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Lil Wayne Loses Quincy Jones III Lawsuit & Has To Pay Him Over $2 Million

Mon, Nov 5, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Loses Quincy Jones III Lawsuit & Has To Pay Him Over $2 Million

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne just lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III over “The Carter Documentary”, as well as the countersuit Quincy filed against him.

Weezy filed a lawsuit against Quincy Jones III earlier this year claiming that he never gave him permission to use music off his Tha Carter III album for the documentary that Quincy put out called “The Carter“. Quincy also filed a countersuit against Wayne saying that he screwed up the potential profit of the documentary by withdrawing his support for it.

Due to suffering from two seizures, Tunechi did not make an appearance in court for his trial on the day he was supposed to. This then meant Tune‘s lawyer had to show the jury Wayne‘s deposition videotape with Quincy‘s lawyer, Pete Ross, and you all know how serious he took that!

The jury called Lil Wayne‘s behavior in the deposition tape “unreasonable” and “irresponsible”, and also ordered him to pay Quincy $2,195,000. Damn!

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  • That sucks damn!!

  • tomas

    this is some bullshit wayne should pay da niqqa shit

  • tomas

    i ment shouldnt pay da niqqa shit



  • Kenzo

    Well was it worth acting like a prick in your deposition Wayne……

  • Jeff

    Shouldnt of had those seisuzes my nigga!

  • i aint got no worries

    da judge was probably racist

  • suuwooop

    2 milli??

    damn wtf

    birdman should just pay this cuz i have a feeling its got something to do with him anyway

  • DreMZ

    If Lil Wayne would of took the deposition more seriously would he of won the case? Or am I getting misunderstood? Because I know for a fact that lawyer was asking Lil Wayne lots of irrelevant questions to the case!

  • denilson

    mas que porra em ! mas por um lado 2 milhões é trocado para Wayne!

  • Jude

    ITS A ..



  • steve-o

    he cant save you in the real world

  • this fuck up damn smh

  • b-treezy

    fuck that. he should call for a retrial so he can actually be there.

  • LilFlash

    Peter Ross bouta get shot

  • Lil NV

    @DreMZ Yeah if Weezy would of took his deposition more seriously I don’t think that would of made a difference. He could of worked on his behavior but hey that’s Weezy for yah-he dont give a fuck. But on the other hand Quincy Jones’s lawyer Pete Ross was asking irrelevant questions. Yeah Pete Ross was being a fucking nigga. Both of then should just drop the suits.

  • mob

    Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!quincy jones

  • Melz

    It was prob a racist thing. The deposition has nothing to do with it. Wayne can say whatever.he wants and feels, I know I would. And it shouldn’t effect his career. If it does they’re not real fans

  • FUCK 2M SHIT..

  • mob

    This is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuk-off

    Damn wtf!
    Wayne should of never filed a lawsuit like what was the whole purpose imop it was a good documentary

  • LOL

    A jury shouldn’t be set on the desposition of the virdict. This is not fair for wayne

  • Dude

    So not fair

  • IM CRUSHED!!!!!!!

  • ctwins3644

    Stay in school kids. Dont learn from this clown when it comes to respecting authority. That deposition tape is a joke, and rap websites are irresponsible for posting and encouraging it to their young audience. This is what happens when you act like a fool.

  • This is the only time wayne ever lost

  • That two million could had been easily spent on weed wtf

  • Snap B

    Yall think no name 40cock gonna get 2.000,000 are more from Game beatin his ass

  • Who gives a fuck about 4glock and game its waynes world nigga

  • I wonder were quincy jones stays at

  • Lmfao

    Its really a non issue..its chump change to wayne but thats what u get for tryin to be a deposition goon. Haha honestly tho the only thing i wanna know is why Wayne withdrew support for the Carter Documentary? That movie is tight i wonder what wayne didnt want ppl seeing.

  • YMCMB_4_LIFE!!!

    FUKK Quincy Jones!!!!!

  • Fuck this bull shitt oboma for president

  • ymcmb

    Oboma oboma oboma more drama more drama


    if u think dewaynes trial was unfair then ur pathetic. America’s legal system is one of the top 3 fairest legal systems in the world so unless he wants to go back to mars (he was never there) he isnt going to get a fairer trial.
    i dont think it matters that he wasnt there he would have been a stupid ass rude disrespectful nigger in court just as he was when the man asked him questions in a civilized fashion…
    he probably faked those siezures just to have an excuse for u fans to keep believing in him. give it up already he’s a terrible person.
    if uve ever seen the carter documentary clearly the film crew had permission to be there and wizzle just got high on codeine and fucked it up (like his career and his relationships)

    nothing racist about it except for the way dewayne treated the man who gave him his deposition


      go Tell it to your useless and hopeless father..siege my asshole!!..bastard


    dewayne is the poser.
    EMINEM is the best rapper
    wizzle fans are fags

  • GDMalitia

    Fuck That nigga Quincy and anybody that love em!

