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Young Money (Lil Wayne, Tyga & Nicki Minaj) – Senile [Music Video]

Tue, Apr 15, 2014 by

Young Money Lil Wayne Tyga & Nicki Minaj Senile Music Video

Here is the official music video for Young Money‘s “Senile” single featuring Lil Wayne, Tyga, and Nicki Minaj.

The visual, which was directed by Colin Tilley, includes cameos from Birdman, Euro, and Mack Maine. This David D.A. Doman-produced song can be found on the Young Money: Rise Of An Empire compilation, available in stores now!

Click here to view some behind the scenes photos and footage from the “Senile” video shoot, which took place in Los Angeles, California last month.

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  • Nino

    Finally, now just release the c5 single

  • fewcha

    future honest album leaked

    • Milische

      No thanks Jeff..

    • Aliyah

      stop lying where?? and is wayne on any tracks other than karate chop

      • Godo Zilla

        He not lying future ablum did leak this morning i have it too but now when i go back to the link it dont work

        • Aliyah

          Is sh!t on there??? that’s my song

          • [Original] Gudda Gudda


      • Malik

        I think Wayne is on it ,they said he was but it might just be karate chop

        • Don_Hooper19

          Ya it’s just karate chop

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda


  • Cay

    Hah funny video

  • Davidson Lumas

    Bruh last night all I watched was ild weezy interviews. That nigga is the truth. He does some suspect shit. And does some weird shit but the way he goes in the studio and does his shit is special idgaf what anyone says if he died in 09 or 10 people would say hes the best rapper ever.. you either die a hero or livel long enough for people to see you become the villian (batman line but g shit)

  • bignipples

    They wrong for this… LMAO

    • #FUCKTEZ


  • King Weezy F

    Hate the video if I’m honest



  • gregg

    I would fuck nicki so hard bruh. I get an erection almost every time I see that bitch. I just want her to suck my fat ass dick while im fingering her ass. then ill make her swallow my cum and ill eat that ass out like it aint nun.

    • Davidson Lumas

      Lmao! Troll of the year

      • gregg

        Troll dheze nutz, that bitch is bad as fuck, I would fuck the shit out her ass frfr

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      I feel you

    • Time

      I get a semi on everytime I see her

    • weezy

      lmao yea I would str8 quake that bitch on the real

      • weezy

        just str8 quake that ass lmao

    • realtunefan_96

      Smh yall niggas get no pussy lmao

    • Zac

      Id rather fuck the shit out of Wayne. pause. all homo. I would suck that niggas dick and let him blow in my mouth. And I aint even gay

      • Drizzy


      • Ipekcarter


    • volcomnukka

      Dude yes Nicki is hott but no one wants to read this shit bro. You are fucking weird man.

  • Arvell Carter

    Love it

    • Nancy

      You’re a fawking fairy looking Homoboy.

      • Arvell Carter

        Fairy looking not even my boy

        • 215Hustle

          I want to apologize for being rude to you earlier.

  • JustAGuy234

    like a lotta of said when the song dropped wayne and nicki did iight but overall the song is wack. Beat isnt pleasing to listen to and the video isnt pleasing to watch simple and plain its just not a good single.

    waiting the next wayne release


      STFU BITCH!!!!!!!!! This aint as hot as rodger that but its still hot bitch and waynes verse was fire and that’s all that matters stupid town boy.

      • Deontre Lewis

        This song is wack….u dont know music it u think it actually good.roger that was an actaul quality song,

      • Deontre Lewis

        And wAyne verse verse wasnt fire…….he literally spit a little faster about nothing

        • Fuck hater

          Bet you can’t even rap hater

          • the future

            but i can, just type taneccy b on youtube, is a drezzy from time remix

      • JustAGuy234

        roger that was a dope song a solid 6-7/10 senile is not better nor close to it. So logically its liek a 3-4.5/10 and the video isnt anything special either. Waynes verse was solid. It wasnt amazing nor mindblowing. just solid so was nickis. but the beat is still not pleasing. overall not a good song.

      • Thuglife400


      • Thuglife400

        This site……..

        • Skenny

          Well said bro ..

          • the miz

            dude all eminem fans are worst dick riders

        • el miz

          all eminem fans are worst dick riders

        • ym100%

          U aand the 11 niggas that like this pic literally some dick ridersfaggots it’s called being a Wayne fan just because we like The old and the new you want to say we dic k riders. Wayne neva fell off y’all fell off as tru fans he changed his flow yea but he still killing shit

    • young pash

      I agree I never really listen to the whole song because of the beat

  • Deontre Lewis

    Damn i look good…im backkkkk

    • Milische

      Your physique is terrible. Just stop. Come back when you actually have muscle.

