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Lil Wayne Brings Out Drake To Perform “Versace” & “Started From The Bottom” In Buffalo, New York

Wed, Jul 31, 2013 by

Last night, Lil Wayne brought out Drake, Birdman and Mack Maine during his America’s Most Wanted concert in Buffalo, New York at the Darien Lake PAC. In the video above, you can watch Drizzy performing his remix to Migos’ “Versace” song.

After the jump below, you can watch some footage of Drizzy Drake performing “Started From The Bottom” and Tune performing “Steady Mobbin’“, “John“, “Trippy“, “Gunwalk“, “Rich As Fuck” with 2 Chainz, “Lollipop“, “Got Money“, “I’m Goin’ In“, and “Karate Chop“.

Click here to view photos from the Buffalo show! Weezy F Baby will next be performing live on his music festival in Hartford, Connecticut at the Comcast Theatre tonight.

Lil Wayne’s entrance and him performing “Steady Mobbin'”.

Drake performs “Started From The Bottom”.

Lil Wayne performs “John”.

Lil Wayne performs “Trippy”.

Lil Wayne performs “Gunwalk”.

Lil Wayne performs “Rich As Fuck” with 2 Chainz.

Lil Wayne performs “Lollipop”, “Got Money” and “I’m Goin’ In”.

Lil Wayne performs “Karate Chop”.

Lil Wayne performs “No New Friends”.

Lil Wayne performs “Pop That” with females on stage.

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