Lil Wayne Talks “Tha Carter V”, Label Situation, Black Lives Matter, Not Knowing The New Rappers & More

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Lil Wayne Talks Tha Carter 5, Label Situation, Black Lives Matter & Not Knowing The New Rappers

In a hotel suite after his “Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island” book signing in New York on Tuesday, Lil Wayne sat down with The New York Times for an interesting interview that you can read below.

During their conversation, Weezy spoke on not worrying about reliving his time in jail as he hasn’t read “Gone ‘Til November” and he doesn’t plan to either, releasing the memoir for us fans as we are being patient for his new music, recording guest features, not knowing the new generation of rappers, and explained why he hasn’t been attracted to activism.

Tunechi also talked about the Black Lives Matter movement, what he cares about, Donald Trump, his upcoming Tha Carter V album, being in the studio a lot, his recording process, fellow music artists coming to his support after his retirement tweets, and his situation with Cash Money Records!

With this book, were you worried about revisiting a difficult time?
I haven’t read it, and I don’t plan on reading it. I’m not one of those people who revisit things. I don’t remember [expletive]. I could meet the president and forget it. Of course I thought it was because I smoke too much. But somebody told me: “The reason why you don’t remember things is that it’s not the same for you as it is everybody else. Because you are it.”

You write in the introduction that the book is for fans to “have something from me while they continue to be ever so amazing and patient.”
Plain and simple, because they’re not getting anything from me, unfortunately. They’re not getting a damn thing from Wayne other than a tweet here or there.

You’ve done plenty of guest verses.
I do that all the time. I’ve been doing features since they named them features.

Two that stick out are the Chance song “No Problem” and Solange’s “Mad.” Those are personal in a way that you haven’t been in some time. Are you in a different mind-set given the career turmoil?
It’s just the song. If you send me a song about football, then I’m gonna go hard about football. It’s also about the artist.

Is there something about working with younger musicians who are pushing boundaries?
I would say so. It’s different. These people are turning the clock right now. They are the trendsetters of tomorrow, and I actually pay attention to what they send me. If [my manager] Tez sends me a song and says, ‘I need you to do this verse for whoever,’ I knock it out in that one night and send it right back. When I get the Solange or Chance song, I’m actually riding in my car, banging that. When I put my verse on it, I’m telling my engineer, “Let me get a copy.” The other ones, I’m just sending back to Tez.

Are there rappers in the new school that are motivating you? Are you keeping up with Yachty, Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Kodak?
I swear to God I didn’t know you were saying people’s names just now, so that should probably answer that question. I just do my own thing.

After being in prison, someone like T.I. made fighting for criminal justice reform part of his life. You’ve said Black Lives Matter was a wave that passed you by. Why haven’t you been attracted to activism?
I believe there’s a bunch of different types of artists and musicians. To even notice what’s going out there — I’m trying to make these words stop popping up in my head, I’m trying to make them rhyme. I’ve got all kind of color lives mattering up in here — green, all kinds of stuff mattering. I’m trying to make sense of what’s on in this world up in here [points to head].

In prison, you got a letter from a pastor who asked you to rap about God. You consider your influence and say, “I would have straight killers in the church every Sunday.” But ultimately you decide that’s not you.
Not at all. I was on a sports show recently, and I was asked a question like that about black lives or whatever. When we got off the air, [the host] Shannon Sharpe said: “I really want to commend you for answering like that, because you didn’t make something up just to make yourself one of us. And to make yourself a victim.” I’m not that. And honestly, I don’t care. I care what’s going on with me and my kids and my world and my mom and who’s going to pay this next bill. That’s what matters to me.

In prison, you watched a lot of reality TV — “American Idol,” “Celebrity Apprentice.” Do you have any words for Donald Trump?
[Laughs] Who’s that?

Is “Tha Carter V” an album that’s finished, or is it constantly evolving as the months and years go by?
It’s done, sitting and wrapped as is. I just listened to it for the first time in months the other day. I had forgotten every single word on it, because I work every day. I popped it in, and I was like, it’s still so much better than everything I’ve ever heard. Not what’s going on right now — everything I’ve ever heard.

You’ve always been a creature of the studio. When the music isn’t coming out, are you still in there as much?
Probably more. I’m a positive thinker, so I’m still looking forward to the day that it does come out. Plus, I am musician to the heart. I love to get better every day.

Has your recording process changed in this stage of your career?
Not at all. Put the beat on, I’mma smoke one and bob my head and be ready in a few minutes.

When other artists came out in support after your retirement tweets, did that make up for how low you were feeling?
I’d be a liar to say it didn’t. People always say, “How could not expect it?” But when I saw people giving a damn about what I’m going through, that made me think and obviously uplifted me. Sometimes what you’re going through takes you far away from what the reality is. It takes someone to remind you: Look this way and remember what’s over here. I never have bad days; I have bad moments.

