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Tracklist For YMCMB’s “Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle” Album

Sun, Jul 14, 2013 by

Tracklist For YMCMB Rich Gang Flashy Lifestyle Album

The official tracklisting for YMCMB‘s upcoming compilation album, Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle, has been released via Walmart.

There is a total of 18 songs on the project including “Tapout“, “Dreams Come True“, “Sunshine“, and “Fly Rich“. Out of the 18 tracks, Lil Wayne is featured on 6 of them.

Other features on the Rich Gang album include Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Mystikal, Detail, Future, Mack Maine, Yo Gotti, Ace Hood, Flo Rida, Tyga, R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Cory Gunz, Kendrick Lamar, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, Gudda Gudda, Bow Wow, Caskey, Limp Bizkit, Flo Rida, Jae Millz, Game, T. Rone, Kevin Rudolf, and Meek Mill.

You can view the full tracklist for Rich Gang: Flashy Lifestyle after the jump below. The album will be available in stores on July 23rd!

1. R.G. – Mystikal
2. Million Dollar – Detail & Future
3. Tapout – Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj, Detail & Future
4. Dreams Come True – Yo Gotti, Ace Hood, Mack Maine & Birdman
5. We Been On – Lil Wayne, R. Kelly & Birdman
6. Bigger Than Life – Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga & Birdman
7. 50 Plates – Rick Ross
8. 100 Favors – Detail, Birdman & Kendrick Lamar
9. Everyday – Cory Gunz, Birdman, Mystikal & Busta Rhymes
10. Angel – Mystikal, Jae Millz, Ace Hood, Gudda Gudda, Birdman & Mack Maine
11. Burn The House – Detail
12. Panties To The Side – French Montana, Tyga, Bow Wow & Gudda Gudda
13. Sunshine – Limp Bizkit, Flo Rida, Birdman & Caskey
14. Paint Tha Town – Lil Wayne, Game & Birdman
15. Have It Your Way – Lil Wayne, T.I. & Birdman
16. Fly Rich – Future, Tyga, Meek Mill & Mystikal
17. Here We Are – Lil Wayne, Birdman, Limp Bizkit & Kevin Rudolf
18. Savage – Jae Millz & T. Rone

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  • Eshall

    This looks like a must buy 🙂

  • TED

    where the hell is drake

  • Cause i am what i is

    Pretty cool looking tracklist surprised that Drake isnt featured in any tracks at all though :S looking forward to the album though havent heard a group project in a while

  • Matt

    He just wanted drake to focus on his album. Album looks good tho

  • TED

    i dont understand most of these guys are not even in Young Money

  • Edo

    lookin forward for track #8, #6, #14 & #15….

  • Jaz

    Sounds dope!!!! cant wait for this to drop #YMCMB #RICHGANG

  • Trippy

    No Drake??? WTF is going on?????

  • why is drake not on dis rg tapes

  • ridaa

    lmfao so soulja boy got rich gang tattooed on his face and aint even on this album

  • drizzy

    Pretty fucked up that’s my NIGGA drake ain’t on here….

  • Khosta

    They gonna havr a big tymers album with drake so thats why hes not in here

  • drizzy

    Well that explains a lot…

  • questions….

    why is there a solo rick ross song?

    why is there no drake?

    why is there only one nicki minaj feature?

  • lawl

    shanell, lil twist, lil chuckee, short dawg, t-streets – no original young money on this album ?

  • lawl

    and yet there is a caskey feature on this as well as all them msytikal tracks

  • Loyal fan

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Don

    @Khosta i agree and plus he probably wanted to focus on his album

  • Jaz

    Even though theres not all of the ymcmb and rich gang members, you got to remember all the others have other planes for this year thats probz why, just be happy with the tracklist CANT WAIT!!!!

  • Don

    On another note Drake not being on here, he better be on Dedication 5 lol he gotta be

  • Don

    And this looks pretty nice cant wait for 5 10 14 15 and 16 lol hopefully on all of those he isnt just on the hooks just bars

  • TED

    should of put kevin gates on the album

  • Showiz

    No drake?

  • Vaibhav Makhija

    Wtf.. No drake!!!
    Album looks gud tho!

  • Jaz

    Wait there might be a deluxe edition of the album, @danny m do you no if there is 🙂

  • ymcmb

    Birdman is 10 songs.

    Wayne is only on 6. As everyone else pointed out, Drake isn’t on one.

