was slightly truthful. Thanks

  • ShortyRoc


  • we r

    BIRDMAN needs to get someone to teach him english

  • 90Racks

    imma Heat fans! anybody here?

  • yo mo gonna teach ’em.
    I am a fan of wayne nd i lesen to waynes songs all da tym ba when he is talking its just lyk bullshit kuz he put him where he is not.
    Any way hope da wayne gonna make a little Song 4 okc.
    Fuck OKC and anybody dat love them.

  • yo mo gonna teach ’em.
    I am a fan of wayne nd i lesen to waynes songs all da tym ba when he is talking its just lyk bullshit kuz he put him self where he is not.
    Any way hope da wayne gonna make a little Song 4 okc.
    Fuck OKC and anybody dat love them.

  • datruth

    It’s funny I blast u with fact and all u can say is someone is hating, because its the truth. If u love cookie monster koo, different strokes different folks, he needs perspective to know the difference between racism, and just being treated like a regular person. I ain,t trying to make u think any different of him rap wise,” he is garbage, best by default”, by as a black dude who has experienced real racism, don’t play around with that shit. Because u didn’t get your way. He from da south of all people u would think he would know or someone should show him, real hate so he do go saying shit for simple minded fans who can’t think 4themselves, will no start calling racism on anything that do go they way. Love da dude go ahead but just rap and swim in money and pussy, and educate yourself before u speak.

  • B-Cloud

    He’s not just only did as well as a boss, he’s is more like a friend to he’s emloyees … Respecting for Lil Wayne 😀

  • F.E.M

    Go OKC!!!
    Fuck Miami, fuck Lebron, fuck Birdman and fuck Lil Wayne

  • F.E.M

    What was that talk about females? Straight bullshit in the mouth of this little nigger, bitch bitch bitch

  • the afrikahnpoet

    Wayne lol how we gon keep defending you if you keep contrsadicting yourself… You make the most disrespectful music but you’re a respectful guy… I love you your my dude but c’mon

  • YM Salute

    He obviously disrespect women in songs cause it brings in the money because, believe it or not, people like hearing that kind of thing.

    Look at it this way…
    Wayne as a RAPPER – disrespects women, fucks your bitch, etc
    Wayne as a PERSON – respects them. He cares for his children and baby moms, and respected Nicki enough to take her out

  • Ds

    In this world you have a bitch and real woman a lady that respect herself in many ways .. So don’t judge lil wayne and say he don’t respect women it bs I feel in his song those are bitches not a women hell who respect bitches can you tell me that

  • tinaphooo

    totally handle business the right way how can there even be a show leftover after she and weezy left.:-(:-/:-C

  • YMCMB !!!

  • The best

    He has a big yellow plaster on his shoulder

  • Presteezy Lee

    look what u dont notice is Music as a rap artist means u got guidlines u got rap and you got Buisness, Rap u just rap how the people want it outside of that booth u need to be a buisness man and a gentle man he does respect women in a way he dont beat them who are u to judge him with no idea about his personal life???????