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Behind The Scenes Of Birdman, Lil Wayne & Mack Maine’s “Dark Shades” [Video]

Fri, Jul 20, 2012 by

Check out some behind the scenes footage from Birdman‘s “Dark Shades” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne and Mack Maine above. The producer of the track is Mr. Beatz and the director behind the visual is the amazing Colin Tilley. Tyler, The Creator and his group Odd Future can also be seen making an appearance at the video shoot, as well as skating with Weezy on set!

This single will appear on Baby‘s forthcoming album, Bigga Than Life, which he plans to release before the year ends. In related news, click here to watch a brand new video of Birdman previewing a dope song from the album.

If you haven’t already done so or you want to watch the official music video for “Dark Shades” again, then you can do so here.

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  • RomanEmpire

    This is sick! FIRST

  • What are you doing ..

    Why are you hanging out with kids Wayne ? grow up … jeez.

    You’re living life backwards.

  • YMG

    OMG look at Wayne’s eyes at the 1:00 mark, fuck he must be on some sort of drugs!

  • Skillz


  • ^^^AGREED>> Lil Wayne STop SKATING!!! RAP Thats Why U Suck Now.

  • blame me

    weezy fucked up in this clip

  • Carter 5

    Danny you should post up that new Hopsin track. He is dissing Lil Wayne.


    @ Carter 5 dafuq u talkin about he didnt diss wayne dumbass get a life kid

  • darck shades

  • young mula

  • Pill popper

    Tune always looks like he is pissed off or in a bad mood….


  • Darkshades23

    I’m sorry i love wayne but someone please get him some weed so he can start acting, dressing, and raping normal!


    Forbes magazine estimated his personal fortune at $125 million in 2012 (Birdman) hes really a boss dman fuck good music.wayne>

  • Hopsin

    lil gayne is bitch

  • Hopsin

    hopsin is the future fuck ymcm

  • Hopsin
  • daknite

    when is that second single coming out tired of waiting.



  • rozayyy

    how come tyler wasnt in the actual video ??

  • the infamous SIEGE

    all i see are slutz and haterz on this site.

    killhop = ymcmb faggots.

    time to die wizzle. want a last meal? ill go get u some shortcake and syrup, and if u want u can hook up with that one bitch up there who apparently loves faggots. but it doesnt matter cuz youre dead and hiphop is better off without u.



    hopsin sucks his name sound like a bug lol fuck him and the rest of faggs

  • best in the world

    hey mothafucka look at lil wayne’s facebook page !!! 39 600 000 likes ! so fuck u ! u haters are like 3 000 maximum nd u talk shit on the internet trying to be a hero !! i bet if u see my face u will cry before i even move !! nd by the way im from Lebanon achrafieh rmeil !!! have a visit so maybe i can kick ur ass with ma homies !!! im 24 by the way 😉

  • best in the world

    @ the infamous siege hey mothafucka look at lil wayne’s facebook page !!! 39 600 000 likes ! so fuck u ! u haters are like 3 000 maximum nd u talk shit on the internet trying to be a hero !! i bet if u see my face u will cry before i even move !! nd by the way im from Lebanon achrafieh rmeil !!! have a visit so maybe i can kick ur ass with ma homies !!! im 24 by the way 😉

  • ***f***

    Wat dafaq is wrong with u guys?? y do u even watch it if u guys hate weezy??O.o

  • the infamous SIEGE

    oh you make a great point. i never realized that having an entire generation of misguided hipsters like your facebook page makes up for all the evil you do and justifies running around 24/7 doing drugs raping women and killing people.

    boy was i wrong. i guess its time for me to praise the wizzle and all of his blood affiliated gangsterness.


  • the infamous SIEGE

    and @ fuckeminem. u need a real name dick, slim shady is the best there ever will be in hiphop and u can take that statement to the bank.

    the big difference between what wizzle does and what people like shady does is that shady means every word he says whereas wizzle makes one semi-decent song expressing some true emotion about love and then turns right around and says the exact opposite thing which proves that he truly does hate. htl wasnt even lyrically on point anyway and the autotune and lack of true instrument use makes even the listener sound like a poser when wizzle’s the one whose actually talking.

    so fuck anything with a wizzle or ymcmb stamp on it and take that shit for what its worth… nothing a free download on the internet.

    i hope this is the last behind the scenes bullshit i have to explain to u stupid asses.


    @the infamous SIEGE it means your a meinem dickrider BEELEDAT BRAA FUCKEMINEM

  • the infamous SIEGE

    am i a frank sanatra dickrider when i listen to him? or how about a behtoven dickrider when im vibing to that?

    make an intellegent arguement or dont bother

  • Hopsin

    lil wayne tongue kiss guys
    hopsin is the best rapper alive fuck wayne suckin birdman dick


    hopsin sucking dicks of other niggas lol fuckin satanic bastard

  • TuneismyHusband

    wtf is wrong wit his eyes lmfao nigga look faded af


    y r u calling ur husband a nigga? obviously he is on drugs silly

  • dis fan site become fake fans site kuz every muthafuckin hater kumin here to shout waynes dat…nd dat dun noe wat to do fuck fake fans and ani body dats…

  • Wayne’s verse is ill in this song. Proves that Wayne can still spit even though he picked up a new hobby. You niggas are blaming his lyrical performances on skating?

