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Lil Wayne Brings Out Drake To Perform “Versace” & “Started From The Bottom” In Buffalo, New York

Wed, Jul 31, 2013 by

Last night, Lil Wayne brought out Drake, Birdman and Mack Maine during his America’s Most Wanted concert in Buffalo, New York at the Darien Lake PAC. In the video above, you can watch Drizzy performing his remix to Migos’ “Versace” song.

After the jump below, you can watch some footage of Drizzy Drake performing “Started From The Bottom” and Tune performing “Steady Mobbin’“, “John“, “Trippy“, “Gunwalk“, “Rich As Fuck” with 2 Chainz, “Lollipop“, “Got Money“, “I’m Goin’ In“, and “Karate Chop“.

Click here to view photos from the Buffalo show! Weezy F Baby will next be performing live on his music festival in Hartford, Connecticut at the Comcast Theatre tonight.

Lil Wayne’s entrance and him performing “Steady Mobbin'”.

Drake performs “Started From The Bottom”.

Lil Wayne performs “John”.

Lil Wayne performs “Trippy”.

Lil Wayne performs “Gunwalk”.

Lil Wayne performs “Rich As Fuck” with 2 Chainz.

Lil Wayne performs “Lollipop”, “Got Money” and “I’m Goin’ In”.

Lil Wayne performs “Karate Chop”.

Lil Wayne performs “No New Friends”.

Lil Wayne performs “Pop That” with females on stage.

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  • Pussy Ass Niggah

    Dope #YMCMB

  • chick

    weezy was singing every word to versace hahaha

  • Dane


  • Lilwaynenorwaylove



  • Empire

    Why didn’t they perform No New Friends or Pop That together? Or even She Will?

  • 500 Degreez

    It was pointless to even post these videos. Worst filming ever. I need an aspirin now.

  • Yzeew

    I bet wayne gone snapp on his versace freestyle

  • Black

    “Versace” is further proof that niggers will listen to anything long as you put a familiar name to it.

    Started from Degrassi now he here.

  • Emmett Till

    Make that pussy spit like bone. I’m talkin’ bout bone bone bone bone. -Worst lyrics ever?

  • Flow

    Thay was the worst filming EVERRRRRRR!!!

  • Kidd

    @emmitt till idk if you understood what he meant

  • AlexSutton

    when wayne sings ‘no new niggas nigga we don’t feel that ‘ it sounds so much better than when drake did

  • Emmett Till

    @Kidd yes it was a reference to Bone Thugs & Harmony. What’s your point? They’re still pointless, dumbass lyrics. I’m sure you thought they were clever though, being the lil’ dickrider you are.

  • Don

    Smh every time I get on here somebody is hating man I just don’t get itan for real

  • Don


  • Danny

    Quit coming here then little bitch. Oh wait, you can’t go a day without reading about your beloved Tunechi.

  • Lil Wayne

    Tunechi Tunechi Tunechi, I don’t got a flow
    These dumb niggas still blowing money on my show
    Man I am not a rapper, my days have come and gone
    And you can hear my lyrics getting worse with every song

  • 2 Chainz

    2 Chainzzzzz!

    I might get robbed in broad day
    All my niggas look scared as fuck and run away
    I trip and fall down screaming please don’t shoot
    This nigga come skipping up the street for my loot


  • big c

    this kid recording was awful

  • Kidd

    @emmitt till naw nigga i was just saying half yall people cant understand simple lyrics that shit wasn’t clever it was funny though anyway nigga calm that shit down nigga i know clever shit im a rapper if that means anything but dont call me no dickrider you fucking twat

  • Zach

    Whoever recorder these are like the worst recorders ever! Concert was crunk af though! Tunechi

  • RuffBuff716

    Lmfao I can’t hate on the videos bc my shit is like too haha I was tryna record, drink n shit idgaf tho I got good audio….when Drake came out shit got crazy for real tho can’t wait for him to come oct 16th to first niagra center….great fuckin show havin them 4 on the same stage epic night

  • Slug

    Birdman is my favorite rapper…… said no one ever.

  • realtunefan

    The person who recorded this shit need to go suck a dick for free

  • Tunechi da Gangsta

    Danny wat u waitin for man, post Drake’s new song ‘All Me’ featurin’ Big sean and 2 Chainz on youngmoneyhq… Big sean’s verse is money in the bank… Straight fire!!!

  • that wasn’t so bad.