      • #FUCKTEZ

        Or he just shouldn’t come back at all, infact he should just kill himself or something. He’s a gay no life looser posting pics up on here like instagram and shit smh.

    • Skenny

      Fuck you

    • Love Me

      Lmao…nigga shudda atleast oiled up…nice tho..jst funny

    • Nexoduss

      Omg I have no friends. Someone tell me I’m pretty. I love cock

      • Twazz


      • Deontre Lewis

        I loveee haha except the cock part u fag…fuckin hater

  • Salder

    It seem’s like Collin Tilley never did big job, in any case with wayne’s video, i don’t really know his other works. I was wainting for more when I seen the footage, and wayne’s always jumping now in his video, even in god bless amerika wich is such a great song with a great video, looks like he’s everytime on cocaine then he can’t be taking seriously.

  • Fuck hater

    Y’all bitches stop hating n get off his page

  • ha

    All my niggas look weird as fuck

  • Malik

    It’s MTV’s jam of the week though

    • Lynda

      SENILE IS??

      • Time


      • Malik


  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    No Gudda cameo?

    • #FUCKTEZ

      NO BITCH NOW GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tru

    This will drop before C5.

  • John Osco

    Danny waiting on the HD version

  • Time

    Wack video, I expected better after seeing the behind the scenes.

    Nicki tho >>>>>

  • Linoh Locc

    Did anybody see all dem Pyramid in da back ground wen tygas rapping ? …

    • Skenny

      Yea I did

  • kindle

    I cant stand you new generation wayne fans. Wayne used to have one of the trillest fan bases in the game and now he has the fakest fan base. I’ve been a die hard wayniac since 06 so I actually know wayne at his best and I know that the music he puts out these days is good but trash compared to his old work. I think these new generation fans are responsible for his downfall. All yall do is dick ride and if you aint dickriding, u bandwagoning smh. Dickriding is what led to Wayne’s downfall because he thinks his fans are really enjoying his music but deep inside they really arnet but he thinks they are so that’s why he keeps putting out the same type of music. C4 was nothing but weak punchlines and pussy verses but it sold a milli the first week so wayne probably thought his fans liked when he talked pussy so he kept making more and more and that’s when ianahb2 came along. So it had gotten to the point where he was talkin nothing but pussy through the whole songs. Anyway all im trying to say is that if you want wayne to change, then stop dickriding.

    • Obvious King

      i feel you but i’m saying tho his verse in senile go hard….and he really did talk nothing but pussy on ianahb2

    • Truth

      After watching The Carter they don’t even seem like the same person

    • cvon

      There’s always some guy on the comments that’s gotta hate on “all the new wayne fans” like stfu

    • CV

      Yo my nigga feel you. That’s all facts

      • kindle

        Yup but these niggas would never understand

    • JF93

      bro I feel where your coming from, but your a new generation wayne fan too, you jumped on the bandwagon when he started to rise, a die hard “wayniac” fan is someone whos been fuckin with wayne since his hot boys days like myself and whoever else likes wayne on here. and I admit that wayne has had some bad songs but what artist hasn’t?

      • t-rawwww

        If u became a wayne fan after 07-08 then you are considered a new generation fan.

    • Truth

      After watching The Carter, wayne now and wayne then don’t even seem to be the same person

    • Gwaf

      I will Eat your Pussy

      • kindle

        UM……..No you aint

    • ym100%

      U Literally a dick rider faggot it’s called being a Wayne fan just because we like The old and the new you want to say we dic k riders. Wayne neva fell off y’all fell off as tru fans he changed his flow yea but he still killing shit

    • truefan

      EXACTLY, and they just gon keep dickriding. They all know Wayne’s been trash since 2010 but they just wont admit and then they get mad when real true fans like us speak the truth. Senile sucked dick really hard, the chorus was way off beat and wayne wasn’t really sayin much of anything. Nicki and Tyga actually out did wayne on this one smh. But ofcourse these dickriders are going to denie it tho.

