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Young Thug Says He’s “Recorded A Million Songs With Lil Wayne” & Gets His Genius From “Dwayne Carter”

Mon, Jun 30, 2014 by

Young Thug Says He Recorded A Million Songs With Lil Wayne, Gets His Genius From Dwayne Carter

While on the red carpet at the 2014 BET Awards in Los Angeles yesterday, MTV caught up with Birdman and Young Thug.

Thugger talked about his label situation, as well as mentioned that he will be working with Nicki Minaj on both her upcoming The Pink Print album and his forthcoming project. He also said he has “recorded a million tracks with Wayne already”.

The #1 Stunna discussed his Rich Gang 2 project that he plans to drop at the end of August, the “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour, Tha Carter V, and more!

You can watch the interview below and also another video, courtesy of TMZ, that shows Thug walking through L.A.X. airport drinking a double cup of lean saying he gets his genius from “Dwayne Carter“.

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  • Wtf

    This guy is such an idiot

  • Young shit

    Hate that faggot

  • YSL

    this is the new old weezy, he the reincarnation of weezy like how weezy was the reincarnation of 2pac

    • TRIPPY_94


      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        u maaadddd

      • Pamela Elam

        I think that anyone that works hard, performs, and is in the limelight deserves hats off! Wheather I like or dislike an Artist music, I still respect what they do, because I know what it takes, to do what they do.Like any other business, they must work hard! And be on top of their game! And constantly perform and invest their money! Or go broke! Most have 360 Deals.being paid once a year, so they must manage their money well.

      • Ym


        • TRIPPY_94

          Young Thug will never touch Wayne…………… EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Young Thug is a fuckin joke and a weirdo, Wayne is actually serious about his music. I still don’t understand why Wayne is even letting that nigga name his album C6. He gonna ruin the fuckin legacy smh.

      • Devante Brown

        The closest person to ever becoming Lil Wayne was Lil chuckee. Hands down and I like his music better than young thug.
        To be honest I only liked one song by him and that’s stoner and I only liked it cuz it was catchy…the lyrics was terrible… If u don’t agree I don’t care that’s just my opinion

        • TRIPPY_94

          Everyone agrees man this niggas music is trash

      • 808mafia

        You dont know shit. Real niggas bang this niggas music. Go to atlanta and everyones banging young thug atm.

        • TRIPPY_94


  • harry

    Carter 5 will drop before drake vs wayne tour.
    Its my prediction.

    • Then we need to get the release date soon.

      • TRIPPY_94

        Honestly I think they should’ve just kept the surprise release idea cuz now they just all over the place with it.

    • Nukey

      Well with Rich Gang 2 coming out in the end of August, I don’t really see Tha Carter 5 dropping in the same month as his labels album drops…., plus I see TOA dropping before Tha carter 5 to get more people hyped and ready for C5 but if it is coming out before the tour then it has to drop in July which come tomorrow that month starts……. plus Nicki’s album is meant to be dropping before Wayne’s, so I would love C5 to come sooner rather then later, but I don’t see it dropping till September 27th (His Birthday) myself and I see TOA dropping either before C5 (August) or after in November and I see Dedication 6 dropping sometime this Summer Hopefully that’s all just my predications…. But I can’t wait for C5 to drop 🙂

      • Tunechi4Lifeya

        TOA might as well be Sorry For The Wait 2 and drop before C5.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      he has to or he gonna be performing i am not a human being 2 songs on the tour which will suck

  • Wayne > Thug

    Is he still calling his debut album Tha Carter 6?
    He need to put that syrup down and get his own style

    • Jbadd504

      Idk what birdman sees in young thug. Smh I just dont see it..I heard that song lifestyle with him and rich homie Quan and was like wtf…im really not even excited to hear him on a track with wayne..especially not a million of em..young thug needs to disappear..and fast

      • i thought lifestyle was kinda kool :/

      • James Otori

        Lol you got that right bruh! As fast as fukin possible

  • KBW AK 47

    Young thug just Isn’t been that great to me and I hate the fact that he thinks he is like the greatest when he is clearly not

    • When Does He State He’s The “Greatest” ?

