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Birdman Says Lil Wayne Is Doing “Much Better” After Seizure, Confirms The Cause Was Not From Drugs

Mon, Mar 18, 2013 by

Birdman Says Lil Wayne Is Doing Much Better After Seizure, Confirms The Cause Was Not From Drugs

Birdman just called into Hot 97 to speak with Angie Martinez about the status of Lil Wayne‘s health. The YMCMB boss says Weezy F Baby is doing much better and he should be released from hospital on Wednesday. He confirms that there was no truth to TMZ posting what they did about Wayne being in a coma and overdosing on syrup.

Baby also tells the story of Tunechi having the seizure, because it happened right in front of him while they were shooting the “Tapout” music video. He explained that they had to lay Weezy down and put him in an ambulance as soon as possible, so they could contain and relax him. Birdman mentions that Tune suffered from the seizure on Tuesday night and has been in the hospital since then without leaving. He thinks the cause of the seizure was from hard work and lack of rest.

You can listen to the interview after the jump below. It’s good to hear Lil Wayne is recovering fine!

In related news, click here to see Mack Maine discuss Weezy‘s health problem with XXL.

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  • LilGreen_TRUKFIT

    first bitch.

  • asd


  • jizzyj54

    gOOd To Hear Tune Is DoIn well

  • lil tommy


  • Denzel James


  • Sanjaya gupta

    Second , wanted him to die smh

  • lil tommy

    dam i’m not first i’m 4th lol, thank god wezzy ok though 😀

  • God Bless Lil Wayne

    He looks happy in the picture 🙁

  • get well soon bro

    fuck imagine witnessing someone go into a seizure straight in front of your eyes…..that shit a scary sight

  • Tahir

    7 bitch …and im a bit relieved but i need to see a pic of Wayne in good form still kinda worried…Get well Tune

  • Name

    Good to hear…. Y’all should google Mack’s interview with xxl. He says he can’t confirm who sent out the tweet from weezy’s page.

  • Cortez Bryant

    BANG bang !

  • bill riley

    Weezy get ur sleep

  • kids

    Why are you all posting #First?? its so stupid and childish, and have noting to wayne being ill!! Grow up!

  • Tuneeee

    Birdman always be lying tho

  • Triggerman

    Like Weezy Said On The Gossip Song “I Aint Dead I’m Alive”

  • Bet.

    Weezy gon b home anytime soon and get straight back to making music and skating.

  • Triggerman

    i bet lil wayne disses TMZ when he gets out

  • THANK GOD!!!
    WEEZY REST A LIL BIT I LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tahir

    let me crank that “celebration” one more time and hope that Baby telling the truth.


    “never defiant to my team, never lying on the thing
    until im lyin on the thing hooked to wires and things
    imma die as a king”

  • LilMula

    “never lien on the thing until
    im lyin on the thing
    hooked to wires n things imma die as
    a king, if i dont do it now imma try it again
    and when i do accomplish it ima try it again
    ima riot insane
    im a lion my mane hangs down to my strains
    and their tied to the game,
    I stay dry when it rain im tired of the fame
    Got everything to gain and im proud of the pain
    the pride and the plain the wise and the strange
    denied by the sane beside were the same”

  • Nukey

    He would of canceled his european tour or had the seizure on the tour if he hadn’t already canceled the tour to suit his promotion of his new album! Hope you get better soon Weezy….

  • WelcomeBackTune

    Glad he is good and TMZ some bitch ass niggas

  • @ Danny M – is that pic from Hospital? I mean dat bulding behind him Looks like that Hospital where he at 😀
    Thanks 🙂

  • Jaz

    God bless, i knew he be fine,

  • tunehci’s Biggest South African fan

    Its Good to hear that the”Best Rapper Alive”is okay…Young Moola baeby,yeah I proud of you..hahahaha…Tunechiiiiiiiiii..

  • The “No Stones Magazine family sends our prayers & encouraging words during this time. Not just “another artist” but a father, a son, a friend, a brother is in need of support.

    No Stones Magazine means just that. We realize no matter who you are, where you’ve been or what you’ve done, life gives experience that can motivate, heal or encourge others. Follow us @nostonesmag

  • Thank you stunna

  • young tunechi

    First off yall dumb ass need to stop writing first nd second nd shiit like that but on the real i hope your ok Dwayne Michael Carter you are in my prayer and we need your music with out you hip hop is dead again

  • That’s what’s up!!!!!!!!!!!

