Part 2 Of Lil Wayne’s Interview With Elliott Wilson For The CRWN Series [Video]

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Part 2 Of Lil Wayne Interview With Elliott Wilson For The CRWN Series

After watching part 1 of Elliott Wilson‘s one on one interview with Lil Wayne for his CRWN series yesterday, which took place at the Austin Convention Center in Texas on March 14th, part 2 has been released.

During the second part of this interview, Tunechi chatted about Cash Money Records, his relationship with Birdman, who his favorite sports teams and athletes are, skateboarding injuries, his Gone Till November book, spending time behind bars in Rikers Island, getting arrested in New York City, his deposition video, talking about pussy a lot in his raps, jokes he would do a album series about pussy from 1 to 5 like his Tha Carter album series, how he would like to be remembered musically, and more.

You can watch part 2 of the CRWN interview after the jump below!

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  • Poyo

    First part was alot better tbh

    • It just come out, aint no way you watched it all yet.

      • Poyo

        i watched it right when elliot dropped it

      • Nathan Bryant

        Well, the second part was a repeat of the first part so basically he did watch it already.

  • H

    first bitch!

  • zin


  • Jason

    Good interview

  • Just five episodes of Weezy Wednesdays and its ended already?

    Cortez Bryant needs firing.

    • fewcha

      and only two of the episodes were good

    • me,lt

      There ain’t even five tho

      • Deontre Lewis

        Lol only 4

    • lolz

      Here’s this lil BITCH STANNING Wayne and always refreshing this page.
      I’m sorry you have no bitch or hobbies but go play outside you lil BITCH

    • Tony Altrudebta

      Aside from that, this is one of the best Wayne interviews, if not the best. He answered virtually all the questions that people been wanting to know, and very precisely. The hype for CV is real. #ItsCarterSeason

    • LondonB

      it cant go a week without it like an actual tv show has breaks

  • fewcha

    two things i hope:-

    1. the c5 single drops today (even tho i think it will drop tomorrow)

    2. future is featured on the hook of it

    • Zly

      No future

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    Lol this dude Wayne is a funny guy

  • WarHorse

    Fuck this niggas gay ass laugh!!

  • Weezy

    fuk tez

  • Gangstaaa

    “Shout out Rikers, cell 23”

    • Farid Zarioh

      warden kiss my ass, pockets on monique

  • Time

    So is he getting married again or not?

  • Coolcat

    no mo weezy wednesdays?

  • Obvious King

    The Realist Interview By Wayne Ever

  • Little Boss

    For the people that be saying he raps too much about pussy ya heard wat he said lol

    • Milli Tune

      Im not right with Weezy in that cuz… He should ask about it him in another way like: “Why u dont rap about bloods, gangstas and other stuff like that and u just keep rap about sex an dpussy” cuz weezy always rapped about pussy but know % of pussy lyriscs is higher.

      • Little Boss

        Nigga been rapping for so long nd everything u listed he done rap that. So wat else he should rap abt beside the shit he live or kno now

  • Chazz

    They should of asked him about why he cut his dreads

    • smh

      Why would that matter, mcfaggetton

    • Chuck_Brazy

      hahaha. Probably because of skating reasons. if your hair goes down to ur butt it’s probably a distraction while doin tricks or something. imo lol

  • Nukey

    Great interview overall 🙂

  • JayHighAss

    Reason why Y’all want that C5 single so bad is so y’all can judge it & compare it too his old stuff & say ” he fell off “

  • umar

    c5 coming soon!!!!!!!!!

  • Gianluca lopetale wayne

    tha carter the best

  • kenny

    I lol when Wayne said toya will kick my ass i was rolling he was to for real

  • corbin wells

    this was better then weezy Wednesday.

  • Weezus F Baby

    I Believe There Will Be 5 Pussy References At Most I Think Wayne Wants To Leave Us With A Great Piece Of Work For The Final Carter . Better Than 4 &1 Maybe On 3 Level

    • corbin wells

      their will be way more then 5 even his first 3 carters had at least 20-40 pussy references

      • Weezus F Baby

        True But At Least They Were Sweet Not Like “Pussy So Good I Had To Eat It Twice”

  • Weezus F Baby

    Y’all Need To Chill On Tez He Picked RAF , 6’7′ , How To Love , A Milli , Fire Man , She Will All Great Hits The Nigga Just Slow

    • Slateer

      Bruh RAF sounded dumb as shit on the Radio. Half the song was censored

      • Weezus F Baby

        Shit Was Hype Tho ” All My My Look Riches Riches !!”

  • JustAGuy234

    Elliot’s CRWN interviews, Zane Lowe and the Breakfast Club are the best three interviews for fans to watch/listen to if you REALLY want good questions asked to the artist. more than just about sales and blah blah. Those 3 i just named REALLY ask about it and its great for fans to hear a more in depth interview!
    good shit

  • YM Nation

    I think there’s no Weezy Wednesday’s this week because of the CRWN interviews. I think that’s this week’s Weezy Wednesday’s.

  • ted

    Wayne got defensive when Eliots asked about his pussy lyrics lol…

  • Akila9D4

    i didn’t like how he started talking about “i aint about to beef in rap because im from the streets” and all that bullshit.. made him look stupid for a second honestly.. other than that cool interview..

    • Ray Jones

      How? When you from the streets beef is REAL! Don’t nobody got time for these fake ass “just music” hip-hop beefs. That nigga getting money. All that beef shit is just to generate a buzz. Lil Wayne needs no buzz

      • Akila9D4

        thats not the point. the point is he made him self look ignorant for a second.

        keep the interview about music..

