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Baby E Talks Working With Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Not Being Treated Well From The Other Young Money Artists & More

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Baby E Talks Working With Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Not Being Treated Well From The Other Young Money Artists & More

Baby E recently participated in a Q&A (question and answer) session with a Lil Wayne Discord server that you can read in full below.

During their conversation, E discussed a possible collaboration album from himself and Wayne, how a lot of the stuff announced from the Young Money camp is actually all talk, what Weezy is like as a person (says he is very chill but “got a temper from hell though… seem him break a bunch of sh*t), and much more.

The “Finessin” singer also revealed he has at least 10 unreleased songs with Tunechi, a funny story involving FaceTime and Tune (“this real enough for you whiteboy?”), what a Young Mula studio session is really like, his favorite Lil Wayne songs, and how he was not treated well from the other YM artists. He also mentioned that Wayne and Kevin Gates do not have beef, but they are definitely not cool with each other!

Q: There was news you and Wayne had a collab album together. What happened with that? Was it ever fully finished or recorded? If not how many songs deep were you into it?

A: We have a lot of songs together in the vault and yeah we talked about it… but a lot of stuff gets talked about and never comes to fruition ya know.. But yeah it was a real thing at one point.

Q: Do you have more music coming out with Wayne?

A: I hope, we got a gang of bangers recorded… Wayne just records so much that even a song that’s a week old is old to him… so we shall see.

Q: Was this song ever finished? Any details about this like is this a funeral session or L.A.T or what project?

A: Just one of the many songs we recorded on the D6 tour or in Miami… it’s done but releasing it is a whole other matter.

Q: I remember back in 2019 u told me u Wayne n hoody was goin link up n do a project had 2 weeks to do it did this ever happen?

A: Like I said bro, I don’t mean it disrespectful but a lot of stuff gets talked about in the YM camp and a lot of it is just talk and being excited in the moment.

Q: Why was next time ft. dj chose taken off streaming? Can we get finessin remix on streaming?

A: Idk… the DJ Chose song just disappeared… I’m working on getting the Wayne remix on streaming now.

Q: Were you ever in the studio with Wayne? What was it like?

A: I was in the studio with Wayne constantly… He’s usually in his own world, focused on nothing but the song and his bars… not much talking or messing around… You don’t wanna be the one to throw him off either.

Q: How many unreleased songs do you have with Wayne?

A: Hard to say… at least 10.

Q: How was “Finessin” were you in the studio together for the remix?

A: Naw, he just sent me his verse and I couldn’t stop smiling for a week lol.

Q: Best advice Wayne gave you?

A: Best advice Wayne gave me was basically just be exactly who I am Bc who I am is fire lol I don’t need a gimmick or nun a that… Stay true to myself.

Q: I know you real cool wit Kevin gates and Wayne you think you could get a record with them 2 and u chemistry be Krazy

A: Idk if u remember but Gates was supposed to sign to YM, he was traveling with them wearing the merch n sh*t… Him and Wayne got into it in the studio one night and Kevin hopped on a jet and signed to Atlantic the next day… They ain’t beefing but they ain’t cool lol.

Q: Can you tell us a funny memory you have with Wayne?

A: I had been talking to one of his homies and I said “Look mane if Wayne love me so much and wanna sign me so bad, tell him to call me… Idk even know u like that” Petey said “Give me 10 mins wo”… 10 mins later I get a FaceTime and all I see is stars like on the ceiling of a rafe… I sat there for a few mins like Hello?… Wayne finally picked up the phone and said “This real enough for you whiteboy?” Lol… other than that, watching his ass fall when we skated.

Q: What’re you up to now musically? Any music dropping soon?

A: I just dropped a fire “Trapper of the Year” remix yesterday with the biggest artist in Germany… 400k streams first day… After that I got a single dropping with Juicy J that goes craaaazy.

Q: How easy is it to get in contact with Wayne directly?

A: It’s kinda like getting the president on the line lol.

Q: How would you describe Wayne’s personality?

A: Wayne pretty much has two moods: chill af and mad af.

Q: What was your relationship like with Lil Peep? RIP

A: We made 2 songs by sending em to each other.. we were big fans of each other… we didn’t like the songs we did… thought we could do better… we were gonna link soon as he came off tour…. RIP.

Q: Did you ever record your verse for 5 Star for dedication 6 before wayne added nicki on it instead?

