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Birdman Discusses Relationship With Lil Wayne, Lawsuit, Tour Bus Shooting, LIV Club Incident, Young Thug & More

Wed, Jul 29, 2015 by

Birdman Discusses Relationship With Lil Wayne, Lawsuit, Tour Bus Shooting, LIV Club Incident & More

We saw a preview yesterday, now you can watch part 1 and part 2 of Birdman‘s interview with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez that took place on his yacht in Miami, Florida on July 21st below.

During the conversation, Baby spoke on his current relationship with Lil Wayne, if him or anyone in his crew threw something at Wayne at LIV nightclub earlier this month, doing business at a young age, Wayne‘s lawsuit against him that says he is owed $51 million, not knowing how everything will turn out, if he had something to do with the shooting at Wayne‘s tour bus in Atlanta, and plenty more.

Birdman also revealed that he has never sued anyone in his lifetime until TIDAL recently, it is impossible for Nicki Minaj and Drake to leave Cash Money Records, if Tunechi tells him to his face that he really wants to leave the label then he won’t stand in his way and he will still always support him, he last spoke to Weezy 2 days ago, and that Tune will forever be his son no matter what happens.

In part 2 of the interview, Baby gets asked about why he pushed Tha Carter V back, Turk, what he is most proud of, Tyga wanting to leave, Cash Money legacy, Young Thug and if he has beef with Mr. Carter, Tha Carter VI, what exactly went down at LIV nightclub when a cup of liquor was thrown at Lil Wayne, and more. Birdman also confirmed that he sees Wayne at the studio every day as they work next to each other!

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    • WeezyFBaby

      Damn it must suck being a virgin

      • Stephen Curry

        Not really

  • Ku$h-Coma

    lmao Drake really sent bottles to Charlamagne

  • Stephen Curry

    Wtf who has the time to spam all this shit

    • Jonny Bones

      U do

      • Stephen Curry


  • Jonny Bones

    Drake killed meek lol

  • Jonny Bones

    Fuck now theirs fetty wap smh

  • CJ

    Weedy Wednesdays became wack after awhile. Besides Wayne stay in the studio for his fans. We don’t need much more. That other stuff for them females, lol.


    This shit sad. This site lost its vibe. Ion even wanna come here no more. Who tf has all this time on their hands o hope this is a teen Cuz if it’s an adult that’s fuckin sad.

  • CJ

    Oh I feel you. But a lot of complaints be about his personal life like skating and his hair and flows he using. Things that don’t need addressing. But an update on things would be cool. Like an interview with Angie.

  • MrNinoBrown

    how could you talk to a man who is suing you for 51 million and just talk about the good weather it doesn’t make any sens. And you’ve been shouting out the nigga who shot at his bus in almost all your songs bru

  • MrNinoBrown

    So Damn right I guess he dropped out of school at 14 or some like that


    I watched about 2 minutes and lost more brain cells than 10 years of smoking and drinking holy shit birdman is lying out his ass and dumb as fuck

  • Best

    This nigga is lying, I don’t believe any shit from him

  • KarTune

    What he say about Carter V?

    • JayHighAss

      Lies ! Sayin he didn’t have anything to do with C5 being pushed back he wants Wayne music to be put out & he’s not the bad guy

  • Dwayne

    Imagine believing Birdman is always with Wayne in the studio , when wayne is dissing him in his songs
    lmao this bald man really thinks we dumb

    • Dwayne

      So he is listening to wayne dissing him & cash money and he just shake his head to the beat lmao , unreal

  • Weezy

    pure lies smh..angie was laughin thru out most of the interview

  • PuffBackIn96

    Both these niggas be smokin at least an ounce a day and people wonder why their business is fucked up. Jay Z said he don’t smoke and look at what he got. Half a billion by himself and a BILLION between him and his bitch.

    • bob

      Yeah I’m sure they are so disappointed with their hundreds of millions of dollars

  • Weezy

    u can tell angie on wayne’s side

    • JiggaPoo

      Yeah Birdman really is darth Vader and lil Wayne is Luke Skywalker.

      • MalcomXLeftNut

        True af lmao Birdman tryna bring Angie to the dark side

  • SwagMazter

    Birdman is like Sosa and Wayne like tony. Even if Wayne die he gon be the one we remember

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      Love the analogy b

  • 20K4Yeezys

    Anyone else still bumpin Graduation? Kanye the relatable version of Wayne. He like the movie that makes u tear up. Wayne is just like new jack city or som’n lol

  • TunesLeftNut

    Anyone else think Birdman Sandusky will end up naked and jerking off in San Diego?

    • TunesRightNut


      • Slim

        Bitch u gon be da one jerkin off I only pull one off if baby watching

  • TuneDaking!!!

    what’s ur instagram

  • HawaiianPunch

    Now i wanna hear Wayne clear it all up with Sway or angie

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  • Breast Milk n Syrup

    Pay homage.
    Whether he’s held back on paying people or not, that’ll all unravel over time and be paid out..
    but regardless, Baby has made multi-millionaires out of a lot of people, changed theirs and their families lives forever.
    He masterminded the path for some of the biggest artists and best music in the history of hip-hop.
    …and all of this is still on-going and growing strong.

    Shoutout SLIM too. Sure he deserves alot of credit.


  • Justin

    I don’t care about thug he sucks and always will only reason he’s on cm is to fuck birdman anyways. I will say fuck birdman cm till c5 comes out so fuck cash money fuck birdman

  • Jay Burke

    he is the last of a dying breed..he still has his artist from the beginning, even if social media trying to break up CM/YM his money is stretched out far enough where he’s straight..for a street dude to come up like he did and do it his way like Master P & Jay and do it indi, & own your masters…that ain’t bad at all..but beef is what sells, or fake beefs..they command attention and even boost record sales for artists that might be struggling in this economy as far as record sale..He’s winning all across the board..CM/YM wins


    Angie: “whats that shit on my plate”
    Bird: “Dats my son, smothered in pasta sauce”

  • “ash my blunt in my grammy award. You can keep that bulshit on your memory card, if this real nigga business, then you niggas unemployed” love the Song, it uplifts me

    WBU wayneiacs??


    Go follow ymovofficial on instragram Fuck cashmoney we need to support YOUNGMONEY Because its all about YOUNGFUCKINGMONEYYY

  • KushKoma

    idk i just find it hard to believe that birdman says they talk to each other normally and see each other on a daily basis at the studio lol.. idk just my opinion tho

  • Andre Sanchez

    Birdman could not give a straight answer to pretty much all his questions. All he cares about Is money he says he takes care of all his artists yet they want off his label, what a dumb ass!!!

  • Weezy F

    this nigga just holding money hahahah

  • JTBePreachin

    I dont feel like wasting my time watching this dude dance around questions….what exactly did he say about C5?

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  • Anna

    I love you Birdman!!! Sweet D.

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  • Martinzwizzy

    Let’s wait for birdman’s last solo album

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