    Something is fucking WRONG HERE

  • ymcmb

    no jay sean not happy

  • Anon

    I ain’t buying this, there’s no Dake and there’s is only one Nicki track

  • Wolf

    Imma buy it !

  • Tyrone

    I was so exited for this album until I read the track isn’t, I was looking for that Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Drake song. Looks like I will pass on this one

  • GreenRanger

    I fucking hate Drake so I’m glad he’s not on here, but I’m pumped Wayne’s on 6. Could be more but whatever, other than tap out I’m glad there’s 5 new songs with him.
    Pumped for details tracks though (especially the one with future)


    Lmfao, 50 plates – Rick Ross

  • FUck you Danny

    this album gonna be so weak

  • Oreezy

    Kendrick Lamar in this Bitch!!!!!!!!!!, gon be dope as fuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sticki

    So drake’s 2 busy 2 lend a verse 2 his own label he acts as if he’s bigger than YMCMB so fuck DRAKE BITCH ASS!?!!

  • lee

    fuck every1 who want drake in this bitch nx!

  • Don

    Paint Tha Town and Have It Your Way look like those gone be raw af cant wait for those

  • Ain’t buying this

    How r they not gonna put the star players on the album, if they added a couple of drake and nicki songs I could see this album sell good, but the track isn’t is shit, too much birdman.

  • Smh

    Only song I’m getting is the Busta and Cory song

  • wtf!!!!

    16 songs and not 1 drake verse…they suppose to put weezy,drake and kendrick on one song,nw weezy is wid these wack rappers he’s gonna have pussy verses,drake and wayne together is a certified hit coz they push each other! And why does french have a lead single on this album wtf YMCMB is slippin’!!!

  • No Drake? This might be interesting for a change!

  • Don

    @wtf idk bout him having pussy verses but a song with Wayne, Drake, and Kendrick on there that would have beenreal nice and historical

  • Don

    But im tellin you Drake will be on Dedication 5 he has to be

  • LuvTunechi

    CNT WAIT!!!!! ;+))) <3 TUNE <3

  • Tevion

    Drake wont be with them for too long cause he’s never with them

  • hiv +

    yall complaining that drake isnt on this. blame drake for not being on this. they obviously called drake to be on a couple songs because hes the second best in ymcmb but he probaly turned down cause hes working on his album.

  • dalow

    Cnt wait 4 dis shit,mayb they gonna put a drake left over song from ‘nothing was the same’they have 2

  • alex beyllignont

    Missin people:
    Lil Twist
    Lil Chuckee
    Short Dawg

  • Lano_Dee

    @Danny why u didn’t mention that Flow was on the tracklist too

    • Oops, I’ll update it now 😳

  • Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, bring that shit on man…. ima gonna love it, looks dope as Rich Gang mixtape too.YMCMB/FLASHY IN LIFE STYLE ya’ll can’t fade us.

  • tunechi96


  • Slim

    Really!! that’s Sad They Got Flow On Only 1 Song On This Album They Have To Start Promotin Flow A LOT More

  • iyke

    Yall needta chill…Ym gotta cut the Drake ish cuz itd b needed to make tha carter5 a classic…buh nice tracklist tho

  • richgang

    All u guys r fuckin stupid notice the title of the album its not young money its rich gang rich gang is a different group rick ross is in it everybody on that album is rich gang drake is not in rich gang thats y hes not on the album

  • I hope weezy dosent dissappoint us with all his stupid pussy rhymes I hope he goes in ganster like the Carter 3 weezy. And drake could have been on at least 2 tracks It dosent take that long just too write a verse

  • Kidd

    Guys this is the bonus edition the last three are bonuses they might add more like what wayne did but who knows

  • Kidd

    @richgang thats false rich gang is just another way to say ymcmb theres no difference and if you seen the interview slim said there is some people on this album that is not part of rich gang rick ross is affiliated with the members in rich gang but he is not rich gang neither is ti kendrick meek mill future etc.


    Who the hell told Detail that his music was album quality?

  • arth

    is this the final tracklist??? will it have deluxe edition????

  • stunna

    Dope album imma surely get it. Well i agree with you Sticki Drake is always acting like he’s bigger than ymcmb he suck. The no new friends is actually talking to wayne and ymcmb ya’ll just dont get it. The video says though

  • lee

    drake is wack as fuck it take years 4 him 2 write a verse where was drake last year he was busy wit his weak album dat gona drop.. 2013 almost ended without him putin sumthin on the table, drake is a faggot i dnt wana hear his anoyin voice

  • Confused

    Okay so erm… tyga, nicki minaj, gudda gudda & jae millz are on this album and drake is not… I’m not hyped up as before anymore

  • Why isnt bow wow highlighted? Lol. Hes ymcmb and he go harder then gudda gudda, jae mills, mack maine and flow.

