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Mack Maine Speaks On Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” Single & Beef With Pusha T

Sat, Jun 2, 2012 by

Young Money President, Mack Maine, recently spoke to MTV’s Rob Markman over the phone about Lil Wayne‘s new single “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean and Wayne‘s beef with Pusha T. He confirms that “My Homies Still” is the first single from Weezy‘s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album and that the song was made way before the situation with Big Sean‘s G.O.O.D Music label-mate, Pusha T.

Mack also spoke on what made Tunechi finally respond back to Pusha with a track called “Goulish“. The reason was because Tune was getting fed up of Pusha sending little shots in his recent songs at his artist and friend, Drake. He then went on to compare Pusha T to a fly: “In a nutshell, if a gnat or a fly keep flyin’ around you, eventually you gonna swing and swat it, and just get it out the way. Sometimes you swat it and the gnat dies; sometimes it just go away. You can keep flyin’, just fly somewhere else though. We chillin'”. Macknupid made sure it was known that it is not crew beef between YMCMB vs. G.O.O.D Music too!

In other news, hit the jump to watch some NS4W footage of Lil Wayne at King Of Diamonds strip club in Miami last week for Memorial Day Weekend with DJ Khaled, Diddy, French Montana, Birdman, Gucci Mane, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes and more.

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  • tunerfish

    first nigguhs

  • Haji

    1sttttt – Uk in This Ish

  • Matthew


  • Wayne 4 Life

    Whaddup YMCMB & We The Best doing it big!!! Look at those titties!!!! Must be good living the life of a superstar!!!!!! YMCMB 4 LIFE! FUCK ALL Y’ALL HATERS!! I don’t see the haters doin this shit. FUCK EM!!


  • Gucci’s Fat

    @Mack please drop the dirty version!

  • johnsweezy


  • johnsweezy

    @Wayne 4 Life ur right 😉 fuck hatersss:) ymcmb<3

  • Wayne 4 Life


    for real nigga!! fuck them haters! don’t people listen to wayne when he says “haters can’t see me, nose bleed seats and today I went shopping and talk is still cheap”. Fuckin haters can’t see him and they talk much shit but they ain’t living the life of him! Oh and to the “Wayne” fans that keep sayin he fell off, fuck you too! A true fan never says someone fell off! Fuck those guys, Wayne aint fallin off! He’s back on his shit! Pay attention to the world and see what he’s doing, he’s makin more money than anyone since he started a clothing line and a partner in the Mountain Dew! Wayne always said “I go hard about everything” so he went hard about music, and now he’s going hard skateboarding and I respect him and anyone out there who wants to skate! I LOVE YOU WAYNE! RESPECT FOR LIFE!! FUCK EVERYONE ELSE!!

  • tony_montana

    Y ddnt mack jst admit da song wazz wack

  • Cocky fucker

    Mack called the song crazy LMFAO

  • Goulish

    Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love him

  • Fuck Pusha T

    Hope Pusha responds so Wayne can end his rap career.

  • tony montana and cocky fuckers are fake fans you guys probably some dumbass kids that was with wayne from lolipop and up lol open yo fuckin ears people the song is hitting clubs everywhere like crazy

  • Fuck Pusher T

    I hope Push T responds to end Waynes fucking career then or Wayne might get his shit fucking straight

  • Doesn’t matter

    T-Pain went hard on that chorus xD

  • Fat Maine

    Fat Maine is just little waynes weed carrier.

  • lovemyweezy

    Man weezy 4 life said it all HANDS DOWN!!!!

