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Gudda Gudda & HoodyBaby Discuss Lil Wayne, Young Money, Their “L.A.T” Project & More [Video]

Thu, Jun 8, 2017 by

Gudda Gudda & HoodyBaby Discuss Lil Wayne, Young Money, Their LAT Project & More

First things first – I know I’m late with posting this interview, so my bad on that, but here is a Mr. Nike of ABN interview with Young Money artists Gudda Gudda and HoodyBaby.

During their conversation, which you can check out below, Hood discussed how long he has been rapping, keeping in contact with his people from Dallas, confirms the Roc Nation deal, and more.

Double G talked about how long he has been rapping for, sending Kidd Kidd a verse for an upcoming song, who is currently signed to Young Mula, planning to drop Guddaville 4 after L.A.T drops, and more.

Also in the interview, Gudda revealed what it’s like being around Lil Wayne, the L.A.T (Loyalty Amongst Thieves) project will be released in a few months (even though this conversation took place in February), and how Wayne got in with the L.A.T group to his surprise!

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  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    Drop that shit we need something FROM TUNE!!

  • CarterBoy

    Hoody so gone in this video

  • Raz!

    roc nation baby

    LAT is never dropping

  • NOAH 40 Shebib

    Hoody thick af

    • Raz!


    • Dr Carter


  • Tunde


    • Raz!

      coming soon

  • Tunde

    North Korea will drop a nuke before this does

    • InfamousWeezy


  • fewcha

    so let me guess…… LAT is coming soon too?

    • Sparks

      Just wait on it lol

  • Tuned #BWA #POP

    They just be lying

  • Weezy504

    That Young Mula Baby in the beginning of the video was cringey as fuck

    • David D

      It’s my ring tone

  • David D

    You don’t need to apologize Danny we all appreciate what you do

  • 1017BLOOD

    Oh great another reason for people to complain about projects not dropping 😴😴😴

  • Rozay

    All these rappers are just gonna be shelved. Why Wayne signing them and not doing anything with them?

    • Muhammed Riyaz Zx

      He signed them just to call them Goon Squad

  • E dog

    Wayne needa update us smh

  • Caleb Kesler

    Over 50 completed songs that were never gonna hear 💯

  • Reptar 🐲

    I hope we got a mixtape like D3 that’s been on repeat. also the song where he shout out Michael phelps

  • Sparks

    Wait on it
    Coming soon

  • Turtis

    Tell jay z to buy c five off of that Martin dude and release it on his label

    • #1Stunna

      worst idea i’ve ever heard tbh

      • TunechiFan#1

        Why tho?

      • Turtis

        It could work fuck the fines

  • XOCorey

    This shit isn’t coming out

  • #1Stunna

    Wayne got thousands of unreleased finished songs tbh.

  • Weezy4prez

    How tf that young money merch gonna sell out after only a couple hours again? They must be only making like 15 of each

  • A.

    ill serve anyone like a blind waiter
    this shit is so good it doesnt smell bad
    loyal to the family, the family has been good to me
    plenty to go around, now watch the money orbit
    i dont like to brag, so my bitcches brag for me
    i am more animal that the zoo allows
    who gives a shit
    you are local news, i am international news
    we consistent, the family commands it
    ok your doing your thang but things change
    i am a mind freak
    bitch i bring the noise where the lion sleeps
    like cookies
    i got a million flows
    label me the hardest nigga in civilian cloth

    what you need to do is figure out the character’s peronality,
    and let them write themselves

  • ALLRED-7

    I tried to buy a shirt on the website and them bitches sold out again. No way people are buying that shit, that fast.

    • Muhammed Riyaz Zx

      I think thats a business trick made by the yes man 😬Fatmane

      • ALLRED-7

        You’re most likely right.

  • JTLivinRight

    Why df is D6 buzzin like this now? Smfh. Watch it be a false alarm…like I’m not tryna get hyped for a fucking fantasy anymore. Why dont mfs just wait til we get proper confirmation from proper sources?