      • KBW AK 47

        i said he thinks he is the greatest you know like talking all cocky and shit and act like he knows everything when he hasn’t even released a album yet

  • Nemisa

    I hate this wannabe weezy

  • Birdman be around this guy more than Wayne nowadays.

  • shhh_theylistening

    Sound like a lil girl yelling

  • Lifestyle is a catchy song though.

    • Khosta

      It’s dope AF

  • Meezy F Baby

    I can’t watch the video Daniel international one please!!!!!!

  • Cedric Jeannin

    Yung Thug is useless.

  • I Swear Young Thug Is Like A Lost Dog Or Some Shit, Birdman Like “How You Get Over Here Slim ?”
    I Don’t Think He Will be Very Sociable, No Interviews Just Drop The Music.

    • Dayne

      I’ll be real, I don’t wanna like him but his music gets stuck in my head and eventually I come around. I don’t want him on Tha Carter V however, as far as TOA I don’t care to much.

      But every interview I see he’s short, cocky, and beats around the question. Not social at all.

      • I Don’t See How He’s Cocky, But I Get What You’re Saying.

      • triggacity_813

        Just like Wayne used to be..

        • Dayne

          Cocky & short I can agree with but he mad sense and didn’t come off as extremely socially awkward. Lol

  • Ym

    Well Ima wayne fan but thug is annoying I’m not listening to annoy of those songs

  • aaron

    Little do people know but young thug is lowkey stealing lil Wayne spot..he’s killing features and hooks..he uses Wayne autotune style when he was on sirrup..everyone is puttn young thug on there hooks and that’s Wayne flow he is using

  • razor

    You people don’t get it. S4TW was a mix tape only for carter 4 because of how the album was pushed back several times and made it really late. He used it to apologize. And plus its supposed to go along with the name “Carter 4″. Sorry ” 4″ the Wait. It wouldn’t work if it was Sorry 5 the Wait. Shit, there’s not gonna be another S4TW.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      who said there was gonna be a new sorry for the wait tape?
      its all about dedication 6

  • Fuckem

    It’s coo that Young Thugs influenced by Wayne but it’s not coo to bite the living shit outta his style!

  • Just A Guest

    I swear Young Thug is one of Lil Wayne’s biggest dick riders that makes wayne feel like even the crappiest song is good. Mack Maine needs to be in the studio with wayne more often cause he be telling him when something is not good.


    Bruh did anyone see when Wayne through the mic at the BET awards!?
    He was like “I wanna thank God, My family, My fans and uh,,……YOUNG MULAA BABBBBYYYYYY! ”
    That got more laughs then Chris Rock’s jokes

  • wayneDAgoat

    thugger thugggerr pure fire cant wait for c5 and C6 flame gang


    I would rather have Euro and Cory Gunz carry the Young Money torch. People like Young Thug are the reason why No one takes YMCMB serious anymore

    • Hold up

      *Millz and Gudda

    • TRIPPY_94

      Wayne shoulda signed Rich Homie Quan instead of young thug. Rich Homie Quan actually fits in to young money and he’s influenced a lot by wayne.

    • Me

      Euro borin and got no voice

      Thugga ho

      • Jesus

        You’re fucking retarded.

  • Alissa

    Ehhhhhhhh Young Thug is sooooooooooooooo damn uglyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ugh

    • Bossman

      But thats non of your bussiness


    Young Thug recorded more songs with Wayne tha Drake did smh… Ohhh well life goes on

  • Rob

    We can add these million songs to the same list as them 100 songs with Wayne and Dre lol

  • Jay weezle

    I think wayne gon announce the date for C5 soon.. Maybe the weezy Wednesday comin up or the one after that

  • YMCorey

    Damn why y’all hating on thugger??? If you hating you just need some pussy

  • Jay weezle

    It would be crazy if he announces on this weezy Wednesday coming up that C5 is dropping the next day which would be July 3rd.. Which is highlighted on the weezy Wednesday calendar

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      albums can only drop on a tuesday

      • triggacity_813

        Physical albums could go up whenever

  • summertimer

    too bad drake vs lil wayne tour tickets are like 300 bucks.