A: I was supposed to be on Rockstar… so I wrote a crazy ass verse and killed it… then 2-3 hrs before the deadline Mack called me talm bout Nicki is on rockstar now so you’re on xo tour life… I was tired af… wish I could go back and make my verse way harder.

Q: What do you remember about the “Finessin” video shoot?

A: I didn’t meet Wayne face to face until the second we stood on our spots, dapped up and the camera started rolling.. I wish we coulda built more chemistry before that but Wayne like to be alone and not bothered.. The funniest part was the guy we rented the car from freaking out like “HE HAS TO DRIVE THE CAR I DIDNT KNOW THIS, THESE ARE CLASSIC MINT CONDITION CARS”… Admittedly, then donks are hard to drive and I was nervous too… The owner was hanging out the side of the van recording next to us like “Youre doing great buddy”.

Q: Who’s the biggest artist you’ve made a song with besides Wayne?

A: Miley Cyrus.

Q: Are you still in touch with Weezy?

A: Still talk to Mack regularly… U gotta be real real close to Wayne to be on phone speaking terms w him.

Q: Why did you leave YM?

A: I never left YM, YM never left me… That’s fam forever… But tbh, Wayne is the main focus at all time and the other artists just catch opportunities here and there when they can.. I wanted to stand on my own two like Drake and Tyga ya know.

Q: Do you still work with other YM artists?

A: Other than Wayne, I never grew close to the rest of the artists… Hate to say it but I think they were jealous that some white boy joined the camp and had a hit song and they were just kinda stale and YM was all they had going for em… I wasn’t treated well by the other artists.. Twist & Gutta my boys but everybody wish em the best, have no interest in f*ckin w them.

Q: What’s the best advice Wayne gave you about rap game?

A: He told me I’m the boss, never let no label or managers or industry cats hold me back from my art… Just do me, cuz I’m dope and don’t need no gimmick.

Q: What is something you want your fans to know that we don’t?

A: Although I’ve been blessed with lots of opportunities… I’ve also got into business with some sharks… If I had it my way, I’d be releasing music all the time… I’m def not lazy just chillin… I fight everyday just to even release sh*t … I just got out of a contract that was holding me back so I’m bout to start flooding yall with music and being the artist I shoulda been this whole time… I appreciate y’all sticking around this long and it truly means the world to me.

Q: Can you tell Mack to put Rebirth on Vinyl?

A: I’ll put the good word in.

Q: Is a collab project with Wayne incentive for signing? Feels like every YM artist has one?

A: Naw not for me, he’s my hero so I was basically like where’s the dotted line… we didnt do a standard record deal… Mack just signed me to YM management so Birdman couldn’t hold me up.

Q: What were YM studio sessions like?

A: Lotsa big booty b*tches, weed, lean, percs, and fire music being recorded lol.

Q: Do you like rap or alternative music better?

A: Rap for sure… I grew up on alt music so it’s kinda been there done that… I don’t dislike alt… but Papa Roach ain’t on my Spotify playlist yadig.

Q: How’s Waynes personality?

A: Wayne is mostly just a quiet dude stays to himself… Don’t say much but when he does it’s wise… He loves sports so he mostly talks sports with his homies all day… He got a temper from hell tho… Seem him break a buncha sh*t.

Q: How did you and Wayne connect the first time? Did he or his team reach out or through a mutual friend?

A: Through a homie of his.

Q: Did you meet Nicki/Drake?

A: Both many times.

Q: Do you think we will see/hear more Baby E/Wayne in the future?

A: Doubtful but you never know.

Q: What has YM become today? And which artists have a contract with them currently?

A: They just focused on keeping Wayne active and relevant… I mean what else is there to do at this point? Lol He’s the greatest Alive, Drake the second, and Nikki the best female… ain’t sh*t to do but skate and collect checks.

Q: Why do we barely hear music from YM artists?

A: Nobody got a buzz anymore… And it takes millions to really get an artist off the ground… YM did everything they can do for em… Now they gotta spread their wings. YM ain’t telling nobody they can’t release music.

Q: Have you seen wayne depressed during the 2015-18 era?

A: I wouldn’t say depressed… He was def hurt to be at war with his Pops tho.. He was angry more than depressed

Aight yall it was fun, ima head out… I got bangers to make… Thank you for having me…

My favorite Wayne song is Fly In & Fly Out from Carter 2

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