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Birdman Says Him & Lil Wayne Are Going To Iron Out Their Differences

Tue, Feb 20, 2018 by

Birdman Says Him & Lil Wayne Are Going To Iron Out Their Differences

Birdman recently sat down with Ebro for a one on one interview with Beats 1 radio to promote part 1 of his new documentary, “Before Anythang: The Story Behind The Cash Money Records Empire”.

As well as talking about the documentary, Baby also discussed his childhood, therapy, his relationship with Lil Wayne, how he first met Wayne, where the nicknames “Baby” and “#1 Stunna” came from, the biggest check he has ever received, legacy, and more.

“Me and my son had our differences, and that shit gon’ iron itself out, but still I gave that man a $100 million contract. One wire, press send, I was happy as fuck to be able to do that for Wayne, shoot him a $100 million.”

“I’m gon’ make sure he straight, we straight, and we gon’ continue doing what we started.”

You can listen to the 30-minute conversation after the jump below!

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  • YungJackBauer

    Stop talking bullshit and give that man his money


    Fuck You, FLY AWAY.

    Sick Shit.

    • Kevyn Torres

      It’s 6 shit


        Birdman is a Sicko.

  • Liltune4211

    So Drama says “I realize you niggas is like the objects in the rearview mirror—
    You really appear much closer than you are”
    Anyone else’s say they are “closer than they appear”

    • Raz!


  • Raz!

    birdman a snake, he says this every year

  • He says this every year

  • Slime Dwise

    Didn’t he say C5 would come out last year?


    • logan k 32

      Fuck ya

    • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

      He loves shitting on the same fans that got him where he is…

  • Giraffe Boy

    why can’t he wire wayne the $51 million then if he has wired wayne $100 million before?

    • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

      The big question here!

    • LatarionMilton

      Cause this lying ass nigga aint got it

      • G.O.A.T worshipper

        No he does but he ain’t giving it up

  • Giraffe Boy


  • David D

    Not buying this

  • Davonsticks

    Pay Wayne his money, u bald bitch

    • Patrick H

      Wayne’s going bald.

  • Roman

    All I see now is Wayne Vs. Drake. This should be expected because they both surpassed every other rapper/music artist dead or alive. Drake like it or not is still hip hop yes he is as pop as it gets when it comes to rap but he’ll go down as a hip hop artist. Lil Wayne is the better of the two when it comes to rap period. Drake has reached a popularity though that has sadly passed Wayne’s when comparing primes. I want to say Wayne’s bars are better then ever his delivery and subject matter doesn’t have the impact it used to, I’ll explain why. Yes, Wayne’s new music still resonates with true hip hop heads and it has us going crazy when people say it’s trash because bar for bar he’s nothing less then genius, he is the goat. I’m going to let you in on a lil secret though that no one wants to talk about because they fear they will sound homo pause. THE ONLY THING HOLDING WAYNE BACK FROM BEING AS POPULAR AS DRAKE IS HIS SEX APPEAL. Drake is doing numbers because he appeals to the females and the youth who value sex appeal over lyricism. When Wayne talks about girls its vulgar. He gets away with it but not as much as he would if he had the sex appeal he had back in his prime. Let’s face it the girls don’t think he’s hot anymore. Yes he could have any girl he wishes if he was to meet them in person because he’s a superstar. However when it comes to getting views and selling records he isn’t going to get the female fan base like drake does. Wayne could get “his sexy back” PAUSE by believing himself and taking himself seriously. He just goofy these days. Sorry but the dreads are grubby he needs to clean up a bit. Yeah he’s the goat but that’s like growing a nasty bush and saying it’s ok I’m the goat deal with it. No girl wants to see that. One of the things that made Wayne appeal to the masses was his swagger, a swagger so mean he burthed an entire genre of swag rap, although a gangster himself, swag rap is what killed gangster rap. Just being a gangster isn’t enough anymore you have to have swag thanks to Weezy himself. However the swag king lost part of his magic touch. The clothes he used to wear still to this day are legendary but out of nowhere he started dressing like a clown and all the fans that used to worship his wardrobe were hurt mainly his female fanbase along with the dudes that actually understand the impact your clothes have. His style has improved since his goofy stage but he needs to get back to setting the trends instead of his carefree I don’t care anymore attitude because he’s losing the popularity race. Another thing that would help repair his image is marrying a superstar like Nicki Minaj. Think about Jay without Beyoncé… really think about it. In addition no girl or mother wants to hear the greatest of all time talk about degrading woman and being the ultimate player that we all know Wayne to be. You can still be the pussy monster and treat woman with respect. Marrying someone like like Nicki will make all the sensitive people forget about all the ratchet shit. I mean at this point Wayne is like the pornstar of rap it’s not doing him any good when your being compared to drake. I’ll let you ponder on that. If he had the same swag he had in his prime y’all would be worshiping his music still because for the most part his bars have actually improved intellectually. If he could recapture his sex appeal drake would be drake again and not the so called god some are falsely labeling him as. Wayne has competition now and if he wants to remain undefeated he has to has to outshine his own artist who took notes and will surpass him if he doesn’t. The label knows this and actually saw it coming which is why we got a Wayne Vs Drake tour. The real question is does Wayne want it more than drake? If he does he’ll recognize that his bars alone aren’t going to get the job done. The bars are there but they don’t hit has hard because we are not all in a trance anymore that we were put in by his nohomo “sex appeal” for lack of better terms. The dude was a straight up Martian. Up to this point real hip hop fans know Wayne is the true god of rap. All you people saying drake is better are just looking at sex appeal, sex sells. Fame is a popularity contest but lets not get that confused with art. art is not about whose more famous it’s about creativity and when it comes to being a hip hop Artist Wayne has the better Art catalogue.