  • Wayne 4 Life

    I’m a die hard Wayne fan and I hate it when people call themselves “Lil Wayne fans” and then say he fell off and start hating. I know most people won’t read my post but legit, Lil Wayne came in the game at 11 with Cash Money, went hard in music then. Created/founded Young Money, is now on 10 studio albums, featured on everyone’s songs and now lining himself with corporate america where he will make more money than anyone can ever imagine! Oh and lets not forget that he recorded “No Ceilings”, ‘Sorry 4 The Wait” and many other mixtapes that we don’t have to pay for!! He did that shit for us! I have to say, No Ceilings and Sorry 4 The Wait are dope ass mixtapes! I don’t see any of you creating and making songs and mixtapes that sound that good! And if you were able to, I guarantee that you all would be charging people for them! But you know what! He didn’t! He did it for his fans! I appreciate what he did! Sorry 4 the wait was dope as FUCK!!!!!! He created that mixtape just to say he’s sorry that “Tha Carter IV” was late. It wasn’t even Wayne’s fault it was pushed back! If you listen, he says “Tez pushed the album back, sorry for the wait” (Sure Thing). So fuckin haters need to get the fuck off this FAN PAGE!!! I hate to hear people hate on Wayne cause he skates now. If you hate on Wayne for skating, then hate on Tony Hawk for skating, that’s how much sense it makes to hate on Wayne for that. I mean really, if he wants to skate, let him fuckin’ skate! He said it enough “I don’t care what other people say”, so people, stop sayin shit! He doesn’t give a FUCK! He told us that hundreds of times!!! Just because Wayne isn’t sippin’ syrup or gang-banging anymore, doesn’t mean he fell off. He wouldn’t be a partner in Mountain Dew and have his own commercial if he was a criminal or still doing hardcore drugs! The man is 29 years old, he’s gunna be retiring at 35. Who can say they are retiring at 35 years old and gunna have more money than they know what to do with!?? No one! Fuck haters, I like how people hate on Wayne and post about it on this FAN PAGE!! It’s a fucking fan page, if you wanna hate, go find a Hater’s page. oh wait! There isn’t one because not many people hate Wayne. It’s all people’s opinion and ignorance about his new style of clothing, style of life and way of music. It’s not like the guy isn’t making music anymore, it’s not like he isn’t still in the studio day and night recording music for his fans. He just added a new hobby of his and thing to do in his life which is skating. If you ask me, that’s pretty fucking badass because he isn’t terrible at skating either. It’s not like he’s saying “Oh, I skate now” and then goes and falls off his board every time. He knows what he’s doing and if he needs help or can’t do something, he’s practicing and workin on it instead of bitching about it and not doing anything. People still and always will know who Lil Wayne is. Haters need to fuck off and just need to appreciate what Lil Wayne has done for music. Thank you


    Person fed up with Hater’s comments and input about the Best Rapper Alive!!

  • Doesn’t matter

    Fuck man i fell you

  • lyricalkiller

    Damn @wayne 4 snapped but I def agree..people are ignorant especially these lil haters that been listening to wayne since carter II n hate the fact that he wants to do better than look stupid on tv goin to prison n shit. You can tell the people who hate..hate the fact they themselves can’t change at all

  • dipset

    @lilwayne 4 ever i aint no weezy hater jst get the carter 2 ulbum and tha carter 4 ulbum and please compare….people what do u think is the best between c2 and c4?

  • Drewweezy

    really no one comments on the part of the video toward the end where there is a naked chick next to wayne and he is just watching the money like she isnt even there lmao

  • I honestly liked c3 and c4 more than c1 and C2….. Idk why, but it’s just my opinion…. I dont really like old weezy…. 07 08 weezy killlllleeeedddd shit tho

  • YunG based god

    hes overweight

  • Ricky

    thank you based god

  • I don’t see why some of you nigga’s be going on about “My Homies Still” That fucken track is a banger! Ya’ll haters are the same nigga’s the be on the web whole day waiting for it’s release and the when it’s out ya’ll be banging that like all day!!! People just admit it a pretty good song, it’s that damn clean version that makes it sound so damn shit! Danny we want the dirty version.

  • Khamar

    the come up raps are always harder then raps once youve established yourself..” I used to toat a 38 up in my crack days.. i toat that ak 7 in my rap days.” you dumb muh fuggas needa stop confusing growth with fallin off. Jay Z fell off, Benie Siegel fell off, joe budden fell off, cassidy fell off, soulja fell off and base god shouldnt have ever been on .