  • Fuck___Eminem___&___LilWayne___

    Wait…this isn’t Facebook?

  • Sig

    40cock geting 2.000.000 from Game

  • WTT2

    “fuck” u a dickrider not a fan a stan “this lil wayne world” i bet in yur life thats truu.. u man fan as nigga i bet u white sayin nigga lol fuk boy

  • WTT2

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  • Fuck

    I’m not white nigga I’m rican bitch Wayne is all I listen to ill kill u nigga

  • ymcmb

    My niggas aint no joke

  • ymcmb

    Pwussy money and kush skateboard and shroom

  • Marian

    Fuck Quincy Jones not fair for Wayne Quincy didn’t get permission why does Wayne have to pay him,………………………….THAT SUX

  • Wow

    Wayne fell off he need that 2mill cuz he aint gna sell shit

  • I’m The Best Rapper Alive: Eminem and Lil Wayne R Not

    Fuck all you niggas. You niggas think your the best and the rapper(s) you listen to are the best. Well shut the fuck up. No one wants to listen to your shit. If your a Eminem fan: Good for you and fuck you. If your a Lil Wayne fan: Good for you and fuck you too. A different rapper fan: I say good for you since you dont have to deal with shit people put on here. Just get on with your fucking ass lives niggas. All of you are bastards, faggots, queers, hoes, bitchs, pussies, sluts, whores, prostitutes, assholes, shit, dumbasses. Motha fuckers go fuck with someone who actually gives a fuck. Get a fucking life. Eminem is a human. Lil Wayne is also a human. Any other rapper is a human. It’s just hip-hop & rap=or just fucking music. Just go fuck with fuckers. Yeah we are all human, so fucking what if we are all different fucking races. Just respect other people’s shit. Dumbasses like to fuck around so others can fuck with them. Just be a fucking person.

  • This serious shit dagwz. Wayne pay ’em up, so they get their fucked up ass off ya back ma nigga, BULLSHIIIIIIIIT

  • Goonchi

    Weezy ain’t paying him shit he’s gettin a second hearing and he’s gonna beat this shit

  • WTT2

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  • Tunechi you must pay him and show him he is nothin!

  • WTT2

    Its sad cause i like some wayne shit time 2 time but his stans are fake af loc any real fans out there im startin to disslike wayne cause these gay niggas got #waynefever

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  • Dumb fucks

    Why dont all you kids stop sucking Wayne’s dick for a second, and use your fucking brains.

    WHY WOULD WAYNE WIN THIS TRIAL? He’s suing him over a movie that Wayne ALLOWED!

    Wayne and Cortez both encouraged this documentary.

    Wayne just doesn’t like it now because he probably realizes how stupid he looks on all those drugs in that movie…TOUGH SHIT.

    He sued for no reason, and lost.

    but either way who gives a fuck? 2 million to him isnt shit.

  • tony_montana

    ^^^Lma0 you aint got no connections nowhere nigga hahhahaha

  • Goonchi

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  • King Me

    Guys just chill.
    Its no reason to talk about killing people.
    What does that do?
    And its no reason to make username and start trolling on Wayne Fans.
    Thats some no life activity.
    Honestly,in my opinion, Yea Wayne fell off but picked it up a little on D4.
    And yea he probably would’ve won if he just took QJ3’s lawyer seriously but Now he will pay up.
    Meanwhile, people on here talking about killing people, Sending goons to lawyers house..Come on man.
    Go out and be something.
    Its easy to be a killer and easy to die.
    Its hard to make a mill and its hard to be a good person.
    Who uses Hash tags off of Facebook and twitter?
    I respect it thought.

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  • Jayden

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  • Jays

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  • Jayden

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  • Jays

    The pop music Wayne is making these days probably get him loads of money from 15 year old girls, i think it is fair that Quincy gets 2 mill for his masterpiece

  • Jayden

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  • N-eezy

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  • Danny Tanner

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  • @wwd…40 :p

    Wwd40, y tha fuk u on this site? I jam just wayne too who gives a fuk.. All other music is bullshit fuk kendrick fuk m&m fuk mmg & good& jay z. Id rather hear weezy say, yaDigg all day long nigha, and I b on that Trukfit, fuk that fukshit. &this a realnigha typin not no pee-on. U tha only bitch on this page dawg wit ur long ass paragraphs

  • Swag


  • Tony Montana

    LFMAO where are those little fuckheads who were laughin at that stupid video, laugh now 😀

  • daReal214

    Yea, that album getting pushed back for sho…

  • rsxxxiym

    stunna got weezy but bummer wish he won

  • Wrigth Vivical

    WTF, Tunechi aint got no worries

  • why are some of you people asking how he lost the case? didnt none of y’all read the fucking report? dammn stupid..
    But Fuckit tunechi we aint got no worries.

