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Lil Wayne Performs Live At The 2016 “Beat Bash” Concert In Houston, Brings Out Bun B [Video]

Wed, Nov 9, 2016 by

Lil Wayne Performs Live At The 2016 Beat Bash In Houston, Brings Out Bun B

On November 6th, Lil Wayne performed live during 93.7 The Beat and Bud Light‘s 2016 “Beat Bash” show at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Weezy performed “John“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “A Milli“, “Rich As Fuck“, “Bitches Love Me“, “Go DJ“, “Hustler Musik“, “I’m Me“, “Lollipop“, “Mrs. Officer“, “Every Girl” with Mack Maine, “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)“, “Rollin’“, “Ride For My Niggas“, “Wasted“, “No Problem“, “Bandz A Make Her Dance“, “Pop That“, “Loyal“, “The Motto“, “Steady Mobbin’“, and “No Worries” live.

Also during Tunechi‘s 1-hour set, he brought out Bun B to perform “Draped Up” and “Get Throwed“, as well as told the crowd a story and told them to make sure they go out and vote for… Tha Carter V. Bun called Tune one of the “greatest rappers alive” too.

You can check out Wayne‘s full set in a video after the jump below. Enjoy!

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  • InfamousWeezy


  • fewcha

    who voted for trump?

    • T-Twitch

      I hope you didn’t. I’m so mad right now

      • dharma

        Better than Hillary that’s for sure

    • Justin Cayz

      Who didn’t?

    • logan k 32


    • Patrick H

      Everyone it seems like.

  • Gudda Gudda

    bun showing love and vice verse thats dope

    rip pimp c

  • logan k 32

    Trump hell yea

  • Justin Cayz

    Trump won this election like 6 months ago. And idk why y’all trippin. Uneducated people fear him lol

  • Patrick H

    Wayne jumped in real quick to say vote for Carter 5 when bun shouted who is everyone voting for to make sure there was no arguments with the fans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • dharma

      Fuck everyone who endorsed Hillary fr

      • logan k 32

        Trump is the man

        • dharma

          Nah, fuck Trump and Hillary.

    • Barry Bonds


  • #1Stunna(Look at ur Phone)

    Donald Trump if you’re reading this, FREE C5.

    • 🐐WattbltπŸ™πŸΎ (23 mode) 😈

      Free the base


    yoo Danny !! when he Played im me he said “its obvious that he’ll be Young Money til the death of him”

    • Barry Bonds


  • Yeezy Jumped Over Jumpman

    Trump bro..

  • YungStevenSeagal

    I love everytime when dj t lewis move that fader from sky is the limit to the wasted

  • YungStevenSeagal

    But i dont like that wayne dont perform im going in first

  • Tunechi_C5

    I know Trump Will get C5 freed😊

    • Barry Bonds


  • Danny rollin rn, He in UK

  • Kentunechi

    That female in blue dress can get it

  • Barry Bonds

    Im voting for C5

  • Blur

    Let me get control of that set list, I would have the crowd goin bananas every single time

  • 🐐WattbltπŸ™πŸΎ (23 mode) 😈

    Houston fuck with Wayne hard

  • Untouchable

    TI is STILL acting like the leader of all niggas on instagram with that “i wouldve done more if i could” bullshit on instagram

    • dharma

      Fuck him

  • Stefan David Tufis

    goddamn even with the same music set he always lit errything up,especially with no worries

  • Kollegiate Kermit

    TI married literally the ugliest yellow bone walkin Gods green Earth… nigga should focus on that decision not Wayne


      fr tho

    • blunt

      I heard they broke up

    • D’wayne Newton

      Yeah she fucking Floyd from time to time, and he just trying use that weak ass black lives matter bs to cover the fact he mad about his wife cheating and messing around.

  • milo

    I thought he was finna perform lalala…

    • Blur

      Nope, its that same tease every time, with that weak ass set list/playback machine

  • 🐐WattbltπŸ™πŸΎ (23 mode) 😈

    Ti better not talk about killing niggas on his next song we don’t believe you

  • D’wayne Newton

    Wayne makes me so fucking mad that he keeps using that same playlist of songs, he be using that same list of songs to perform every since he once made em.

    What he needs to be performing is them songs from off the leaked carter 3, songs like (scarface) and songs from off his mixtapes such as D2, and at least do my favorite song by him gossip.

    • Blur

      ^^^ Thats what Im sayin, the current playlist is trash

    • dharma

      It’s getting boring fr

  • Malik

    New post

  • Weezy F

    ….And still no music.