  • Hopsin

    hopsin will kill the whole ymcm with one verse and might kill waynes career with his bitch ass.

  • Hopsin

    i know you wanna fuck eminem fag

  • Kaplun

    We will all see weezy come back strong soon

    follow me @TycoonKaplun

    i’ll follow back

  • leezyboy

    HAHAHAHAHAHH Agreed with @best in the world Fuck u Haterz

  • Wayne forever

    Wayne forever.





  • YunG based god

    seriously @fuckeminem you need to change your name. especially considering this is a “tunechi baby” fan site. shady is one of the greatest of all time and puts his blood, sweat, and tears into his music unlike your boy “tunechi” who clearly doesn’t give a fuck about music

  • Lil Wayne

    ^you’re right YunG i don’t give a fuck about fans or my music(obviously) i just care about money and skateboards. YUNGG SUSHII BABBBYYYY

  • Tuna BItch

    nowadays tuna’s fan base consists of 99.9 % white people.

  • Tuna BItch

    retire tuna your one the sorriest excuses for a musician in history. i would end your life with a flick of my wrist you fuckin poser ass bitch

  • SMH

    dis nigga wayne becoming more irrelevant then jae millz and gudda gudda

  • Wayne

    WHO HEARD ANY OF THE SONGS!!?!?!? I heard galaxy!!!!

  • Tunchi!!

    I downloaded the ianahb2 leak!! I’m going to sell it. 😛

  • Weezy bitch!?/-

    The leak is out!!!!! I wanna hear it 🙁

  • Fuckeminem

    I heard a few songs off the leak before it was taken down. Nothing but disappointment… Smh

  • BAsed God

    Reaper ft Tyga went fucking HARD!!!! Now I wnt this album even mor 🙁

  • are u a foolish man @naz twizzy

    so far so gud lil wayne is the best rapper who has ever existed in da world…he was born a rapper….there is noone lyk lil wayne….even tupac wil have salute lil wayne….can’t wait 2 meet him

  • daknite

    if you have the leak show the tracklist and email me

  • Wild ‘N Out

    Hey @Danny M, I was watching MTV2 ‘Wild ‘N Out’ and saw that lil Wayne made a guest appearance as a rap judge back in 2005. I just say it cause I don’t see it in the filmography section.

    • I can’t find a video of it online, but I’ll keep looking, thanks.

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    Rest in Peace Magnolia Shawty\
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    Leave you niggaz leakin\
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    I’m on my vampire, bloody red ass nigga\
    Fuckin wit Lil Tunechi, Get yo head smashed nigga\
    Hit you right on da money, call that dead cash nigga\

    Is it me or has Wayne been goin in on every dam song lately, Even tho dis song old now, I bang every mornin on da way to work, Mack went off on dis shit too. By the way, wats poppin yall, any Wayne fans or YMCMB fans, I fuck wit, so wats good

  • Maannnn, Fuck yall wit a sick Dick\
    Semi-auto, no click click\
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    I gotta put that patch over my 3rd eye, Slick Rick\
    Trukfit t-shirt, talk second, skeet first\
    Boy yo girl a jump-off, i hope she land feet first\
    She give me brain, Research\
    and i prefer, Reefer\
    But if you want some coke, thats cool\
    cause My Homies Still (pump that base, pump that base)


    fuck eminem and all who love him

  • SMH

    hey dickriders fyi wayne is GARBAGE

  • powpow

    @Danny, did I am not a human being 2 leak?

  • gsvshz

    Did y’all really hear I am not a human being two? And if so how was it? And I need links, really wonna hear it

  • Nah man

    still cant get over this wayne skating phase. he should’ve stuck to his 2005-2006 persona, when he had the thug-ness going on. whether he was a gangster or not back then, at least it was believable, because he looked and acted the part.

    now a days its like cmon man. you’re running around in pink shorts with a skateboard in your hand, whos taking you serious anymore? i have a hard time listening to his songs where hes talking about shooting dudes and shit these days. im thinking to myself.. “you’re gonna shoot a dude with your trukfit?”

    lol i mean of course hes entitled to do whatever makes him happy.

    personally i think this is just another phase in his life. just like how he had the huge auto-tune phase in 2008, the rockstar phase in 2009 etc etc..

    but this is definitely not a good look for him. in my opinion, you cant run around holding a skateboard, then talk about being a blood on a song, just doesnt go together.

  • I Will let you guys know when I AM NOT A HUMING BEING 2 comes out

  • SMH

    i definitely cant take this tuna guy seriously he is just ridiculous

  • Carter II

    I saw it with my own eyes these comments aren’t lying it was on the Internet for about 15 minutes last night. All that was shown was a track list and two songs. Galaxy ft Nicky Manaj and Reaper ft Tyga. I didn’t hear either one…

  • daknite

    @carterii What website


    wizzle will change the track names and post 20 more blog posts before the album “DROPS” dont worry wizzle fags




  • SMH

    eat a dick tunechi baby

  • F.E.M

    @ best in the world “with my homies” that means u cant do it alone u faggot

  • F.E.M

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    fuck this kids above me

  • F.E.M

    with his big nager lips, my bad

  • waala1

    Dedication 4 coming next month!

  • Faggot Lips