  • Lmfao

    Wtt2 or whatever ur a fuckin idiot. Im not even gunna rant but ur a sad confused human. You fuckboy fans sound so fuckkkkkiiiinnnn GAY sayin shit like oh thats not fair…like lil wayne is ur fuckin blood brother or sumthing..the 5 5 nigga is a fallen off rapper who is an arrogant piece of shit as a person. “NOW YOU FIEND FOR THE GLAMOUROUS FRUITS YOU DONT HAVE CUZ YOU IDOLIZE RAPPERS THAT DO!” Hopsin encapsels all you dumbasses so perfectly. Ur all brainswashed into thinkin rap is life, it can happen to you or they actually give a fuck about there fans. You ppl r so god damn pathetic. Wake the fuck. Lil wayne was dope. He blows now. Its sumbody elses turn. Get over it. Quit dick riding a terminally ill 5 foot 5 dreadlocked face tatted, codeine addict who called you all BITCHES!

  • Triple-S

    That’z pocket chainz…Tunechi spends more on his weed! Fuck Quincy Jones, he needs a cold sick dick…pussy asSs nigga!

  • dontragerryday

    Complete bullshit. Waynes still rich as fuck anyway

  • Allex B.

    Simon Cowell to @SIEGE: YOU are pathetic, you are horrible and your comments are horrible. You are totally disgusting, and your mouth is big like a cave.

  • Christian

    Boooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why I hate the justice system!! Dats a bunch o’ bull

  • YMWeezYCashMoneyFBabyB

    Lil Wayne: 2 mill? wait i have some money here in my pocket.
    YMCMB Rich Gang Forever

  • Breezy

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  • yahhhhhhh

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  • R’Zon Brown

    Wtf how why man dey just don’t like wayne he gone earn that shit back tonight fuk Quincy

  • goonechi

    People hate on lil wayne cuzz his fans stand strong with him people hate that

  • Goonchi

    this goes out to any one who think ima bad person I’m sorry I’m just a huge fan of lil Wayne I don’t like when people down talk him or take advantage of him from now on I will not adress any one has has anything bad to say about him I’ll stay positive

  • J Swagg

    How bou y’all stop arguing damn.

    To the haters, gtfo this page. You don’t belong here. Don’t be a bunch of dumbasses.

    To everyone, No rapper is the best, grow up and realize that.

  • Goonchi

    Yeah I’m done arguing with haters I wish Danny would block every hate comment on here

  • Goonchi

    I’m done arguing cuzz ima great addition to this site

  • @j swagg

    Jswagg, uu r clearly a fukin idiot!! I quote, “BITCH IM STILL THE BEST RAPPER, I GOT BARRZ LIKE PHONE STRENTH” weezy is clearly the best and always has been. & u aint got no swagg nigha! I coppedd all 3zebra shorts jus got them earliier!! Haha Truk dat shitt!!!

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    @Goochie or whatever the fuck ur name is ur a horrible addition to this site and should prolly go make a long landing on a short runway hahah dumbass..erybody on here hates ur bickerin ass already. Gtfo


    hold me back remix with wayne is on rapradar right now………. wayne killed it

  • Michael

    Damn!! Shit that fuck niqqa Quincy ain’t goin scot free for this..,….(9ja)

  • Smfh

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  • Wtf!! The 2 mil aint shit. Just pay the dumbass up to show him he aint shit. Fuck quincy jones and everybody that love em

  • Smfh

    @goonchi go out and try to be sumone get paper.. being on sumones dick is not cool! u like wayne fine, but dont take it to far bro if you have a gf she gna think thats creepy dude be yur own person..jus sayin no hate

  • Dis boy goes and gets Burgers and say “that’s it I thought this wud cost way more W3LL i still got 10 more million to blow today ” drive off and throw millions out the window

    By ••HOT••80¥$••

  • Cramps

    weezy killed it on Hold Me Back!

  • Truu

    Hold me back was nothin to kill jus watever

  • MrNInoBrown

    Danny M you’re late my nigga where is the hold me back remix?!

  • MrNInoBrown

    And wait a minute… OBAMA WINS hahahaha “My president is black” one more time!!!!

  • daReal214

    Hold me back Remix was released last night..

  • F

    Read that Quincy Jones III is Swedish. LOL!

  • Eshall

    I’m sorry for your loss. Sending you love.

  • does this mean wayne will do more features to get more money to pay it off i hope so fingers crossed i mean we need somthing cuz the im not human being 2 is pushed back

  • Des Des

    Thats fucked up for real .

  • Bridzy

    Fuck “Quincy jones! Fuck “Pete ross!!!”””” YMCMB ‘gon BALL psssssst “lil cash!

  • bob

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