    • balm down

      • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

        hes speaking the truth unlike your “IANAHB2 a 9.9/10” ass

        • Patrick H

          You really read all that?

  • osamaabinladen


  • where is 51 million

  • Miss this Wayne, creative af

  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    this nigga been sayin this since day 1 meant nothin on day 2. Go sit yo busta ass down somewhere tweety

  • King Slime Thugger
    • リルウェイン#RIPSissy💔

      Whole lot of new thugga songs leaked this week Slime 🔥🔥🔥 SKRRRRR and true shit the GOAT

      • King Slime Thugger

        Link me to some shit slime

    • Weezy Wayne


      • A.

        thugger cures cancer

    • Patrick H


  • A.

    they should have an iron party.
    2 iron boards, 2 irons, lots of weed and lots of cloth to iron, pen and paper
    with lil wayne and birdman ironing in the same room
    do some Starch pants. get some ARGO POWDER STARCH.
    maybe with porn on tv too.

    • logan k 32

      WTH u talking about

      • A.

        he got to put the cold iron to his ear
        listen to the iron
        like he listens to money

  • logan k 32

    I got guns hanging from the ceiling

  • Ervin Mitchell

    This nigga keep saying the same shit over and over again. Why the fuck ya’ll keep posting it? It’s been like 5 years. If his bald ass was gonna fix the shit then he would have done it by now. Fuck this ugly ass nigga. He’d rather ruin the whole legacy of cash money (including his bitch ass legacy) than pay the flagship artist? That’s that bullshit. Talking bout he paid Wayne. Ain’t no nigga gon hold out for five years unless you ain’t paid them what you owe. Fuck this ugly ass nigga bruh

    • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

      I dont see the lie..

    • FoFoBullDogg

      Where RealShit at? U deserve a trophy for stating absolute Realness

  • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

    So is impeachment or resignation in my forecast…?😳

  • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

    I actually do think Wayne and Bird gonna iron out the differences….I came to the conclusion that its the only solution a while now.

    • Crown4weezy

      yup cuz that bitch ass nigga dont wanna admit he ows wayne anything cuz he think he got enough lol greedy ass bitch. its either that or court forever

    • TuneThaGoat

      That is the only solution at this point. Or at least try to re-negotiate his contract like he did multiple times throughout those 2000s.

  • ßlย૨

    bitches lie thru they teeth , I never wanted to be a dentist

    • Patrick H



  • 🐐🐐

    Lmao he been saying this

  • T-Chubbs

    Nigga id trust swiper no swiping before id believe anything birdman says or does. Itll be krazy they make up after all this bs…that right there would make wayne look weak af. Shoulda left wit jay the first time it was on the table

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    frfr i think its a lot of factors BEYOND the money thats led to this disastrous situation otherwise if it was JUST the money wayne would have done something about it instead of WATCH his OWN career get thrown in the trash this way. wayne is not HOT anymore and NEVER will be AGAIN and thats facts. i feel like him and birdman got a sextape together and he scared birdman gon release it so wayne is really stressed and is unable to do anything because birdman is BLACKMAILING him about a video in which he screaming “young mulaaaaaaa babyyyyyyyyyy” while taking a 3 inch up his ass

    • Day1_la_laker

      gay ass nigga talkin about sum sextape again smh

  • Patrick H

    Is the documentary worth watching?

    • osamaabinladen


  • GodBlau

    He basically sayin he gave Wayne enough money

  • yo tbh should honestly just finish the contract get 2 album’s clout get out and do the rest on his own, that to me sounds like a solid plan.

  • ronnie

    Rick Ross voice “pay dat man”

  • Mr. Kr@Zy flow

    Just like he said put the glove on like mj go from og to oj