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Lil Wayne Performs Gunplay’s “Rollin'”, “Faded” & More At LIV Nightclub [Videos]

Tue, Apr 10, 2012 by

Above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne at LIV Nightclub for “LIV on Sundays” on April 8th in South Beach, Miami. Weezy gave a speech about Nicki Minaj’s new Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album and performed Gunplay’s “Rollin’” record. On stage with Tunechi was DJ Stevie J and Mack Maine, but Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Cortez Bryant, Mystikal, Fred Durst, Detail, Bobby V, Scaff Beezy and BP were all in the building! Check out pics from the party here.

Tune also announced to the people in the club: “I brought a nice young lady with me tonight, I hope she like me the way I like her”. If you want to see what the mystery woman looks like, then click here.

Hit the jump to watch some more footage of Wayne at LIV Nightclub on Sunday night, which includes his funny dancing, and him performing “Faded” and “I’m Goin’ In“.

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  • #1 nice

  • Mac Miller


  • ohohchikd

    What happened to Dhea …….wow he moves on fast

  • 7 gramz in d butt.


    Why he not perform his own version of Rollin?

  • Wayne a P.I.M.P

    Wait? So is Weezy two timing Dhea or has he got bored of her?

  • ben spencer

    his dancing always cracks me up lololol

  • poliwhirl

    Why are macknupid and the other guy up there with weezy?? It should be nicki minaj and birdman!!!



  • Trawwwwwww

    ma nigga I’m faded………

  • gatez

    that boy tune a fool with his dance moves

  • nickiMINAJx

    Awww look at Mac Maine having fun with that smoke gun xD

  • AB

    IDK what happened to Dhea, but that girl her name is Veronica Mejia (@team_veronica) and its his backupdancer from I AM MUSIC tour… supposedly she does mind being the side chick (info. from

  • Jaime

    Wait lmaoooo … WHAT HAPPENED TO DHEA ?????? Wayne is back to being a player again, he’ll never grow up.

  • ohohchikd

    That girl in the picture with Wayne is not his back up dancer, the back up dancer hair is longer…. here is the back up dancer’s twitter @team_veronica.

  • Respect

    tunechie, poochie, that what she call it

  • ohohchikd

    oops sorry AB I didn’t see that you already had posted her twitter my bad!

  • iris

    will be the new Dhea or with whom to spend the night alone?

  • Mj

    I don’t like my women single, I like my chicks in twos

  • WA

    ^^ damn straight

  • who?

    stds out the ass

  • Junior

    The media wasnt interested in dhea shes to basic and boring..

  • YCsep27

    Salam Wayne

  • YCsep27

    after watching i’ll say smthng

  • T.manjohnick

    If lve is in da air i wil hold ma breath til ma face turn purple…..#team tunechi


    @DANNY M & FANS*********
    Does anyone know what the tattoo is beside lil waynes teardrops ? its like a little T or a palm tree or something hahah its just under his love heart tattoo and 2cm beside his 2 teardrops ?????

  • Kay B

    Ppl I wanna knw does Wayne read our comments or….

  • #YM/CMB

    @DANNY M
    Has weezy got a new face tatt ?


    *******sorry @DANNY M
    but the tattoo section on the website don’t have a description for the wayne tattoo a was talking about do you think you could upload it please 🙂 a posted a link for the tattoo earlier*******

  • Rachel

    Big Bad Wolf: “Suck my dick!”

    Little Red Riding Hood: “I thought you said you were going to eat me!”

  • posse

    damn cmb signing twista now

  • F

    Wayne has already dumped Dhea? They were sooo cute together 🙁

  • Im jealouse an need u we know your not God but fate is real im jealouse like maga mad wow hopfully they sucked an no cum


  • Haha Tunechi Always makes me laugh when he dances lmao. But damn just kick Dhea to the curb haha! But you could do what you want you LIL WAYNE!

  • brandon

    fuck dhea and this new bitch he needs to get back with lauren london…this nigga trippin with these mixed breed hoes

  • patrick

    i agree with brandon but dhea was hotter than this hoe

  • kush & oj


  • los_504

    whoever said “the media wasnt interested in dhea” is a dumbass from the beach pics of her and wayne they trolled her background and found out her goverment name, where she lives/from, and where she worked! so how they wasnt interested? smh you a dumbass if anything she wasnt interested in THE MEDIA she played it lowkey which is rare for a chick with wayne. wayne really loved dhea IMO


    wayne just with this new broad so he wont look lonely and look like he got played by dhea. all dudes with big ego’s do this smh

  • josh

    @lacey i agree she’ll be gone within the next month lol

  • tinaphooo

    Looks like he had a good time

  • Wow this is cool an lets flip flop an build our walls an ingage to have fun an me being ok lets colide before we meet an yes can i knee that an lets see who is to be r u serious an pause for a moment i like your pictures that what i get for wanting to upgrade but it cool all computers hate around here an listen to 98*3 an get them to have rap night so i know slow but i get there so i guess cool for writting too for me