        • Christian

          The interview was about Wayne. Not music. That is why skating and other sports and his kids were talked about.

  • KingZ

    I think we should all thank Mack Maine for letting Wayne know what the people are saying about him..far as ;the pussy references,
    Him falling off, & Wayne rap like. Now wayne can see what the haters are saying & he can approach it the right way.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      Mack and Gudda the only real niggas in YM

      • Skenny

        Wayne on the top
        And you on my dick
        Dickhead -_-

  • Milli Tune

    On this interview Weezy reminds me this pic just dreads are different. And btw he have voice like in Tha Carter Documentary so I don’t know why his music sound different.

    • Efren Morales

      I wish he did his hair like that again and got a fade lol

  • Nathan Bryant

    That crowd seemed a little silent when he was joking. Not to say what he was saying wasn’t funny, but it didn’t seem like the type of crowd to enjoy those topics. And why would you bring your kids to that? Did you see the kids in the crowd? Entertaining interview.

    • ted

      I was thinkin the same thing, Wayne was cursing like crazy in front of those kids ha

  • Michael

    I will always support Wayne and I always liked his music but it was great to hear that he raps about other topics on Carter V instead of just pussy. Mack was great to tell him about that and that probably sparked Wayne up which is why I think Tha Carter V will go down as a Classic !

  • Nathan Bryant

    Pussy is an overwhelming feeling, but to listen to it for music is not. Not all the time. That’s the annoying thing. He raps raw like, so it won’t be some mature like lyrics on such a topic, but who wants to sit and imagine pussy when working out or rolling down the street bumping music. To be honest, that’s some ignorant shit. I like Wayne and I understand where he comes from, but the way he responded to that question was ignorant to be honest. Yea, I want to hear about the world. He wasn’t rapping only about pussy when he was hot, so why say that now. Just open up your mind to more topics and ways to approach them with clever lyrics. Tell a story or something. He did that on earlier Cater’s. Just saying. It’s really dumping down his lyrics.

    • Geo_ovoxo

      And like he said nigga go listen to someone who doing that …. Bye bye wont miss ya !

    • Christian

      But he only talked about drugs, whether it was smoking or selling them, money, and pussy on the Carters. And his rap skills of course. That is why tracks like Misunderstood, Mirror, and Get Over stand out on Carters. Just on C2 he talked about the streets more and C3 was more about his rap skills. Lately it just been about pussy.

  • Nathan Bryant

    I hope C5 is in line of the earlier Carter’s. That same theme.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda


    • Skenny


  • Chuck_Brazy

    Tha Carter V is not getting enough buzz.. Only the true Wayne fans give a damn right now. I’m hyped af too but it feels like there’s not enough promotion for the album. No one cares! Tez needs to release the CV album cover and that single asap.

    • mortimerr2014

      Trust me when it comes to a carter album comin out… yo grandma knows nigga

      • Chuck_Brazy


  • Efren Morales

    I have a better understanding of lil wayne from this interview. I see who he is now and what he’s tryna be. I guess he’s not tryna be the best anymore cuz he knows he’s up on that list already as the greatest to ever do it. I’m not goin to take for granted the music that he’s put out lately and just enjoy it. Can’t wait till the carter 5

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Playing With Fire on C3 was one of the best songs on the album. He actually rapped about real shit but he also talked about pussy too. He doesn’t meditate on what to say next. He just says it when he feels like it. That’s the difference between straight up recording & writing. “So hey pussy play with pussy or play pussy”

    • mortimerr2014

      Yeah that’s when we all didn’t mind if he wrapped about pussy cause he got clever wit da shit. Now it’s just “in that pussy wit my mark Jacob goggles” lol

      • Farid Zarioh

        let that beat build was the song on C3 he actually rapped about making a song nd still killed it damn man



    • mortimerr2014

      Tweet at fuckin tez ass and ask him not on here lol. Prob will drop tomorrow

      • Weezy

        tez a liar

  • C5 art work will be interesting .. Waddup 5!!


    Remember when Wayne once said he’d only put out songs if he’d be sure the fans would like it?
    Well now he says he would just rap about wtf he wants.

    • TunechiCarterV

      Wayne has always rapped about what he want, and he also put out songs that he think the fans likes, he has never put out songs he think we dont like,

      If u mean that IANAHB2 was an album his fans dont like then u should know that this album was for his old friends Future/2chains/soulja boy and more.

      wayne says he has worked hard on this album tho so i dont think he ”just rap about wtf he wants” ….

  • mortimerr2014

    That nigga wayne got a tattoo inside his ear

  • When’s The Last Time Wayne Went On A Press Run, For An Album ?

  • Tune Up

    Keysha Cole might sign with Cash Money.

    • JustAGuy234

      yea i saw the interview on TBC when she said it, her and wayne have chemistry so that could be a smart move!


    We’re the single and weezy Wednesdays or as tyga said wendays

    • Weezy

      Lolll wendays

  • Devolchi

    Lil Wayne would murder a Pussy Album lol

  • Jays

    Dope interview. Anyone know the name of the outro beat/song?

  • Skenny

    Shoot that son of a bitch !!!

  • Skenny

    Shoot that motherfucker !!!

  • Ali

    Is Devol still coming out, because C5 is the last solo album from Wayne

  • stevie d

    can someone tell me what trainers he is wearing????

  • stevie

    can somebody help and tell me what trainers weezy is wearing???

  • Jerm

    all i gotta say is “tez pushed the album back, sorry for the wait”

  • wasTheDeal

    Real interview good job Wayne

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