    • Jae Millz

      Tha carter 3 was all about pussy retard. You think that sucked. Fuck you. Carter 4 was beast too

      • kindle

        SMH dickriders like this is what im talkin about^^^^

    • Birdman III

      The problem with Wayne is that he raps without meaning these days. All he raps about is corny punchlines. His punchlines aren’t even good, as they were in something like No Ceilings. The problem with rap today is that there is no meaning behind lyrics. The problem with the new generation of Wayne fans is that they are too ignorant to see this and they think that corny punchlines is talent. Nuff said.

  • That Pyramid Tho ❤️ (no homo)

  • Skenny

    Not what I expected
    The song better than tha video

  • Obvious King

    I’ve been A Fan Since C2 And i’m Feeling Wayne’s Verse On Here

    • Skenny

      Man he killed the entire song ^_^
      But tha is wack

  • Love Me

    F you niggas gat a prob with the video the see about it

    • Skenny


      • Love Me

        Meant,if you niggas gat a poblem with the video,then see about it,just like wizzy said” nigga gat a problem see about it”

        • Skenny

          Aha, now i see about it

  • master v

    @danny m cud u please on future fridae put hollywood divorce outkast feat lil wayne and snoopy dogg dats classic at its best.

  • Weezy. We need better music brotha!! CV bring that shit to the plate. Fk these other rappers. Make the game bleed .. Let’s go!!!

  • Dae_View

    Weird ass video but nicki minaj……….(take a moment of silence) damn she sexy af yo

  • Bluee

    This video is hella dope especially waynes part his verse is fire too y’all are just haters

  • The735Truth .

    That OF hoodie was sick wit them glasses.

    • Skenny

      Yeah I liked it

  • Malik

    2 Chainz making a new EP so you know Wayne got a feature on it

    • Skenny

      Maybe that “Bang” song

      • Malik

        Damn you might be right

  • potato

    weeeezy the god! amen goooo! go check this nigga fellas ” taneccy b” type that on youtube, his´s dope as fuck

    • drin

      its a new wayne song???

      • potato

        what song? senile?

        • drin

          no the song u mentioned before

          • potato

            nah!! i was promoting a homie who is so talented, and he´s a huge wayne fan, i mean wayne inspired him to rap. so he just started puttin songs on youtube. if you type his name “taneccy b” you will found his new song, called the “last soldier” ( the beat is from drake “from time”) please check him

            • drin

              Oh sounds dope, ill go and take a listen bro.

  • Malik

    A nigga C4 been through alot

    • Waynee

      Nooooooooooooooooooo 🙁

    • Twazz

      My front case got a crack too

    • Skenny

      Sorry for watchin that bro 🙁

  • Alexis

    Carter V single may 5th featuring drake

    • Skenny

      Well done, son

    • Jae Millz

      She will pt 2

  • H

    Weezy ain’t got swag no more, way he dresses is wack compared to his old style. His dreads look shit now aswell

  • abdi rahmaan

    good man lilwayne

  • abdi rahmaan

    we love you ………………………but i love nicki minaj more than u

  • The God

    I think lil wayne gone release the c5 single with a video

    • Skenny

      Dear God,
      Please, Can you tell us when Lil Wayne’s album “Tha Carter V” is going to release?

  • Really guys cmon

    why can you post pics on here now? smdh

    Also ive said this before and ill say it again. just because you like the new stuff doesnt make you a dickrider, just like liking the old stuff doesnt make you a true wayne fan. The music he puts out in certain years doesnt make who he is it’s a reflection of his mindset at the time. As a true wayne fan, each of his eras is different and has its own pros and cons. Carter 4 and IANAHB2 said alot about pussy but it had good songs too. Stop judging and if you have to spend time hating on certain fans you need a job, a life, or a hobby. Get over yourself

  • LuvTunechi

    Sik az fuk!!! I luvd it. ;+)

  • Anti

    Yes of course Waynes music has changed but so has kanyes and Jay z’s because they’ve changed as people with new mind states. It’s a natural progression like 50 cent said

  • Best

    Not bad anyway, Wayne part is funny haha

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  • kenzykay

    U Literally a dick rider faggot it’s called being a Wayne fan just becauseU Literally a dick rider faggot it’s called being a Wayne fan just because we like The old and theU Literally a dick rider faggot it’s called being a Wayne fan just because we like The old and the new you want to say we dic k riders. Wayne neva fell off y’all fell off as tru fans he changed his flow yea but he still killing shit new you want to say we dic k riders. Wayne neva fell off y’all fell off as tru fans he changed his flow yea but he still killing shit we like The old and the new you want to say we dic k riders. Wayne neva fell off y’all fell off as tru fans he changed his flow yea but he still killing shit