    • youngtune410

      I got mine for 140 lol

  • Vito Corleone

    This n**** can’t even count till 10, but talks about a Million songs lol.

  • Drilon_G

    Bruh how did I do this #ps3tho #struggleisreal

    • TRIPPY_94

      I’ll woop yo ass, whats yo gammer tag???

      • Drilon_G


  • Drilon_G

    Young thuggalicious

  • Ayanda Mili

    yall noticed dat bond between tyga,breezy and weezy at them bet awardz? lol think them to nikkerz fucks wit weezy for real u culd c they jxt happy and i sooo wish wayne culd clear some of them totoos nt all but some in his face itx nt cool anymore man and to be real fuck truckfit nw go bck to wearin gucci and lv wayne u rich man come on bro we need dat as real fanz…

    • DB123

      in english please?

  • Guest

    I hope all u wayneheads like me ….donot fk with young thug … dont even support that clown … Im not hating im being serious…

    Lyrics??? he dont have that….

    He a drugged up clown ….He will neva wayne …..I respect lil chukee more than young thug ….

    Only reason Birdman signed him cause he fk with Gucci and thats gucci homie… I respect Gucci tho … Free GuWop ..

  • Simone12

    It looks like young thug has the same lip piercing as wayne…

  • young thug

    i like young thug

    • Nfs444

      Don’t feed the trolls people. Just ignore him.

  • LondonB

    Can we stop with the young thug please!! Gucci is in jail and put out multiple records ,mixtapes and albums with thug, i guess tryna prove he owns him. Get thug off waynes site, its a pain in my side to see wayne associated with this creature

  • rob the god

    Real talk its between Flow and Young Kobrah cuz Flow mixtape dope and Young Kobrah on that song Lime life so yeah.fuck Yung bug

    • im me

      Yo i just checked that lime life shit out and that shit fire where young kobrah from he might be the next weezy

  • Beggos

    Great keep signing untalented monkeys

  • Eshall Flawless

    Have never heard a Young Thug song and only will if Wayne is on the track.

    • TRIPPY_94

      Good…….That nigga suck ass and he is weird as fuck. People are saying he is the next wayne……………..smh

      • triggacity_813

        He don’t suck but I hate the Wayne comparisons..I would say he like d3 Wayne but he still not as good

  • TuneLion

    Young Thug is so dope imo, I really hope he has recorded a million tracks with Wayne!

  • wasTheDeal

    I hope this nikka dont tarnish wayne legacy

  • triggacity_813

    I think krazy the official single..check guddas IG they shootin a video

    • TRIPPY_94

      oh shit smh

  • madcool

    Weezy on th set #krazy bitch

    • Skenny

      Omg from where you got this pic ????

      • TRIPPY_94

        gudda’s instagram, go look at the video

        • triggacity_813

          He deleted the pics smh

  • Khosta

    Young Thug’s music is dope, and Wayne and young money still running the game. wonder how T.D.E and good music feel, oh Weezy the best man. He’s so crazy

  • Khosta

    “just like ‘assume’ I get ass from the start”
    enough said

  • Droomzy Daboy Dozi Hollaboss

    If Young Thug actually names his album Tha Carter 6, what would Wayne name his Carter sequel after C5 if he had one? “The Other Carter 6”?

  • j.wizzy

    lil wayne deja de fumar

  • dee

    New 1017 mix tape that nigga put his self as Wiz Khalifa . krazy shit maybe his money too short to get a real graphics nigga to do it lmaon krazy