    @TMZ / I left the bullshit,in the waitin room

    You faker than some tiddy’s,you get tiddy fucked!!!!!!!

    Good or Bad news / Wanye fans can handle it


  • iyke

    Glad#Tune owkae#gotta see a pic of him sooner than later@danny

  • Praise God!

  • t(-_-t)


  • Danny

    It was shocking to me when I heard it was from drugs becuz I didn’t think he was in anything I seem an interview of him being clean and I didn’t think he was lien about that bs!

  • young tunechi

    “You know I ride for my motherfunkin’ niggas, Most likely I’m gonna die with my finger on the trigger, They tell me don’t get high, and I should try to make a living, I tell them I’m a hustler and I’d rather make a killing” all those is your own word coming out of your mouth so you gonna be alright bro cause the sky is the limit damn bro don’t leave us like this im prayying for yu trust me

  • Young Tunechi, God Is With You….

  • Bianca j Rodriguez

    First of all god bless u and thank god ur ok u surely scared the crap out of ur fans. Idk bout everyone bt truly from the heart n fuk the riches bt I keep up with Wayne n his health issues Wateva the cause was all that matters is ur gud n alive but please do all of ur fans a favor n rest up bc I want u
    Til u old n gray

  • Young tunechi

    @bianca j rodriguez i feel exactly the way you feel.

  • jhori leonard

    Stay strong baby!! Still praying. I love you

  • Idiotsiswear

    Of course birdman lying about even thing when it first happened didn’t they say he was going to be home the next day? Still isn’t home yet is he? One person saying he’s fine watching a ncaa game the next saying he sleeping while he is suppose to be up watching the game then he is chilling right next to slim if he was why not hand him the phone? And of course birdman is not going to say Wayne is on drugs while on probation but you can clearly see Wayne gets high still

  • Idiotsiswear

    All it takes is one pic to prove Wayne isn’t in a coma and is fine but still in the hospital they will most likely post a pic when he wakes up though

  • When it.

    Its hard to say who’s lying and who’s not.
    It basically boils down to this.
    1. From a LOGICAL stand point, it’s hard to believe Wayne is perfectly fine when hes been in INTENSIVE Care for 6 days now.
    2. It’s hard to believe any bullshit that TMZ says.
    3. Wayne’s closest people have said he’s doing fine, but could they be lying?
    4. It’s hard to believe Wayne’s people are lying, because even T.I. has said he spoke to Wayne, and HE said he’s doing fine. So you’re telling me Wayne’s people told T.I. to lie about that?
    It’s tough to say.. But personally I think he’s okay.


  • patriots

    told boys its cuz my man workin hard always in the studio or skatin it wasnt no damn drugs

  • hoo that good this good the best
    i continue with fabulous sos video
    ariiba lil Tunechi

  • hoo that good this good the best
    i continue with fabulous sos video
    up lil Tunechi
    att tino

  • Kleiven

    Weezy is goin to make a song about this (i think)

  • R.I.P. Weezy !!!!!

  • kush

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  • Dylan Bright

    Weezy is on the way home, you heard it first from me

  • Jessica

    Glad Tunechi’s home and with his family…………IANAHB2 3/26/2013

  • Nomser Carter

    Extremely glad that Wayne’s recovering very well, got nothing but absolute love 4 my nikka!!!!

  • erick

    damn so that got that seizure on tape!?

  • Alfred

    what ever the cause is we still love him the same ……………..#liltunechi #weezy f baby #ymcmb #rich gang……………………get well soon the streets miss you……………………

  • you look so happy in all the pics!!!!!

  • spittargm

    iight tune gucci now big bro slow it dwn u gttin older now u gt a team to help ya dnt ever forget that

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  • RomanEmpire

    This was probably a publicity stunt to get his EU fans back and make more money off of them. Coincidence? I think not. Rat face has been taking too much drugs and it is causing his shriveled brain to bleed out, let’s call a spade a spade, Baby is no doctor, he has no clue what he’s talking about in terms of Wayne being fine.

  • LuvTunechi


  • Nix Kuiper

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  • Awesome article.

  • Gross

    Gross another drug addict that when he finally does to many says “it wasn’t the drugs” HAHAHa hopefully no one is stupid enough to think a perfectly healthy man in his 20’s would really just have a seizure from exhaustion and not the pain killers that he so frequently raps about ingesting. Shit people are dumb.

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