Do you see any light at the end of the tunnel with the label situation?
I do. I don’t have to even look. I’m gonna make sure that there’s light. If there’s a wall at the end of the tunnel, I’m gonna shoot that [expletive] down. And there’s gonna be light behind that wall.

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  • Raz!

    i absolutely love the fact wayne does not know any of these gay new rappers like yachty and uzi vert



      • Thought that was rich the kid? Or was it both??

        • Patrick H

          FaceTime with Uzi and he was actually in the studio with Rich.

      • Raz!

        yea but i bet he has never heard a song

    • S4MC5

      I was so pumped when I read that

    • Fr



  • Time

    What he said about C5 got me so hyped for it. I really hope it gets the green light soon

    • JT’s Revenge

      Shoot, ya stomach gon hurt when you hear what Tez just said about the album

  • Giraffe Boy

    someone finally had the balls to ask him about c5 instead of how he became a packers fan in new orleans lol

    • Porta-Potty Tunechi

      Straight up

  • Young Boruto ♏
    • Patrick H


  • Young Boruto ♏

    Im glad that he haven’t touched C5 Wayne was in such a good space in 2014 it gotta be a classic he’s sitting on cause you kno when you do anything from yrs ago and you hear it or see it you be like dam i sounded/looked terrible back then so for him to say “it’s still so much better than everything I’ve ever heard” it gotta be some fire

  • Kollegiate Kermit

    c5 release date > xmas tbh

  • man we would of been had c5 if it wasn’t for this fuckboy birdman spending his money on young thugs dresses and shit

    • BRLA Life

      Lmao but Thugger not my son Weezy still my son

    • Patrick H


  • Mk🕊🕊🕊(0% trolling)

    The wall aka birdman lmfao

  • Mk🕊🕊🕊(0% trolling)

    Wayne will shoot him soon to c the light

  • BRLA Life

    I never have bad days I have bad moments .. this nigga Wayne 🐐

    • Raz!

      thats a great quote right there

  • BRLA Life

    Dedication 6 needs to drop

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  • BRLA Life

    Why no one asked him about when D6 dropping ?

    • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾 (23 savage) 😈

      Nope I don’t think we getting it this year cause he said the only thing he can give us is a ft 😔

      • BRLA Life

        We gon get it watch

        • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾 (23 savage) 😈


      • Patrick H

        But he dropped 3 projects already while in this lawsuit.

  • BRLA Life

    Damn Birdman and Wayne probably did catch a body . Birdman brother said they merked a former Cash Money member in 1997 . He said Wayne must feel stupid because he owes the irs 12 million and Birdman owes Wayne 55 million and Birdman doesn’t give af about him. He’s willing to give up a information for a reduction of his life sentence . This is from Birdman half brother Terrance “Gangsta” Williams .

    • BRLA Life

      He also said Wayne and Birdman no what them tear drops from ..

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    • JT’s Revenge

      I need a source, asa-now

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    Judgin from da singles we’ve heard so fa I don’t it that lit

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      What singles?

      • just ∆kallMe ViNi™

        krazy, believe me, start a fire, grindin, dusse, gotti,

        • Maddark

          Believe me, Dusse were good.
          I know real niggas gon fuck with this,
          Like “that’s that shit I be talkin about”

      • just ∆kallMe ViNi™

        believe me, krazy start a fire, gotti etc

  • #1Stunna
  • Patrick H

    Wayne keeping it real.

  • Like how Wayne dont fuck with these New Trash Rappers. ” If you think youre doing something, Your Not, Your not, your not, your not, your not, Your NOT ! “


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      We gonna get C5 soon bro the 26th

      • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾 (23 savage) 😈

        Nooo bro we ain’t getting nothing birdman ain’t even show the receipts yet


    Damn so wayne has features out rn that he doesn’t even remember recording

  • BRLA Life
  • JT’s Revenge

    Cortez spoke on the issue ya’ll. He’s( Wayne, Mack and himself) are retaininng C5 until Birdman cuts the check and give C5 the marketing it needs. He also said C5 is really the album the wraps the whole series together and is really grear music. Danny should be making a post about this soon enough

  • Untouchable

    Dave east best of xxl freshman but uzi get all the hype smh

  • Untouchable

    So if birdman dont show the receipts, will the judge rule in waynes favor?

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    why the fuck do people bringing up these fucking weak ass rappers give me a fucking break pushing boundaries!!! gtfoh the only thing they motivate me to do is to try and run them over if i see them crossing the street

  • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾 (23 savage) 😈

    Damn Cortez just told the whole story about the situation

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  • Weezy F
  • Dr Carter

    Free the Carter V free the base

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    I had a dream last night that Wayne did a PSA and said D6 is a album and will be released December 8th. I hope this comes true.

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    Finally someone asks Wayne some of the questions I’d ask him. Great job from the interviewer

  • Khosta

    Im glad Wayne dont bump all this new trash uzi vert, 21 savage, kodak, yatchy

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    Thank god he hasn’t touched C5, it means it doesn’t have High pitched autotune

  • 🐐Wattblt🙏🏾 (23 savage) 😈

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