  • patriots

    so million dollar leads into tapout i think thats gonna be sweet but self made 3 gotta watchout this year cuz YMCMB not playin they stay winning but drake u picked a wrong time to be doin a album cuz it def would’ve been a killer if he was on a track wit wayne we’ll just have to wait til the collaboration album with weezy and drake but im looking forward 2 all songs that features wayne, 50 plates, and 100 favors, dreams come true.

  • :O

    No Drizzy Drake, NOWHERE :O

  • philly c

    Why couldn’t they have put Wayne, Kendrick, and Cory gunz on a song together…..I personally think that would’ve been a killer lineup. Smh they slipped on that idea !

  • suckmygooch

    I was pretty excited for this album.. but the tracklist killed my vibe a little bit. They should have had more than 16 songs on this considering young money is a big group.. They should only have a few people who aren’t in YM on this instead of the fuck load that they have.. Birdman should have half the features he does. Wayne should have a few more, Nicki should have more then one like wtf. and to not have drake on this album is just retarded.. I can only hope that the songs have surprise artists whos names arent in the titler, or that there is a delux version with atleast 5 more songs.

    ohhh and why the fuck does rick ross have his own god damn song…

  • mikyyy

    How the Fu*k track 7 rick Ross get a track to himself??/

  • DrizzyYMCMB8

    So No Drake? I’m Done Wow I Was Hoping A Nicki Tyga Drake And Wayne Song Together But Gay Ass Birdman Doesnt Think The Features Are Dumb A’f I’m Not Buying This Album.

  • tony_montana

    I guess we still have to wait for a Wayne & kendrick collab?! Anyway…yall need to stop bitchin’ already, we all know wayne and birdman don’t like disturbing their artists when they’re busy with their own projects, especially drake & Nicki, wayne ALWAYS says that. Its just the YMCMB way,I mean I’d also have liked to see drake on here but he’s not, get over it already!

  • Hype

    I guess Drizzy doesn’t fuck with YMCMB anymore.

  • Yblack

    Danmm i wanted to see a collabo with Juvenile & Turk ….pretty cool still

  • Where drake @?

  • Denzel

    Reply to Tony Montana – Wayne always bitches about drake and nikki forgetting about him and is always saying shit like ” ohh they too big to come see weezy now”. I’ve always saw him in interviews all fucked up on that syrup talking that shit so it completley contradict’s what your saying. Its more likley lil waynes acting like a child again rather than him letting them do there own thing.

  • Jonte

    Yes Game and Wayne Classic

  • axe

    looks promising. i hope tunechi isnt gunna say no shit bout pussy tho, no drake???? im suprised

  • Flow

    What happen to the Shout out why is that not on album.

  • Kidd

    Anyone else thinks its funny that rick ross has a song called 50 plates all to hisself

  • Glenn Alexis

    @hype Birdman already said drake is in Toronto working on his album he also said drake has unleashed the beast on that album so gtf with that so I think drake don’t fuck with ymcmb no more shit drake will always be ymcmb stupid ass nigga

  • No1tunefan

    Sunshine would of been sick without birdman and caskey, but with Wayne! Limp, flow and Wayne, that shit would go hard

  • chad

    everybody asking wheres Drake? that shady canadian nigga just basically used Wayne to get famous and now just doesn’t really wanna have anything to do with “tunechi”

  • For this drake is not their that not a big deal for the YMCMB. they can do it with drake but drake a young money star for now after wizzy

  • CMB__

    Wow no drake? Lol this Reminds me of the Baller Blockin soundtrack they did in 2000, people that werent even in cash money did songs…but it still seems like a good album..dont know how well its gonna sell (probably 140K first week) but ill still buy

  • Yes 2 more songs

  • Jodizzo

    Every song is gonna the same -__- juss bragging about bitches & materialistic shit, nothing inspirational or postive, juss some “clever” metaphors but nothing really special

  • Easii

    No Drake ?

    No T-Pain ?

  • anovuyo

    Where is drake put him by the next song come on with out drake it do not sound right

  • anovuyo

    Make a song ft lil Wayne ft drake ft nicki ft rich gang then that song will be the best of rich gang flashy lifestyle