  • Khamar

    robberversarry ?? really nigga .!.,, but tune fallin off ,,you niggas needa fall back

  • Wayne 4 Life


    I don’t disagree with the fact that Wayne’s flow and style is different from C2 and C4 but what do you expect? Wayne never said he wasn’t changing, he never said that all of his music is gunna be the same. I guess when you look at the different albums it’s a lot of opinions. Because yes, I agree that C2 was crazy but if you listen to some of the songs off of C4 like “Megaman”, “Abortion”, “I like the view”, “6 foot 7 foot”, I’m pretty sure those songs are dope as fuck! Megaman and Abortion, he went crazy on em! I love wayne no matter what so that’s why I don’t mind the change. Just to see this guy in the game still 18 years later still selling out shows, putting out albums and now starting a clothing line, that’s a true superstar to me. I like wayne all around. I do believe that C4 was better than C2. C3 and C4 were by far the best. Wayne in 2008 hit the mainstream media hard with mixtapes, features and then he finally put out C3. I think that after he put out C3 he was at the top and stayed at the top. Yes C1 and C2 were good, they were hardcore rap and gang-banging music. But if you realize, that’s what Lil Wayne’s life used to be! Wayne used to sell drugs, used to carry guns and chill with bloods. That is why he rapped about it. But once you realize now a days, Wayne isn’t chillin with his homies selling drugs and gang banging anymore. Wayne always said, he raps about what is real and about his life. So what is Lil Wayne’s life NOW? He skates, he’s 29 years old with a girl, he’s got kids, he’s rich. So I don’t see why Wayne would be rapping about selling drugs and gang banging if he doesn’t do that anymore. I think that C3, C4 are signs of Wayne growing up and maturing. Look I let people have their own opinion but I hate when people hate on Lil Wayne on his fan page. If you don’t like him that’s good for you! Get off of the fan page! seriously, people don’t have anything better to do with their life than to go online and hate on a famous person? He’s rich, famous, and people love him. Stop hating! He doesn’t give a FUCK and neither do his fans! Haters are just trying to start controversy. True fans, will defend Wayne because they know the facts about him and follow him. I know that not all people like Lil Wayne, I get it, to be honest, I favor Wayne over Drake (That will probably start a controversy) but it’s because I haven’t given Drake the opportunity. Yes I like songs like “Miss Me”, “The Motto”, “Ransom”, “Headlines” but it’s because a lot of those songs have Wayne in them. I don’t like Jay-Z, I’m not gunna lie, I listen to Wayne all day. That’s why I don’t like the others. But I don’t go hating on the other rappers. I accept that not all people like Lil Wayne but just don’t go hating on him and spreading lies or talking shit when you have a real fan like myself here to shoot you down. Wayne has his own fan page, I don’t see any of you haters having no page. Thank you


    Person fed up with hater’s comments and input on the Best Rapper Alive!!

  • weezy f

    Y.M.C.M.B you may call me boss & that’s exactly what lil wayne is right now

  • Last Kings

    @Drewweezy it looked funny. he must of been high or something cause he was looking at the money in the air with amazement.

    how about the part where it looks like jim jones gone slap the shit out of the girls ass haha.

  • Dirty South Kings

    All ya’ll , hater’s out there as lame as two hard dicks and no bitch. One you anit wayne, most of ya’ll jumped on his dick after the Carter 2. Hold up , shut up, ya mad cause you know ya chick would suck tuen up, then kiss you ha,ha,ha, get real get grown, and get money. Real street shit, FAG-BAGS LIKE ALL YA is what makes real niggas look so damn good, ya konw like when i pull up in da’ bemer (B.M.W., AND YES I GOT ONE NO B.S.) an ya bitch look like DAMM. Keep, ya headache I don’t want her. Lame ass, broke, got no life haven, fake ass, aint never seen the hood, cry baby whineing band wagon riden’, wangstas. Do us all a favor, go kill ya self. workn my damn nerves. YMCMB, IS THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE ON THAT SQUAD GETTING MONEY. Admit it, Tune broght the streets back, Drake made bing smooth and gangsta o.k.. Nicki, gave all the the real street chicks someone that they could look up to. Tyga, Short Dawg, n Lil Chuckie gave the youngstas realness on there level. Mack, Millz,Guda showed that you can come from nothing and stiil make it. Can’t leave out, Mystikal, who was the original hot boy ( befor, no limit). Bow Wow, shows that you can make movies and real street rap, and be good at both. So unless you getting money in large amounts got 4-5 bank accounts shut up!! N let, them do them. Dirty south all day every day