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Lil Wayne Performs “Drop The World”, “How To Love” & More Live In Sweden & Norway [Videos]

Sat, Oct 26, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne performing live in Stockholm, Sweden at the Ericsson Globe on October 24th for a stop on his America’s Most Wanted tour. Tune can be seen performing “I’m Goin’ In“, “Drop The World“, “Mrs. Officer“, “Got Money“, “Still Fly” with Birdman, “Tapout” with Mack Maine, and “No Worries.

After the jump below, Wayne performs “6 Foot, 7 Foot“, “Rich As Fuck“, “How To Love“, “Bitches Love Me“, and more live at his show in Oslo, Norway on October 25th.

Click here to view some photos of Weezy F Baby from the Sweden concert and here from the Norway concert!

Shouts to David Nilsson and Viktor Korvanen.

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  • Byrdboi

    Wayne been boring..

  • Love Live Life

    C5 single needs to drop soonnnnn

  • Brinedd

    On October 26, 2013 at 2:59 pm Love Live Life responded with…
    C5 single needs to drop soonnnnn


    Weezy fans are in a drought again like before Dedication 5 dropped 🙁

  • Bawse

    His shows used to be so much better.

  • hektor

    Waynes voice sound so rough compared to his voice playing on the songs playing in the background

  • Empire

    I just want a new project or news on his next project…..

  • tony_montana


  • Aurora

    I was there in norway!! and the show was fucking amazing, love him<3

  • Kidd

    @DannyM would you happen to know the current sales for i am not a human being 2 sales and how far he is away from platinum status?

  • Kidd

    Wayne is a true faggot.

  • Kidd

    @kidd (the one pretending to be me) and you’re a true bitch

  • C5

    NICE! sick show

  • Guayne

    @Kidd Man Why These People On This Site Hates You So Much? They Always Dick Riding You…

  • Thanks for posting my video Danny. The show was sick!!


    woow nice vid !!! I would loved Weezy to perform “Drop the world” in Paris but great show anyway


    this niggga knows how to put on a show

  • F

    The crowd and the show in Sweden was turned up! Amazing.

  • Valborg

    Best night ever ! Love you wayne <3

  • Brayden

    To all the people saying this is shit. Did you even watch the first vid!?? Shit went off